This 200+ Apple-shaped Chica is getting lots of LIPO + BBL!!! **ROUND ONE*11/10 **** ROUND TWO*12/16**

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I am so thankful to RS and the ladies who share...

I am so thankful to RS and the ladies who share their unfiltered experiences. I have stalked RS for two years now - deliberating about this BBL procedure. I have ALWAYS wanted a big bootyyy...but instead I was blessed with big tatas (which I looove)! I am a true Apple shape. Loosing weight in my legs/thighs is easy - while my back, belly, and arms gain weight first...and last to drop. Ive had a belly (ha)! So the combo of Lipo + Fat xfer sounds like a beautiful dream. Thankfully my dream is coming true this Nov/2015! Started at 216 lbs at time of booking my procedure - Now Im 210 lbs and working diligently to drop (at least) 24 more lbs (within 3 mths) so I can enter my procedure at 186. Then, have my sweet Dr. FINDLEY sculpt me out to awesomeness! I will be having TWO procedures - one for my upper/lower abs, flanks, lower back, and BBL fat xfer. Then, separate appt for my upper back, bra roll, and arms. Yep, two rounds of pain...but...Im so exxxxcited to become a juicy.booty.cutee.FINDLEY.DOLL!!! ;-)

Before Pics and Lipo Simulator Results

Cant believe Im posting these... Its totally different when your updating your OWN before pics...whew!

Wish Pics

Dramatic weight loss (DWL)

Im down to my my last 2 months before I become a FindleyDOLL... and I knew I needed to drop some serious weight... so I joined DWL in Atlanta. Its a restrictive program but they promise DRAMATIC results in a short period of time... like 15lbs n 15 days... whaaaaaa?! I KNOW! But once I understood the program it makes since... theres no sugar or bread... so you sling your body into a fat.burning machine WITHOUT exercise.

Yesterday was my first day...I wasnt too bad... because Im determined to go thru 8 weeks of restrictive food so I can be small as possible for my Nov 10th date!

So this morning I hopped on the scale... I lost 4.4 lbs (from wed morning to thurs morn)!!!

Im sticking with it till my with Findley! :-) ;-)

1 month COUNTDOWN ladees!!!

In one month I will be looking like MzLadi, BeBlessed, and so many other beautiful FindleyDOLLs :-) :-) :-) ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!

It has taken EXTREME lower my sugar and carb intake to almost zilch...Im often eating grilled chix... spinach salads with avacado for flair... Ive even rolled my chix up in spinach leaves and dipped them in my homemade ranch dressing for excitement. Ha! Coupled with my DWL shakes help keep me eating every three hours. I committed myself to this so I could be by Dr.Findleyyy! :-) My original goal was to drop 30lbs and be 186 by BBL time... I am now down to 194... only EIGHT POUNDS from goal and a whole month left to reach it!!! About to go work out riiiiight now!

Thank you ladees for all of the support and posting pics throughout your personal journey

Booty Buddys are


You can follow them on IG along with BBL Pillow. I already ordered my BBL.pillow but thinking of ordering the B.Buddy too.

Passed my Physical :-)

Ladees!!! I passed my physical and picking up my rx's today. OMG...down to two more painfree weeks! Lol...

I keep looking in the mirror... sucking in my belly to envision how snatched Dr.Findley will sculpt me out to be.

Looks like I'll be entering this procedure near 190 lbs...

In preparation of being on for a while...I completed several visits... PCP, Dentist, and Optometrist. Figured I better knock things out now while I have the energy. That way I can truly just focus on healing, driving to work, and back.

Being a social was difficult to stop but Im now 6 weeks into no liquor (due to my DWL plan) so I can certainly survive these last two weeks! :-)

Feels ***unreal*** to be this close to my dream body!!!!!

Booty Buddy OUT OF STOCK again!!!

Per IG page... this evening they are sold out (again).

BBL pillows
Are still sold out - with stock arriving mid.November (You can pre.order now)

Ladies please order your cushions when you can - as its quite apparent BBL procedures are verrrry popular now!


Well is THE day...Im very nervous and excited and then more nervousness... Whew! Sitting here at Dr.Findleys about to prep for my BBL. Prayers up and happy vibes please! :-)


Ladees!! I made it to the flat front and juicy booty side! Findley and his staff were very through and made me feel comfortable during my surgery.

I woke up a few times and could feel pressure...then drift right back off to!

I was up walking around my room the same day of the procedure! Everyday since..I get out (well crawl out) of the bed and walk every couple of hours (even at night).

Today was itchy itchy itchy Thursday. I was happy because I know my skin is healing but whew...that itching is out of control. Ive been taking benadryl...orally...but Im getting benadryl cream tomorrow so I place it right on my tummy and back.

Few things I attribute to feeling so well so soon!
Arnica pellets (disolve under your tongue)
Arnica Gel rub
Pineapple Juice
Bromelain (contains Pineapple enzymes)
Walking in your room every few hours

Based on this first procedure Im exxxxcited about my Round2 procedure next month...mid Dec...for my bra roll, upper back, and arms!!!

My waist is snatched ladies even with swelling. I will post pics the weekend after I finish my aftercare sessions with Findleys office. Dr. Findleys skilled hands and complimentary aftercare sets him above the rest! Im very please!!

FREE bobby pillow

This little pillow is awesome. Its for nursing moms but its great to prop your phone in the middle of it to watch Netflix...during that loooong 2 week BBL "lying on your tummy phase".

I also scrunch it up and lay on top of it to give my lower belly more compression and even out my lower back. Sleeping on your tummy all day hurts after awhile....

