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I go to my free consultation Tuesday, Aug 13th. I...

I go to my free consultation Tuesday, Aug 13th. I have a good idea of what I want already. I current wear a B34 bra but my right breast is an A34. I'm wanting to become a nice full round C. I'm getting saline. I've heard Dr. Herring only offers incisions at the crease of the breast at bottom but I'd like where it's right under the nipple since the scaring will be completely hidden. I've heard prices from 3000 for saline and 4300 for silicone for this doctor and that's with being completely under for surgery. So excited!

Pre Op woth dr. herring today!

So it's 5:30 am and my appointment is at 1 and all I'm thinking is boobs. I'm so nervous I'll pick a size too big or too small and then after the surgery and when they drop I won't like the size. I've heard If you go in the crease and under the muscle to go a size bigger than what you try in the bra since it will end up a Lil smaller since it's under the muscle. Is that true??? I have a list of questions written down which I'm sure I'll add some before I go. I printed out pictures of boobs I like for the shape, size, and positioning. Also have pictures of ones I don't like at all. Am I over thinking this and don't need all of them for the pre op??? I just want to make the right decision on size. My husband says I'm so picky since I'm looking for perfection. Boobs are boobs they'll look great don't worry so much he says. Typical guy lol. Well I'll update after my pre op in around eight hours. So far away! So excited and so nervous. Oh I'll be posting some pictures as well later on. Thanks for the support!

details, sorry.

Some messages me wanting to know my height and all the basics. So here it is. I'm married, almost 21, 5'2, 96lbs, 34" hips, 28" waist, currently wear 32B padded bras, and have one child. My goal is to be a full C/ low D.

my consultation!

I loved loved the doctor! He was so nice and answered everything. When he answered my questions he gave me the full answer and explained everything. I haven't scheduled my surgery just yet though since I have to coordinate it with the lovely army and my hubs just made sergeant and got back from deployment so they're crazy at work. Hoping for the end of the month of beginning of sept tho. His cost was a little more than what I was told but you don't want the cheapest you know. I chose saline and the final cost will be $5100 but if you pay cash it's $4845.


So we didn't get approve through care credit, super bummed. But after discussing since we are PCSing to Germany mid of next year, I'm going to sell my 2009 car to pay for them. I already know how much I'll be getting for my car and it's plenty enough and some more so I found me a used older car for the time being since the army only ships one car to Germany from here, gay. But I'll have the money (: and it'll be cash so it's the cheaper price. Yay boobs! Hopefully going tomorrow or Saturday to the dealership since I think they'll give me a check and it'll take a few days to hit my account. So when I get the check I can schedule my surgery and my last post op!

scheduled! yay!!

It's scheduled! So surgery is on the 29th! Last post op is the 22nd and after it if I have to go to my primary hospital and get my ekg and blood done and fill all my feel good pills up! Paying I'm cash to so it's $4850.

Advise wanted!!!

So my surgery is on the 28th and was wondering what I need to buy or have for after my surgery! Thanks


so im a 34 A/B and im hoping to be a low/med D after. Im getting Mentor saline high profile 325cc filled to 350cc. right breast will get little more to correct slight size differance. so excited!


I got my surgery yesterday! My check in time was 8:30 am and I didn't get taken back till almost ten! Went back changed and then they put my IV in my hand, so painful then I was out..... they called my husband at eleven saying the power had gone out and wanted him to decide for them close me up, only was cut then or to finish up when the power came on. I started waking up so they gave me more knock out stuff, then they called my husband at one saying I was done. It took me almost two hours to come around after wards, I'm ninety pounds so the two dosages of knock out kicked my butt. My husband said I kept wanting to touch them and they would say no don't do that. I don't remember anything though. I remember my husband saying we're home and him carrying me upstairs but the rest of the day I was in and out. I came to around eight last night and threw up twice, horrible. Last night was horrific and i woke up every hour it seemed like. They hurt soooooo bad. It hurts to talk, breath, slightly move, everything. I got under the muscle in the crease and got 325cc filled to 350cc. They seem really high now and they feel like bricks on me. It's very painful so I'm asking for a stronger pain med today at my 24 hour post op. That's it for now.

three weeks post op. getting them removed!

