Just Turned 27 and So Excited for my Reduction on July 1st. 34F/G to Hopefully a 34C - Cape Town , South Africa

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I can't really remember when the expansion on my...

I can't really remember when the expansion on my chest occurred -I remember being about 13 and wearing a bio tube bathing costume and suddenly not being able to find any bikinis to fit me as a teenager. I went through my teen years without owning a bikini-there were none that fit me and could lift and support my huge boobs. I finally went to a specialist shop when I was 21 to be fitted with a custom bikini for my honeymoon. I wore this once and not again as I still spill out and feel uncomfortable. As a fashion buyer who loves clothing and dressing up I know that my huge boobs have held me back from wearing what I want to-they have always cramped my style! No boobtubes, no straps, no back detail (cz you can see my granny bra) no open backs no high necks or cutaway halter tops. Everything is always about minimizing the size and appearance of my breasts. I have been considering a reduction for years but don't think I was emotionally ready to commit to all it entailed. In January this year I reached my heaviest weight, 71 kg and decided it was time for a change. I am a small build and short but have always been curvy, voluptuous etc and my boobs have just made me look bigger. I told my husband I wanted to plan a breast reduction for the middle of the year and was committed to losing weight before that. The process was exciting , seeing two surgeons before finally settling on the one I felt most confident with. My surgery is scheduled for the 1st of July and I am so excited! I have been training and list about 7kgs-already looking and feeling much better I can only hope I look even better after the surgery. I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions-from extreme excitement to anxiety and fear back to excitement and anticipation. I had a party on Saturday - a boob voyage to celebrate this exciting change in my life. It was a party that celebrated boobs and curves in all shapes and sizes. As a person who is always hiding my breasts I completely left my comfort zone and let it all hang out-I laced myself up into a black corset and danced the night away with my friends. What started as a funny party idea turned into a very meaningful step towards the new me. I feel like this was the first time in my life I truly celebrated my breasts and what they have meant in my life instead of just covering them up. Many people were so surprised when they saw the cattail size of what I was dealing with-I cover them up so well!! However looking at the pictures from the party I hate the way they look-like I have a bum on my chest! It literally is the best description for the situation. I cannot identify with them and the way they make me look-like a porn star!!! I am well and truly ready to bid them farewell and start and new chapter in my life that hopefully includes many very stylish outfits. Will keep you posted-so excited!!!!

Received insurance approval yay !!!

I still can't believe that I was given insurance approval for the br by insurance yesterday. I will only know exactly how much they will cover after the surgery but the fact that they are covering anything is amazing and a bonus as my husband and I had saved to pay for the surgery. It is incredibly unlikely that South African medical aid will pay for a br- my surgeon told me that in his career and his colleagues that share he practice with him they have only had one patient that was covered. She was a police officer and the government medical aid paid for her br as the bulletproof vest could not fit her:) so I feel I am making history . I really was not expecting the, to pay a cent but just tried to be able to say I did and I am so happy I did! All I did was send my surgeons motivation, some photos I took and a copy of a certificate that shows I was hospitalized last year for back pain. I followed up a few times and got a call yesterday to say it has been approved:) I think they took one look at the photos and pulled out a big red stamp: APPROVED!!! they are guaranteed to cover about 20% at this stage but will also be paying the hospital fee(in full apparently) and will be paying a portion of the anaethtist' s fee and surgeons assistant etc. not sure how much that will all amount to but it's more than expected so I am so happy already:) hopefully we can go on a nice holiday with the money we save and I can show off my new boobs in a sexy bikini:)

Also wanted to share that I have some extra complications going into this surgery as I am highly allergic to many , if not most painkillers- paracetamol, aspirin, brufen etc so there is very little I am able to take after surgery. Currently there are only two drugs I know of that I am not allergic to, arcoxia and tramadol but not sure how strong they are and if they are strong enough. I have also decided to stay over in hospital for one night so that he can give me pain killers intravenously and so that I do not have to move a lot with traveling home etc. all of the above has made me quite nervous and I went through a stage about a month ago where I was extremely anxious about the pain and keeping it under control. Since seeing my surgeon and GP I feel much better and relaxed about it-I am so ready now I just want it to be the 1st of July now! Only 11 more sleeps:)
Night night- I will post some pics from the party and before pics soon. Attatched are some photos after my first consultation in January-I have last about 7 kgs since then.

Photos after my first consultation in January

Its the final countdown.....5 more sleeps

So excited only 5 more sleeps till the new and improved me!
I am sort of feeling prepared -got new front opening pjs, ordered and have had delivered a bed wedge for comfortable sleeping, stocking up on movies,series and books.
Trying to lose some more weight so have been back n my herbalife shakes for the past week- down 1.5kgs so I'm feeling good.
Going to post some pics of my boob voyage party -it was soooooooo much fun!!!!


Posting from the other side

I had my reduction at 7:30 this mining up since 4:30 to prepare and be at the hospital at 6:15. I kept waiting for the anxiety and nerves to kick in but I was so happy and excited it never happened. Even as they put me under I was smiling. I woke up properly at about 2 pm with a tight feeling in my cheat but not much pain. And could immediately see my tummy and toes when I got up to go to the bathroom. I haven't seen them properly yet but they are waaaay smaller than before I am over the moon:) just keep asking everyone do they look small ? Cause I hope it's already obvious and they just laugh and say yes much smaller. I am staying overnight due to my allergies to many pain killers so I have a drip in . They have given me pethodine a few times but I can feel the pain is starting to wake up now. The worst is trying to move on the bed or going to the bath room- it feels like everything is pulling and burning. I think the local anaesthia is wearing off. My doctor came to see me earlier tonight and checked them. I had a bit of sensation in the right nipple but not the left. However the fact that I could see my nipple without lifting and twisting my entire boob up was amazing. The doctor seems very happy at this stage so really hoping for a good recovery. I am so happy I made this decision , best thing I have ever done for myself:)chat soon xxxx
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