I even use it as a head pillow...cradles the neck nicely too!

Order them at
Code: FAMILY2014 (this marks the pillow down to free!)
Just pay for shipping: around $15.00

How AWESOME is Dr.Findley? Let me tell ya!!!

Ladees my surgery was Tuesday and I booked a room for the week near his pratice (I live about an 1.0 away). So everyday this week Ive returned to his office for bandage changes, massages, and overall checkups.

Yesterday (Friday) I explained that I would be checking out of my hotel this wkend and wanted to know if I could have my tubes removed before I returned home. Dr. Findley stated Friday was too soon because I was still draining so he and Pam (office mngr) allowed me to come Sat (non business day) instead of coming back on Monday.

He was so thorough like it was a standard weekday office visit. Didnt rush or anything. Examined me, changed my bandages, and massaged me well.

On top of I was solo so I had to take a taxi to his office. When they asked how I arrived there...they refused to let me take a taxi again...but instead drove me back. Dr.Findley truly abides by the name of his practice HE CARES MEDICAL!!!

Pics pics pics!!!

My ROUND#1.of.Lipo was 11/10 (Tuesday). I am so excited about my results. He contoured my full tummy and lower back sooooo well. Then gave me a lovely BBL (I've always had hips and booty width - just no projection). Well hunee...He pumped 825 beautiful cc's in each cheek. My booty has projection AND a nice teardrop hang to it now (thats with her still being a bit hard...cant wait for the fat to fluff out)!!! Im so in love with my waist-to-hips visual!!! ;-)

ROUND#2 is about 1 month away...12/16 (Wed). He will lipo my bra roll, upper back, and arms. I am looking forward to my final results of....a petite frame up top sitting on a juicee.booty.cutee frame below!

Massage + Arnica + Waist Training

Ive been getting (tummy, sides, back and booty) massages three times a day and ladees it hurts and feels oh so good at the same time!!! My hard spots are minimal. Booty is already softening nicely!

Also used Arnica Gel and Arnica Cream from day one. I had bad bruising under my chest and sides of my bum. One week later...virtually no visible bruises and it has helped swelling tremendously!! Arnica believer ;-) :-)

Started waist training last night. Wore my waist trainer AND binder over it! Ooooooh....wee...tight! I need extra compression of my lower tummy - because I had a big hanging belly before Findley. The results I saw this morning!!! Oh I will be sleeping in that thing from now on. It gave me the compression that my garment + binder alone just cant do. When I return to work next week I will use my trainer and bbl pillow to help my keep my posture right (I have a sit down type job).

9 days after lipo

Looooooove my results and Im still shrinking!!! Overjoyed!

Findley gave me all the soft beautiful womanly curves I have desired my whole life.

1st day working out

Since today was such a great day 'body&energy wise'... I decided to resume my workout flow.

Before the surgery I use to Walk/Run (avg 12 min/miles). Todayyy was my 'slowest' power walk ever (avg 17 min/ Did a total about 30 mins exercise.

My booty is sooo heavy. It was sore during and after but I feel better in the end. My route is hilly... I could really feel my booty muscles working! Yeah...those muscles were popping out all that Findley booty meat even more! Whoot whoot!

It was great walk. I plan to do much as I can on my good days! I want to feed my booty muscles. Cant wait to do squats (down the road tho...dont want to crush my new booty fat cells).

Oooh and I definitely enjoyed the xxxtra attention from the fellas along the route ;-) ;-) I wasnt!!!

New booty moment...

So this morning I was getting ready after showering and putting on my Shea Butter. I have the natural butter so its clumpy and you have to rub it in your hands to cream it and then apply on your skin.

Today I had a nice clump in my hand and was about to just rub it in on my back and dropped it. Ladies I was leaning all over checking my floor for that clump so it wouldnt smash into my carpet - only to make contact to my mirror and see the clump sitting right up on the top of my booty. I laughed so hard at myself and then was oh so thankful again to Dr.Findley!!! :-)

Round 2 - Wed (12/16)

Ladies...I am absolutely loving my new shape! Looking forward to getting my full back and arms done on Wednesday -- to complete my Juicee.booty.Cutee.goals!! :-)

BBL Pillow Sale!!!

Best pricing ive seen all year ladies!!

Arm & Full Back Lipo - 1week update

Ladees!!! This arm and upper back lipo was no joke! Thats after having the BBL weeks prior. Whew! Buuuut I am looooving my new extra curvy body! I still have much tenderness in my arms and back but healing nicely!

Ive taken my BBL garment in THREE times now. Looking forward to taking my arm/back garment in next...

More pics soon...after swelling goes down. :-)

HNY!!! 4th Garment alteration!

Ladies HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ;-)

Im getting ready to hang out and had to take in my garment a 4th time. Whoot whoot! This time I took before.n.after pics of my garments alterations. I took an inch off the back. And 1 inch down in the upper/mid abs. Took about 3inchs off the lower abs. Garment is finally tight.n.right again.

Dont think I'll ve purchasing another garment. Too easy and free to do alterations.

If any of you have access to a sewing machine... you can do this! You'll see that I did several lines of sitches on the lower abs I could try it on...then take it in more.

Garment alterations - AFTER pics

Oops... hit upload to quickly. Here are the AFTER pics.

((Once you complete the stitching...cut off the garment!))

Gym Life again...yayyy!

Ladies first day back in the gym... weight training only. No cardio for me...cant loose that booty fattt!!! ;-) ;-)

Loving my new BACK.view! (One month update)

Dr. Alfonso Findley

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