Since after surgery I've said they weren't worth it and they're still not. They make me feel soooooo bad so I want them out! My ps will remove them for free thank god! But they're not meant for me. They're too big I think and I just don't think I'm meant to have them. I want to feel better and not bad all the time. I felt more confident about myself before.

back to the Dr today!

So I'm three weeks post op from getting these things. Worst decision ever? I'm leas confident than before and I was pretty confident! I went back and forth so much before I got them and I shouldve listened to my gut the entire time cause it knew I shouldn't get them. But stupid I get an idea and do it right away, without thinking and bam here I am. My doctor is only making me pay for the anesthesia, thank god! If we had more money from this check I'd have them removed next week but we don't so I have to wait till the 1st, when we get paid. I can't wait to be me again and forget I made this horribke choice. Does anyone know how long it takes to sleep on your side after?? Or when you can wear a bra?? I know I'll ask my doctor but I like someone else's opinion too! Thanks!

so at my dr today he said.....

He won't be putting drains in, thank the Lord! It's in the $100 range for local, all he is making us pay for. He won't schedule my surgery until my husband can come in with me and us discuss removal. I thought it was a little rude since it's my body, my choice. He said when we both come in next week that he will try to talk me out of it since they do look so good. I told him he did a great job and they look great but they aren't meant for me and he agreed that implants aren't for everyone. But whatever so we have to go back next week and I told him I wanted my surgery the following week for sure.

Removal scheduled!

Oct. 14 is my removal! I got so upset that I couldn't get them taken out next week but we don't have the money to have them removed next week anyways! I'm now a month post op from getting them put in and I start a new job next week! My new job does require some lifting which makes me nervous when I get them removed. I haven't told them about my surgery yet but I don't want to loose my job! So how long was it for anyone who got breast removal no drains no taking capsule out for you to feel back to normal??? I was doing local but the Dr said I seemed to nervous and he now wants me to do complete under! We had the money for just local but not for under! I hope we have in time for my surgery!its $300! I feel sooooooooo ugly with these fake things! I don't feel confident or pretty in anything I put on! And I don't have any self motive during the day. I'm normally a very ocd clean neat freak and since I got these things my house is trashed! I can't wait to be myself and I hope these weeks fly by and pray we get the money to have them removed for Oct 14th!

victoria secret!

Okay so I got a gift card for Victoria secrets for my 21st birthday. I went in to see if they had any sports bra with optional padding inserts for when I have them removed. But I decided to see what size they were in a bra. I'm six weeks post op of having them so I don't have swelling anymore and I've dropped and fluffed already, may fluff some more. Anyways I grabbed a 34 D to try on since I told the Dr when getting them I wanted a full C low D, ha not! Way too small! Tried a DD next, ha not! Ended up being a 32 DDD! And if I fluff anymore she said I'll need an E! Wtf!

new picture six weeks post getting this things!

Shows the difference a lot! And I did not have any size differences before surgery! Explant changed to OCT 16th!

advise ladies!!!!

What did YOUR doctor recommend??? Compress and how long for? Massage and when to start end? How long off work?? I'm getting simple removal with no drains

pre op moved to tomorrow morning!

My pre op got bumped up to tomorrow and surgery will be Monday morning! So excited to get these out! How many of you kept your implants after removal??? Like the Dr give them to keep once they're removed.

Surgery on monday!

So my surgery is Monday at 8:15 eastern time. I'm now worried if I'm doing the right thing. I think its just cause I made the wrong decision the first time so it's making me nervous and I'm a little nervous about how they'll look right after. I've seen some great boobs right after and some like oh my but then turn into some good looking girls. I'm really nervous and anxious. Plus I start a new job Thursday and i only took the Monday of off and that it! I hope no one ask or notices anything! Plus this morning my lovely husband who is great 98% of the time jokingly made a comment that really made me worried hurt my feelings some even though we were both joking around. I'm a little nervous about showing my hubs my boobs after removal to I don't want him to not like them. So many thought.


