22yo Deflated 34B, 5ft9, 144lbs, 390cc HP round textured silicone overs

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Hello! I just came out of my first consultation...

Hello! I just came out of my first consultation with the Surgeon, and now i am really hesitating with what size i want.
When i tried the sizers i felt like a moderate profile implant would suit me better. However my BWD is 12.5 and if I want enough volume ( i'm thinking over 350cc ) apparently the implant will be to large!
Anyone here have about the same measurements as me that could tell me about their experience and implant choice? I'm 180cm, 64kg.

My next consultation is on December 1st
Thank you :)
Thank you :)

Pre op consult done, still hesitating on implant size!!

Can't believe i'm having the surgery in two days! At the pre op consult my PS gave me 5 different pairs of implants to try on at home so i could really get used to which one i preferred.
Now I'm quite sure i want between 350-400cc in a high profile. I feel like the moderate profile in the kind of volume i would like give me a " heavy" effect and make me look like i've just gained weight.
My favorites are the 365 cc and 385 cc round High profile. They don't look extremely big but still nice.
Do any of you tall girls out there have that size of implant? Do you wish you'd gone bigger? I really don't want to have any regrets. I'm having them over the muscle so I know they will look just like when i have the sizers on.
Here are some pics of me as I am now with a 34B, and with the 365cc HP sizers

On the other side of boob world! 390cc HP round silicone textured over the muscle Eurosilicone

Today is 2 days post op. Where should I begin?

I was so nervous on the day of the op, I started crying right before going into theatre. But all the nurses, anesthesiologist and my PS were vert kind and reassuring. I knew I was in good hands with Dr Lovric. I was just so scared of the results and if i would like the size he put in me since we hadn't really made a definitive agreement! I really didn't want the moderate profile as i knew it wouldn't look good on me, but he suggested he would try them and see what fits me best. I was panicking!! I wanted the 356CC ( or slightly bigger ) in the high profile!
When I woke up, the first thing i said, with my eyes still closed, feeling my new boobs immediately
" what did he put in?"
The answer was 390CC High Profile. I could not be happier!! Dr Lovric said he tried a variety of implants: the moderates didn't suit me at all ( like i thought ) and the 365cc HP " just didn't do enough" for me. so he went with the bigger option I had though of, without making me look top heavy. I'm very satisfied with his final choice, I do think this is the implant that fits my body the most!
Got out of theater at 5pm, stayed in hospital until 11pm. Had two injections that relieved me from any pain I had. I wasn't even nauseous at all and had a lovely hospital dinner ( yum ). Felt like a zombie because of the anesthetic though, so groggy and drowsy! Went home and collapsed in my self made mega pillow bed.

I feel like i've been very lucky with how much pain i'm experiencing as it is very mild and manageable. They already took out the drain yesterday at my first post up consult. I have already had a shower! Now the most pain comes from the incision and placement and where the drain was. It sort of burns but isn't keeping me awake at night or anything! I'm taking Mybulen every 6 hours, Arnica every 3 hours an a sleeping pill at night.
I'm already moving my arms and lifting my elbows to shoulder level. I can' wait for the pain to drop a bit so i can feel more comfortable.

My boobs are now rock hard and swollen. They look big but do not have that natural squishy bouncy voluminous feel at all. Apparently this is normal, and I can't wait for them to drop and fluff, so i can get that voluptuous look with some nice cleavage. I am very happy with the symmetry of them at the moment. I applied Bio Oil last night for the first time to avoid stretch marks, and will start using it on my scars once the plasters are off. I have my next consult in 6 days :)

I was really worried about constipation well with my army of remedies in hand i was not even constipated for one day!! Still feel bloated though.
What I use against constipation:
- All bran cereal in the morning
- Dried fruits ( apricots, prunes ) as snacks
- A " detox" tea with SENNA in it before bed
- Lots of water, lots of veggies throughout the day.

Before BA:
- 5 ft 9 = 180cm
- 144Lbs = 65kg
- 34B = 90B

After BA
- 34B + 390CC Silicone, High Profile, Textured, Round, Sub-glandular (Over the muscle) by Eurosilicone.
- Inframammary incision

Hope this is helpful to some of you :)

15 months post op!

Well hello there! It's been a while. I felt bad cause I never really ended my review of the procedure. The reason for this being that I was actually very upset with the end result once my boobs started to soften up... I thought they were too small and absolutely not the look I wanted! I hated myself for not going for 500cc or something in that range. I realized that being 182cm tall, I could've gone with way bigger without looking too big. I also hated my surgeon for not making me fully aware that 390cc would NoT make me look like the Ana Cheri pictures I was showing him!
With time, I've learned to accept how my boobs look: because I'm fairly skinny, they are definitely noticeable especially when wearing a bikini or push up. You can see that I have implants in if you have minimal knowledge of what fake boobs look like. Also, I don't have Breathtaking cleavage, my boobs are still quite fat appart. But overall I'm way happier and confident than I used to be with small boobs. I definitely feel more feminine and sexy. I can take of my bra in front of my man without feeling ashamed!! Yay! :) I have had many compliments about them. So overall I'm happy, I just still wish they were a bit bigger. I am now a 95D.
I must say that I have definitely lost some sensation especially on my right nipple. I noticed right after the surgery that it wasn't as sensitive as the other and it actually never fully recovered. But that's the price to pay I guess.... my scars aren't exactly pretty either. But that is specific to me, my skin naturally has a hard time scaring properly, with a tendency to have " stretched " looking scars. But it's ok considering the scar is under my boobs.

If there is one piece of advice i can give to you tall girls out there wanting a boob job: GO BiG!!! Unless you want a very discreet look, go at least 100cc more than the size you are thinking of. Trust me!!
There is not one girl I know with implants that doesn't wish she went bigger. So there you go. I'm open to questions if you have any :)

15 months post op photos

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