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Hello everyone, I have read lots of blogs on here...

Hello everyone, I have read lots of blogs on here so I decided I join in the discussion. I am 25 and live in Florida, which means it's summer clothing all year round... not so good for someone who needs a breast lift! Since I was 15 I knew I wanted a breast lift and now, 10 years later my time has finally come. My surgery date is approaching quickly (in about 2 weeks!) and there's a lot to think about. When finding a surgeon I took many things into account. Obviously, the board certification was important. I asked my friends, women I work with, and read A LOT about local doctors. I went everywhere to meet with surgeons, from Ft Myers to Miami and everywhere in the surrounding areas. I've looked at sooo many reviews online I feel like I know the doctors personally. The doctor I finally decided on is not reviewed on this website but I will definitely give my opinion when it is all said and done, but so far she seems good :) (I will also be adding pictures). She sat with me and answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. Her office staff was very nice as well and were able to fit my consultation in last minute. They also worked with me when scheduling my surgery date and were helpful the whole time. Also, her price were reasonable.... now I know that's not what surgeries should be based on and of course I would never choose a cheap doctor over a reliable one but, let's be honest, cost is an issue. At least for me it was.

So as far as personal goals go... I would like to be able to take my bra off around my husband without feeling self conscious. Luckily for me, he was supportive when I was making my decision to get plastic surgery. He says he would be happy either way as long as I feel confident. And I definitely feel like having perky boobies would make me more confident. I just want to look good naked! I would also like to be able to wear normal bathing suit tops and cute dresses and shirts.

I'm feeling very excited and nervous! I get really nervous as I look at pictures of what breasts look like just after surgery but get excited when I see the healed pictures. Has anyone had to deal with bad scars? So far I haven't seen anyone on here with severe scars so I feel optimistic. I am also worried about not getting the results I am looking for, but I think anything would be better than what I'm working with now. I am not getting implants but have been assured by all the doctors that I don't need them, so hopefully they are right. I have heard that a breast lift can interfere with the ability to breast feed later on and that is what I am most worried about. It's something that is very important to me and is the only thing that makes me think about not doing it. But overall I can't wait! Well, that's how I feel for now but give me 5 minutes and I will be nervous again lol.

I would love if anyone has any tips. What bras has everyone found to be the best for post-op? Any magic scar removal secrets? Did anyone feel like their breasts were not their own anymore (something else I worry about)... any tips would be appreciated. Thanks and sorry this was so long. I will be adding pictures soon.

Ok, so the surgery is in 2 weeks. I think I am...

Ok, so the surgery is in 2 weeks. I think I am ready... I did the blood work and had my final consultation. I bought antibacterial soap, wipes, button-up shirts, everything except the bras. I've tried on a copule but so far I haven't found anything. I'm going on vacation (and getting back the day before my surgery!) so I will look while I'm on vacay. Also before I leave I am going to deep clean the house so when I come back I can just do a quick clean and then relax before surgery. As it gets closer, I feel less nervous.

When i went for my final consultation, my doctor...

When i went for my final consultation, my doctor asked me to stop taking my birth control pills. does anyone have experience with this? Is it really that important that i go off it? My doctor said it puts me at greater risk but thinking of not being on a reliable birth control that keeps my cramps in check makes me nervous.

I got it done! I went in early in the morning and...

I got it done! I went in early in the morning and checked in at the outpatient facility. They took me to a room where I changed into hospital gown, they took a urine sample, gave me an IV, and the doctor marked my chest for surgery. I was really nervous so they gave me something for my nerves which made me really loopy and definitely calmed me down. I barely even remember being wheeled into the operating room! I started waking up in a recovery room and for some reason I was so angry and uncomfortable (I don't always react well to anesthesia). I was cold and wanted to sleep, but I got up and the nurses (who were very nice) wrapped my chest and got me dressed. My chest really hurt but they gave me some pain medicine and that helped a lot. I could hear them talking to my husband who had come back to the room and the doctor talked to him and said the surgery went well and gave him some general info about what the next few days would be like. I slept almost the entire day and felt pretty good after taking the pills. I could eat later that day and try to eat something small every time I take a pill. I was scared to see the new ladies at first because I never do well with incisions and blood and whatnot. But when I went in today to get the bandages removed they didn't look too bad! I didn't get a chance to see the whole thing, I looked down at my nipples (which point out now! yay!) and was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, it was still enough to make me want to pass out and I got very light-headed and dizzy. The nurses and doctor laid me down and gave me some apple juice and I felt much better. I was given instructions on how to clean my new boobies and they gave me a box of huge bandages to wear for comfort, along with my gauze pads for drainage (which there is very little of). So far, so good. A lot of what I am experiencing I was expecting.... I have limited mobility with my upper body, a little bit of pain, sleepy, and I can't sleep laying completely down or on the side. My recliner has become my nest for the next week. I was also told today that I can't shower for another few days. Since I don't have much else to do I bought a netflix account and have been relaxing. Thank god for my husband, who has been taking good care of me by brushing my hair, cleaning, and cooking! I am glad I got everything in order before the surgery, like all the laundry, prescriptions, etc. I will be uploading before and after pictures soon!

I am now 5 days post op and everything seems to be...

I am now 5 days post op and everything seems to be going fine. I am not using any ointments and to care for the incisions, all I do is clean them once a day and put on clean gauze pads (my dr recommended using ABD pads and I love them! They make my ladies feel safe lol). There is almost no pain, but my nipples have become super sensitive! They were sensitive before, but this is ridiculous. Also I have become afraid that when I get my stitches removed, my skin will split. This has happened to me in the past when I received stitches for a 4-wheeling accident. Just days after having the stitches removed all the wounds had opened. So now I am worried this will happen under my breast. There is no leakage coming out of the wounds and I think everything is healing normally. I still take antibiotics but no pain meds. I really like the new shape and feel like they look way bigger (and better!).

I'm now one week post op and doing pretty good! I...

I'm now one week post op and doing pretty good! I had a check up yesterday and she said everything was going good but I wasn't ready to have stitches removed so I will have it done next week. I'm kind of relieved the stitches are still there because I was worried about the incisions tearing. Anyways, I have way less stitches that need removed than I thought, its just a few small ones that I can't even see (I was afraid to look at the incision up close! I am easily grossed out lol). I do have a lot of bruising but I expected that. The nipples are still weird and really sensitive but I am expecting that will go away with time. I am still wearing the large surgical pads under sports bras 24/7. I seriously don't know what I would do without them... they pad everything and I can't imagine having this sort of sensitivity with nothing to protect me.

I have been trying to get back into a normal routine, back to my office job, chores, going out, etc. But I think I might have over done it because now I am in more pain than I was yesterday. I don't like using my arms and I am not comfortable putting my arms up very high. I feel like I am sore, which I wasn't feeling a few days ago. I was relatively pain free until I went back to work and went grocery shopping. Wearing a seat belt didn't help either. When I got home last night, I noticed a little bit of dried blood around my nipple... of course I freaked out and am now refusing to do anything that I can avoid and am back to being afraid to look at the incisions in case I find something bad. But the good news is I am now clear to take normal showers so no more sponge baths for me! And the boobs are looking really good... just like I wanted!
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