I just got home from my removal! The pre op took about fifteen minutes, removal fifteen and then I woke up and left. I feel great and even took a peek and damn they look way better than what I was expecting! They're going to look so good once they fluff (:

Dr called me to check in....

So the doctor called me just to check in and to remind me of my instructions he gave after surgery that I had no idea of lol. He said he was really surprised how well my skin reacted to the implants being removed. No stretch marks. He said he has never had a patients skin go back so well immediately after surgery. Said to change my gauze that's over my stitches as needed. I have no drains but he left small opening so any drainage and blood leaks on the gauze and won't build up inside me. I have a 24 hour post op tomorrow afternoon too. That's all he said. After the phone call, my husband changed the gauzes. My left had a lot of blood on it and my right had just a few spots. My nipples look like they're bruised or really really cold. My boobs themselves don't hurt. However, my incisions have a dull throbbing sting. It hurts more when I walk/ move around. I let my husband see them and he also was surprised how good they look for right after.

right after surgery pictures!

Photos! So happy with them at day one!

for those sending me messages and saying i jumped to fast on my removal-rant!

I did not like my look one was WAY wider and fuller than the other! and come to find out they were in deed TWO DIFFERENT SIZED implants that were supposedly the same size until removed my ps saw he screwed up and put two different sizes on accident! How that happens, I don't know. I did NOT like my look, yes the look and size could change in some more time but they would've still been two different sizes since my PS messed up! They were too big for me and I got them with in a week n half of getting the idea of getting them done. Yes, I wasted the money, yes I felt bad in the beginning about the money, but its gone and would have still been gone if I kept them. Who are you to judge me just cause I didn't like being FAKE! If you want to be fake with fake tits then that's your choice and im not going to put down on you for it, so stop on me! Yes, I know there are girls in the world who would do anything for fake tits but they were NOT FOR ME AND DIDNT LIKE THE LOOK, SHAPE, FEEL OF THEM SO STOP WITH ALL THE NASTY RUDE MSSGS!

Ugh tonight...

I HATED the way my implants looked since they weren't at all of what I asked for nor expected them to be. I like my own natural after removal better than my jacked up implants, however I still wish I had bigger boobs, wish I got the boob job I asked for and got the results I wanted. Now I have to learn to just get over wishing I had bigger fuller breast. Wish I had more money to try again but theres no way I could come up with $1800 to spend on a third breast surgery.

Pictures before BA and after removal 1 week post op

1 week post op removal pic

same bathing suit pic but after removal and some others

update, two weeks after removal.

So I think my boobs are done changing and are what I'll be for now. Dr said I could wear regular bras now but my one of incisions is a little sore still. I'm really happy with my results but do still wish to have larger breast. I've made an agreement with my husband that I'll wait till after we have our next baby hopefully soon well get pregnant I hope. We've been trying for some time now and now are seeking help. I will for sure be going to different surgeon. Thanks for all your guys help through my crazy journey!



So I went to another surgeon to see about getting them redone. He was great and assured me he could give me the results I first wanted. I went home talked to my husband then that night we had some adult fun in the bedroom I began to bleed just a tad NOT normal. The next morning I recalled when I was pregnant with our first I would bleed everytime of sexual intercourse. My period has been out of wack the whole time since getting implants then removing them so I took a test and went to the doctor and come to find out WE'RE PREGNANT after a year of trying! So guess im not getting implants again at least for now lol!

boobie fund starting!

So I lost the baby last week and my husband wants us to split so boobie fund is starting and so is a new start!

Tax refund means titties!

Yup my tax refund is going straight to boobies! I really hope this one goes much much better than my last! Not going to go as big and maybe not hp implants this time. Still saline though. Mid feb :) I'm excited and very nervous!
Fayetteville Plastic Surgeon

So far only heard great things about him!

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