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After yrs of hating my profile I finally got a...

After yrs of hating my profile I finally got a chin implant and submental lipo on 12/1/11, one wk ago today. I am referring to myself as "SpongeBob Square Face".

I have been very swollen, and even though it has gone down considerably, it still feels very swollen and uncomfortable. Wearing the chin strap is tolerable, but I appreciate the relief when taking it off for breaks.

My chin area and center lower lip is very numb. I call it my mohawk. Also sore with some shooting pains. It isn't pleasant, but expected. Vicodin relieves some of this and helps me sleep (with my head elevated). Can only eat soft foods. Worried about my smile...well, the pathetic smile that I can manage. The bottom lip completely rolls over my bottom teeth. It looks and feels very bizarre.

At this point I would feel a lot better if my face looked less squared off and masculine from the front. The side projection looks pretty good, but if I have to sacrifice my front face and smile for it then it will be def be coming out in the future.

Luckily I am not currently employed, b/c it does not feel like I am ready to be out in he public at all, not even close.

My surgeon's ideas were completely different from mine: I wanted sedation, he put me under general; I wanted silicone, he used medpore; I wanted it inserted through my chin, he placed it intra-orally. He also was against using computer imagery. In the end I just decided that I was going to trust in his credentials and expertise and hope for the best. I pray I made the right decision.

I am trying to be relaxed and patient, but at times the fears take over. It seems it will be quite a while to tell the final outcome. Will update as time progresses, and add photos.

After reading about Arnica on this site, I found...

After reading about Arnica on this site, I found it at my local grocery store. Just one day after taking it, I really felt a difference. One of my stitches came out and some soreness and numbness in my chin resolved. Also, the tightness in my neck and upper chest area loosened. Not sure if I can attribute this all to the Arnica, but it seemed to make enough of a difference that I would post about it. The pills I got are Arnica Montana and they dissolve under the tongue. Worth a try!

3 wks in... chin looking good but still not...

3 wks in... chin looking good but still not feeling good. Neck looking lumpy, feeling uncomfortable and tight.

Found Arnica cream on E-bay and massaging it in several times a day.

Still can't smile right, speak well, or bite with my front teeth.

Can't wait to feel normal again.

Well it has been just about 2 mths since my...

Well it has been just about 2 mths since my surgery and I have to tell you I love my profile. However...
My Dr. set me up for 5 ultrasound treatments for the lumpiness and stiffness in my neck, which is just a small wand with a frequency emitting being rubbed over the area for about 10 minutes each session. Did it help? Not sure, I guess so.
Since the implant was inserted intra orally I was feeling small bumps in my mouth along the incision line. Those bumps have since faded.
My speaking is much better but my smile, esp when laughing, still rolls over my bottom teeth. When I told my Dr. about this his reply was 'the muscles that control that weren't touched.' Ok, regardless, still covering my mouth when I laugh.
I will never know because I can't compare but I would think that a lot of my discomfort results from having the implant put in intra orally. The incision in my mouth has felt so tight. I really don't believe I would be having these problems with my smile if the implant was inserted under my chin.
Remember, I am only at month 2, and I am feeling better everyday, so we are moving in the right direction. I am optimistic.
Will update again...

While in my third month post op... I developed...

While in my third month post op... I developed three swollen bumps under the left side of my tongue. A few days later one of the lumps under my neck (left side) swelled up like crazy. I called my ps and he told me to go to my regular doctor. It was diagnosed as a 'sublingual ulceration' which I was told is likely caused by a virus, and the lump was a swollen gland. I was put on a 10 day course of penicillin as a preventative measure to keep my implant area from possibly becoming infected. Still a little lumpy, but now I am ok. Incision in mouth still feeling tight.

I truly cannot believe how fast time goes. I know...

I truly cannot believe how fast time goes. I know that I haven't updated with a photo, but to be honest that is because I have extra weight on, not because of the implant.
I would have thought by now that I would no longer feel anything in my surgery area, but it still doesn't feel quite normal. No pain or anything, just a sensation of knowing that something is there. And still a little tight in the smile.
I am still getting bumps on the underside of my tongue, and never having had them before, and now getting them so frequently, in my mind I can only attribute it to the implant. Only needed antibiotics once, thank goodness. Not sure what the bumps are all about, and hope one day they will no longer be a problem.
Point of implant was to improve my profile, and I would say: goal achieved. With that, I am happy. Of course there has been a trade off, but, at this point, the pro does outweigh the cons.
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