how can I get rid of loose wrinkly skin on my lower abdomen?

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I am a 33 year old mom with 3 kids. I work out and...

I am a 33 year old mom with 3 kids. I work out and watch what I eat. I am scheduled to get a breast Augmentation on August 24. I also wanted to get a mini tummy tuck. I would rather get both done at the same time to save on cost and healing time. I hate the way my stomach looks when I sit down. The lower part under my belly button hangs over my shorts when I sit down. I feel like I could never wear a two piece bathing suit because I would be too self conscious about my stomach. I had my plastic surgeon look at it and she was concerned that a mini tummy tuck may pull my belly button down and it would look too low. I requested that she look at my stomach again and reevaluate the situation because I am so unhappy with how my stomach looks. She was willing to meet up with me again, however my husband told me to cancel the appointment, so I did. I was so upset after I did! My husband tells me my stomach looks great and is completely unsupportive of me getting a mini tummy tuck. I was wondering what other people's opinions were and if anyone had any advise on to fix my problem without surgery. I should add that I also asked my doctor about liposuction and she said that the lack of elasticity in my skin due to my stretch marks would leave me with too much extra skin if the fat was removed. Any advise or opinions would be so appreciated!! Thank you.

Another photo.

Just wanted to add another photo of my stomach now just so whoever reads this can get a better idea. I'm not sure how great the other pic. I posted was. I am flexing my muscles a little bit in this one. It's that extra fat and skin where my stretch marks are that bother me. My husband says I should just do 100 leg lifts a day and start jogging, and that should do the trick. I'm not so sure about that.

Another photo

my photo wouldn't upload, so I'm trying again.

Radio Frequency

Hi everyone,
So I just got home from my doctors appointment. The doctor refuses to do a mini tummy tuck on me. When standing, I do not have any loose skin. It is only when I bend over. She told me that it is more of a skin quality issue, due to my stretch marks. I have hardly any fat above my belly button, and my skin is really tight above my belly button, so she would not be able to do a full tummy tuck. The skin above my pubic bone is also in good shape, and that is the skin she would have to remove in order to do a mini tt, which would still leave me with the wrinkly skin I do not like. Unfortunately, my problem area, which is just below my belly button, is in a place that makes me a bad candidate for a mini tummy tuck. Usually for a mini tt, the majority of the loose skin should be right above the pubic bone. Also, she tells me that my belly button may look too low, and I'd be left with a big scar. My doctor did suggest that I try something called radio frequency, which helps tighten the skin. I will definitely try that! I won't be until the Fall, though. I will keep you all updated. Thank you for all your responses. It is nice to know that I am not alone in my insecurities :). And I am really fortunate to have found a surgeon who will not perform surgery just for the sake of performing surgery! And I am really looking forward to my breast augmentation coming up in a few weeks!! My youngest is 4, and I've been wanting this for 2 years now, so finally!! Yay! Lol. I am going to try to post another stomach pic. I've been having trouble uploading one, but hopefully I can get it to work this time.


alright, I am feeling extremely self conscious about my stomach right now! I'm bummed that my doctor won't do a mini tt on me. However, I completely respect her opinion.

had a second opinion

I'm writing this review because I was planning on getting radiofrequency done, but my doctor never ordered the machine. She told me it was because she couldn't find one that was effective enough. She said that the one's she looked at only works on about 50% of those who use it. I think I may try to find a doctor that specialized in that, but I'm still skeptical. A couple weeks ago, I went to visit another doctor for a second opinion on getting a tummy tuck and he basically told me that I was not a good candidate for one either! It looks like I'm going to have to live with the way my stomach looks now. :/
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