Venezuelan Brazilian Butt Lift, Here I Come ! - Venezuela

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Hey gals! First time ever posting. Just to briefly...

Hey gals! First time ever posting. Just to briefly share with y'all about my story, two years ago I had a full tummy tuck to remove lose skin and stretch marks that was originally caused from my first pregnancy. Only few months after my TT procedure I became pregnant (oopsy ) to my beautiful second baby girl. She is currently 6 months and I am ready to now have my BBlift!! Thankfully after my pregnancy my tummy has remained very tight with the exception of my love/hate handles! I will be traveling to my home land of Venezuela this April and staying there for three weeks for recovery time.. As far as the price , a bblift surgery is currently costing no more than $600 and that is with the most respected high end doctor. If you are questioning why is the price super cheap?! Due to a black market currency crash , it is difficult to find US dollars in Venezuela wish thankfully for myself it makes US dollars worth ,..ALOT!. Please feel free to ask any questions and provide me with as much suggestions as far as how to prepare myself for this surgery as far as vitamins, supplies, ect !
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