25 Year Old Planning Rhinoplasty... Poland?

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After considering, thinking about and dreaming of...

After considering, thinking about and dreaming of it, my rhinoplasty is going to become a reality. Years of bullying destroyed my self confidence and although I've got some of it back, I never feel beautiful or even above average. I am 100% having rhinoplasty this year and am considering Huw Williams who I've read is a very good surgeon who will not sacrifice function for looks (I still want a fully functional snozz even if it's not 100% perfect). Basically I want an improved me.

My biggest fear is that after spending all the money, I still won't be happy with how I look as I think I have quite a large chin. Now I want to know whether I should get something done to my chin and if so, what? I could have had jaw surgery as a kid on the NHS but of course my mum scared me out of it saying I looked fine and that nothing needed doing. I'm not prepared to have braces again in order to get jaw surgery. However, if there is something that could be done at the same time as my nose reducing the need for further surgery down the line which would incur more hospital fees etc, I would like to know before having my nose done. I wouldn't want anything too extreme done to my chin as I still want to look like me. Would liposuction help at all? Could they just shave a teeny tiny bit of my jaw and underneath of my chin down? Does everyone agree that my chin is super ugly and that after my nose job I still won't be happy?

I've made some comparison pics on photoshop of what I think I could look like. Please people let me know your thoughts but please try not to be too harsh

Forgetting about the chin :)

Thanks for the input of everyone so far. I decided to just do my nose. As some of you said if I am still unhappy there will still be time in the future. I shouldn't rush a decision when I'm not sure. Here are some badly photoshopped before and after pics of what I hope my nose will possibly look like!

Considering Poland now - Adam Kalecinski?

Still haven't had rhinoplasty, mainly due to the cost and uncertainty surrounding which doctor to have. I've recently been reading some very good things about Adam Kalecinski in Europe Surgery, Poland. I've read that it's a fraction of the cost at £2000 and I've seen some really excellent reviews and before and after pictures. If I could have it done in Poland, I could have it done as soon as I get some time off work as I have the funds. I originally was thinking of Huw Williams (Cardiff) but I've only found a few reviews on him with actual pictures. If anyone has anything to add regarding Huw or Adam, please comment :). I took some new pictures of my nose, and did edited versions. Wouldn't mind some feedback on the changes I made, if it looks natural etc. When I book in for a consultation, these are the photos I will show to say what I want. I like how my nose looks from the front so I haven't made any changes in the images. I'm hopeful the front view wouldn't change too much when I have surgery?


So I went through with it! 1 Week Post Op

So I actually went through with it haha. I was too exhausted to do much writing about it at the time but I did it. I went with Adam Kalecinski in Poland. I am still swollen but today is the first day where I actually feel a bit happy that I went through with it. Previous days my face was huge I suffered from EXTREMELY bad swelling. My entire lower face was bruised as it got so big. Also, my smile is now super weird. So, until I get my smile back to normal I won't be happy. My profile however is looking quite nice and I am now looking less like Miss Piggy so I am happy about that. Just thought I'd do a little update for those who were following my story before :).
Dr Huw Williams

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