21 Years Young, 275cc Sub Glandular Overs 50kg 5'1 Petite and Fit - Cardiff, UK

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I have already met my personal coordinator and my...

I have already met my personal coordinator and my potential surgeon :) I haven't been measured in years but I think I'm around a 30b cup. I had larger breasts when I was younger and even measured a DD-E at one stage! When I began weight lifting and exercising I lost some weight, not a lot, around 6-10kg, but with it my boobs disappeared :( I have lots of bottom fullness and I'm quite thin at the top (which I hate!).

During my consultation my surgeon measured me and suggested a 275/300cc (slight asymmetry) to get me to my desired 2 cups bigger. She said I wouldn't be able to go much larger than this because she's afraid of rippling and my BWD is only 10cm. The first surgeon I saw (although I'm not going with him) suggested a 350cc - 380cc overs to get me 2 cup sizes up so I'm really worried 275cc will be far too small! I rarely see BAs with less than 350 so 275 just sounds tiny to me...

Also, I'm after quite a natural but pert look. I want some upper pole fullness but not super visible roundup balloon boobs. I've read that going under the muscle is better for a more natural look, but my surgeon recommended over due to my slightly tubular shape boobs. This would also be my preference because I enjoy weight lifting and don't want to do unnecessary damage my chest muscle...

Anyhow, sorry for the long post! I'm yet to take the plunge (see what I did there?) and book, my only concern that they will be too small and fake (is that even a thing?).

Surgery BOOKED!!

So i've done it! All booked and payed for and my new beauties will be with me on the 16th May. I have decided to go with another surgeon, who also specialises in natural looking BAs but lets patients go a little bigger than the last lady I saw. I'm thinking of going between 300-350cc. I've got another consultation next week (14/4/16) to try on the sizes again and talk with the surgeon. Then I have my pre op booked for the 22/4/16.

Don't think it has totally sunk in yet, but I'm sure the 'have I made the right decision' worries followed by 'OMG I'm so excited, I can't wait' will come soon enough. Will upload my before pics and pictures with sizers next week :)
London Plastic Surgeon

I really liked Linda, 10000x better than the first surgeon I saw. She made me feel very comfortable and explained why she chose particular sizes etc really well. I have no doubt that she will give me a great pair of boobs, after I settle my concerns on size. Theres also something nice about having a female surgeon, isn't there?

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