Finally Going To Get Those Shapely Legs! - South Africa

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After years of hiding my legs in jeans, long...

After years of hiding my legs in jeans, long dresses and skirts, I've decided to do something about my chicken legs!

I've never liked my stick legs for as long as I can remember. I'd even wear wear leg warmers under my jeans and stuff them with socks for girth! Funny thing is I still do! That's the only way I can wear skinny jeans!
In August, I'll finally say goodbye to my skinny legs. I'm anxious, excited, uncertain but yet certain at the same time.
I'll be travelling abroad to get them done from a reputable doctor.

57 days to go!

Eeeeeeek! So excited! I'm already shopping for shorts, skinny jeans, pencil skirts and dresses! Excited for the journey ahead.

Consultation. Tomorrow. Anxious.

I have my consultation tomorrow morning with the doctor and I'm beyond nervous. I can't even eat, let alone sleep!! I'm not sure what to expect.
Please pray for me!

I did it! I did it!!! Finally!

Ok. So, right now I'm in immense pain! I can hard walk to the bathroom in my high heels!
The surgery went well! The staff were great! They made me feel so at home! And the doctor...Dr. Lückhoff...just...wonderful!
During consultation, he was concerned that the pockets on my legs would be very small and may only accommodate the small implants. He said the skin / tissue on my lower legs was rather tight. However, he said he'd try to make a pocket for the medium sized implants (110cc). That's the size I wanted! I didn't want abnormally large implants. I wanted a conservative size to slightly improve the girth,and not have nerve complications/ circulation problems from a bigger implants and guess what?? I got what I wanted! The legs look slightly bigger but that may also be due to the swelling. I didn't bruise but maybe that'll show later.
Anyway, however slight the difference, it's better than what I started with! I'll post pictures as soon as I can stand! Goodbye, chicken legs!!!

Warning: Fuzzy pics!

Ok, so I've been able to hobble about to get stuff done in my flat Birks. I'd started walking in high heels but was able to walk short distances in my flat shoes with help from the furniture, of course!
I couldn't take proper pics, but took videos of my ambling about. These are screen shots of the videos.
Ok, so maybe, the implants have made a huge difference! My bad!

This has been definitely a life-changing decision! I can finally go scuba year!!!

So far, I'm loving the results!

As painful as the recovery has been, I'm happy. I can now wear flat shoes and walk cautiously around the room. There's a bit of numbness closer to the incisions but I hope that's nothing to worry about.

Still loving my new legs!

Ok! So, it's been a while since I've updated this. But it's because I've been busy squeezing myself into skinny jeans, leggings etc and enjoying my new pair of legs! I've got calves! Finally!
This has been totally worth it! hasn't been an easy recovery...
So, I got home from a long haul flight ( about 5 days post-surgery), to find that I had hematoma. Kept my legs elevated for the next 2 weeks and all was well. Life went on...
Until, my boyfriend and I ...ahem... Let's just say that I was ...not in the best position for someone who was still in recovery. (This was about a month or so post surgery)
I'd been following the surgeons advise: no exercise/ or any strenuous/ activity for a while/ cover the scars/ keep away from the sun/ keep them elevated when I can. However, ...when you're busy enjoying the results and you're no longer stiff-legged, you're fooled into thinking that you've healed. Problem is, although I was no longer limping and felt no pain, the tissues were still healing.
Anyway, I learned the hard way: a few hours after ...ahem, there was a bit of discomfort in left leg. That worried my a bit but didn't think much of it. A day later, it started to swell up,...AND there was a minuscule opening AND a bit of leaking!! I freaked out! I panicked! Emailed my surgeon. He responded immediately and advised me to get antibiotics, an antiseptic cream to keep the wound clean. Went to the hospital, was diagnosed with cellulitis. The doctor didn't think much of it as there was no infection. I took the antibiotics and applied the cream and the wound closed up in less than a week! Phew! Throughout that time, I was in close contact with the surgeon. Although I trust the doctors on this site (who gave me a scarey diagnosis. Something about my body rejecting the implant. ), it's better to have a doctor physically examine your condition, because that wasn't the case. I still respect their opinion though!
Anyway, today, I'm in the clear and doing well. The nerve endings , according to my surgeon, are also showing signs of recovery. (Occasional stabs and pinches at the incisions) The scarring is almost gone and I can finally run comfortably ...even in high heels!
Anyway, I'll update this at a later stage!

This has been totally worth

Best Decision EVER!

Somebody stop me! It's been almost a year since getting calf implants and I still can't stop snapping pics of them! Prancing around in front of the mirror in shorts/short dresses/leggings/skinny jeans/ high heels! Now that I'm back at the gym, I can't stop...flexing them! Oooh weeee!

If you're still mulling over of getting calf implants, just do it. Go to a certified surgeon ( if you're in South Africa,Dr. Luckhoff) and just go get yourself those shapely legs you've always wanted! You won't regret it!

A Year Later.

Still happy with the results!
Now that I'm losing weight and gaining muscle definition, the results are even better.
The only thing that's of minimal concern is the scarring. I'd love to wear short skirts or shorts but can't at the moment because the scars haven't quite faded yet. But then again, I'd rather have the dark pigmentation behind the knee than stuff my jeans or boots again!
Dr. Hilmar Lückhoff

So far, I'm happy with the surgeon. He's given me detailed answers to all my questions. He's also been realistic with regards to the results. I'd rather not have a surgeon promise me unicorns and rainbows prior to the surgery! The staff was also great ! I knew was in safe hands. I highly recommend Dr. Lückhoff!

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