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Today is the day.! I am only hours away from going...

Today is the day.! I am only hours away from going to sign in and have the reduction. Insurance has yet to confirm payment, I have to sign a waiver being held reliable. Anyone else? What were the outcome ? I am not going to even try to play tough, I am scared. I have slept only 2 hours and in full panic mode.

4 days post surgery..

Hey!! I have had many mixed emotions about this surgery. Today I feel pretty good. I feel like I have a really tight sports bra on, very heavy and tight feeling. I can't wait for these drains to come out they hurt so bad. I can't get comfortable at all. :/.

Day #5

Recovery is hard. Getting comfortable is hard. I tried to stop taking me pain meds days ago. Big mistake! I felt really good this am after some much needed sleep. I went to a birthday party and over did it.crashed and was on the couch the rest of the night! Iam starting to itch a lot! My antibiotics are huge it's hard to remember to even take them three times a day.! But I have been successful. Today I felt like I really liked the new me! I hope that this feeling continues. Many people still have comments and rude things to say about how I could give up such gold! ???????? until they have to carry them around they will never know, or to have the pain I had to deal with daily. I'm kind of rambling on but I know months to come looking back ! I will want to remember this. I can't wait for a real bath! This pre wet wash cloth thing is getting pretty old. My drains still hurt so bad & I can't wait for them to be pulled

Drain free!!! 7 days post BR

Drains removed and I feel great ! So happy to have those awful things removed. Today was a wonderful day & it felt nice to not have them hanging off of me. It does make a huge difference!

Pics 7 days post drain removal.

What a great feeling! The drains were an experience & I hope to never deal with those again.

Last day of my Antibotics. Day # 9 post BR

Today was a pretty exhausting day! I was finally able to get a shower & by no means was it first on my list, today I was even more exhausted & slept majority of the day away! I finished my antibiotics and feel the swelling has calmed down a little. I still have mixed emotions about my new look. It's not the work it's just the change & changes is hard. Another issue, my throat is still bothersome from the ET tube. I feel like I am going to choke no matter what I eat. & feel like I have now reflux. I hope it goes away ! My drain sites did close, still very sore and all crusty with pain. Just another day closer to feeling better.

Day 14 post op. BR--- miserable

Today! I am beyond frustrated and miserable! I hurt so bad. It's been days.. Since I have taken any pain meds and today to so bad... Not sure if everything is settling or what!!! Anyone else....

Day #15 taking it easy.

Today will be my easy day! I feel awful again. I'm just exhausted from not sleeping well. My chest hurts, I hate this surgical bra & can't wait to be free from it. I feel like I am going to be smothered. Once min I feel like I have breast still & the other I feel so small.. Second guessing will I need implants. Anyone else? I have mixed emotions and hate it. & hate the pain meds that I had to start back yesterday.. Bc of the nerve pain .

Today marks 4 weeks! Post BR

Today marks week 4. I still have lots of what feels like pressure & chest pain. I still feel swollen. I'm wondering if my breast will eventually shape! I currently hate them. I feel like even without the surgical bra, I will have the same look. & I'm really sad.

Kinda.. 2nd guessing toooo late! BR

So here is my issue! I went ahead and had the breast reduction, I was a large 36D spilling out, I have been seeing a Chiropractor for over two years from a work related injury! I had the surgery done to do anything to help me eliminate the pain. I get awful neck and headaches that put me down for days! So prior to my surgery I didn't make it a priority to go or even bother going! Haven't had any of the pain issues at all. My chiropractor called on Friday & he made me an appointment for Monday & I went. Soon as he adjusted me my neck started to hurt really bad. From the time I left the pain stayed with me for over 4 days with taking meds. :( now I'm wondering if the chiropractor was causing me the pain. Makes me so sad.!!! Because I went from having breast my friends joked about & loved to now basically nothing.

Week #4 end..

Week #4 a little sore & just removed the surgical tape! I see my PS tomorrow! I hope to get the go on a real bra. I feel like I barely have anything left.. but the surgical bra is on my last nerve and it's Gross! lol. Still don't love the new look :/

Had my follow up.

Week ending #5 seen my awesome surgeon & they removed all my sutures & surgical tape. He also let me see what type of bra is best post surgical bra. Surgeon said it was still too soon to see my chiropractor and told me to take it easy. Still having right side pain from my drain area and I'm to ice it. Plus being right handed doesn't help.

7 weeks ago..

On week 7 here. Still wearing my surgical bra because it's comfortable compared to the few options, I was given. My incisions still hurt and the drain tube hole bruises are still visible. I hope they go away, my right side still needs to be iced d/ t some swelling still my PS is aware and advised me to use ice. He said most sleep in the surgical bra still so wearing it 24/7 still isn't a huge issue. I have day where I wake up bc it's driving me nuts! I take it off for short breaks only. I feel like my breast are starting to form more and have more volume. Still not sure about the size & he said I have 1/2 or a hole cup still to come potentially after my swelling. The recovery for this has been a lot longer than I originally thought about. I think that was the least of what I took into consideration.

Why so red.? under the breast why does it look as if it separated will this heel this way? Should I do anything..bad stitch job?

Has anyone with a BR ended up getting getting implants ?

Just curious..

Still can't find a good post surgical bra. Recommendations for what you ladies like??

Help! Everything rubs my incisions :) feeling better & ready to not wear this surgical bra..

3 month follow up.

Feeling pretty good! Still. It in love with the size because it's such a Change for me. Lots of muscle pain and incision sensitivity.. d/t work otherwise feeling great! It had relieved almost all of my neck and shoulder pain. It was well worth it. Just still such a change from my prior size. The good news is today is 3 months and I'm able to get fitted for a bra. 90% swelling gone!.!.!! Good day!!!

Updated pics

Updated pics

Dr. Maccormack

Would not have trusted any other Doctor in this area to do this procedure. He has great bedside manners, his hands in training, education and experiences places him way above the rest. This is best dr around! & you won't find him advertising on FB or texting offers like other local PS.

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