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I have always had large breasts - and always...

I have always had large breasts - and always wanted to have them reduced - even back in my 20's when I was only a DD. No matter what weight I was - down to 115 and up to 140, I always was big. The only change would be the size of my back - I'd go down to a 32 - which made it even more difficult to find bras!

I'm glad I waited until my 40's to have the reduction because I was able to nurse my son. Which was a great joy - although I was huge! I went to a size G. I joke that they were bigger than his head - and they were!

So, I went to see a surgeon back in March of this year when I could no longer fit in bras straight from the store. The 34DDD still fit that I had, but they were stretched out - so when I went to purchase new ones, the girls were spilling out. So, what size comes next....oh, an F. Fun times. Try to find a 34F in a store. Good luck! 34DDD were tough enough. I was already buying bathing suits from a company in England (tankinis since there is no way I could find a one piece to fit my top and bottom - so disproportionate. In looking at the size I purchased a couple years ago - it was a 34FF.

So, I met with the PS and was very pleased to hear he felt I would be a candidate for a reduction. I said I wanted to go small! I wanted the opportunity to go bra-less if desired. As it was, I wore a bra until the moment I went to bed. Very uncomfortable otherwise.

After the appointment - was the waiting to hear from the insurance company. 6 weeks later, we received the OK! Due to my own scheduling conflicts, I settled on July 22nd.

My PS works from a surgery center - and this was by far the easiest in and out surgery EVER. (I've had quite a few due to my endometriosis) The staff was wonderful. And I love my nurse. She was there during surgery - and has been at every appointment Post-Op.

Once checked in and in my surgical gown, my PS marked me up - I guess your nipples need to be a certain distance from your sternum. (didn't know this) So, he used a purple marker and drew where to cut and move things (like my nipples - I had a FNG - Free Nipple Graft) I'm told they need to do this while you are up, since when you're laying down for surgery, obviously, everything is in a much different place (like beside me! Not perky at 47 and a 34F!!)

When I woke up, I had a surgical bra on, with padding taped beneath. I was given 2 prescriptions, one for pain, the other an antibiotic. Oh, and I had some "lovely" drain tubes. Will post those. When I had heard "drain tubes" I pictured tiny little straws draining into some little squares of gauze. NOPE! I went home that afternoon and slept.

Post Op Pics

So, had the drain tubes for a week. Almost passed out when they were removed. About 5 inches inside - and sewn to my skin to keep them in place. Yuck. But so happy when they were removed. Started buying some sports bras so that I wouldn't have to wear the cumbersome surgical bra. Some bruising - but told that would go away in time. Upped my intake of vitamin C to help the healing process (you bruise less with vitamin C) Have bumpers on my nipples due to the FNG - those to come off soon. Once those were removed, started to feel more "normal." Loving my size!

Things had been going so well...

Well, as luck would have it, things were going so well, then Bam! Infection. I'm told when your body starts to break down the internal stitches, it can have a problem with the knots. Well, the left side got an infection. Complete with redness (which is what I first noticed), hard lumps, a fever, and some yucky discharge - a bit of pus (but not as bad as some I've seen on here). I called the PS's office and got right in to see the nurse. Yep, infection. I was put on an antibiotic for 5 days. The pain continued - sharp constant pain. And the entire lower portion of my breast became a solid (and very sore) mass. After finishing the antibiotic, still sore and have the hard mass (try finding info on THAT online - I could not). So, I went back to the PS this week, and he seems very unconcerned. Says that this can happen. Gave me a prescription for another (different) antibiotic for 3 days and told to see him in 10. I will say, the pain is MUCH less today - day 3 of my 3 day prescription. Still a hard mass, but able to concentrate on other things than my throbbing left breast. It's still much bigger than the right - so I feel really lopsided. Hoping the hardness goes away soon...and it becomes the cute breast it was for about a week - back before the infection.

3 Months Post-Op

I went for my 3 month check up. I'm healing well, BUT...they are definitely different sizes. As you can see by the pictures, the left size is quite a bit bigger than the right. It's not as noticeable in a sports bra and clothing, however I will not be able to find a regular bra. This was sad news...because he said I will need to have another surgery to even them out. The right side also has a "hollow" spot which he said he can fill in [with fat]. I'm still thrilled to be smaller-breasted, but disappointed that my journey isn't over.

Also, I don't know if this means anything....I occasionally get sharp pains inside my breast - like under my nipple (this tissue inside). I still have no feeling in them, but wonder if the nerves are coming back....and the pain twinges is that happening. Anyone have this sensation...and did you get feeling back in your nipples after a FNG? I'm also still numb on the left side of my left breast. My doctor seemed to think this feeling will come back.

I just started using Bio Oil as well on my scars. I had been using Vitamin E oil and Coconut Oil, but was told this stuff was awesome. I've only been using it for a few days, so no update yet. But I will say, I do NOT like the smell. Wish it was unscented. What is everyone using on their scars? Mine still seem quite red.
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