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I recently had juvederm injected into my lips with...

I recently had juvederm injected into my lips with devastating results. It is the 2nd time I've had this treatment, so knew what to expect. This time though I decided to go to someone local who I'd met through university when we trained as nurses. Although we are psychiatric nurses full time this girl had trained up along side her full time position, to do fillers, tooth whitening and face peels etc.. Anyway the number one point I must make, and should have known myself is NEVER let anyone other than a Dr, carry out such a procedure on you..I regretted it straight away!

Anyway, i wasn't given a dental block or numbing cream, as I had the time before during 2009, as she insisted i wouldn't need it and her clients generally don't ask for one. So had the injections, of which 2 x 0.8 vials were injected into my top and bottom lips, also my laughter lines (sorry can't think what they're really called)..this seemed like too much filler to me, but I trusted her instincts and thought she does this as her job so must know what she's doing...clearly not! Following treatment i knew it wasn't right. It looked nothing like the 1st time if had the treatment, and i was worried. I was told it was just due to swelling, which could last up to 10 days, and basically I should just go home and ice up my lips began to swell, and carried on for the next 4/5 days..the bruising was awful, so much so that I couldn't go out, or even to work as I didn't want anyone asking what I had done. I started to feel so depressed; had my family shouting at me for mutilating myself; which on reflection, was what I guess I'd done. So the days that followed were so horrible, my lips blistered, were cracking etc..I contacted the girl who'd done it and demanded a refund so I could go elsewhere to have it corrected- which is what I then did, and I have to say all the worry about having it dissolved were gone the min I met the Dr who fixed it! He put me at ease straight away and honestly, after administration of the hydralunidase (sorry about spelling), my lips began to return to normal straight away!

I can't believe it, it's wonderful stuff! I learned a massive lesson the hard way- never think you will be 'ok' by going to someone local, and cheap. Chances are it will cost you dearly. I was lucky to have a refund from the original adminisrtator- but this only happened as i threatened to contact the dr who did her prescriptions, and let him know what she was doing to people. One thing is for sure though, when I've recovered from all of this and what fillers in future, i'm not going anywhere other than Dermaskin Clinic in Cardiff (Dr Sid Gautam). Hope this post held someone out there :) x

Dr Sid Gautam

Everything I have to say about the clinic and staff is positive. I rang the day after my treatment with the female who botched it up, as I needed professional advice and support and the staff asked me to send photos so they could show the dr. They rang me back, answered all my questions etc. The dr saw me at short notice, corrected my lip without any concerns and also gave me a discount for the treatment! As said above- I'll never go anywhere else now a they were fantastic! 10/10

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