Can't Wait for Valentine's Day - Canton, OH

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Well, I'm a 27 year old wife and mother of...

Well, I'm a 27 year old wife and mother of five kids (of course that's not all I am). I had all my kids in a smidgen over 6 years with no multiples. I knew I wanted a tummy tuck as soon as I had my first. I also knew that it was completely unattainable and I would probably spend the rest of my life hating the way I looked. I got lucky in that my stomach never worsened with each pregnancy, except for my muscles being separated, but as far as looks, it's still the same.

My first pregnancy destroyed my skin. I didn't get a single stretch mark until the 8th month and then they all of a sudden they exploded all over my belly. The loose skin, though, is what I hate most and genetically inevitable for me (there isn't a girl in my family that came out unscathed). I also got lucky when (back in July '11) a friend of my aunt was going to be getting a TT. She had found out about this retired PS who was teaching another Dr all he knew since he wanted to extend his field into plastic surgery. It's like those dental clinics that have students 'learning by doing' while their teacher is right there with them. The difference here is that the Dr performing the surgery is already a doctor, just wants to do plastic surgery.

At first I thought she was crazy for not going with a seasoned PS, but then I saw her results. Dang, she looked good. Her scar even looked good. At this point (Oct), getting a TT was still a dream, but after finding out the cost, I about crapped my pants with excitement. Because it's a teaching school, we only have to pay hourly for the operating room and anesthesia. I met Dr G on Jan 11th and we went over everything. Surgery will be 3 hours, no lipo, definite muscle repair. I'm scheduled for Valentine's Day with pre-op being Feb 8th. I am so beyond excited and not nervous about Dr G.

The presiding PS, Dr L, met with me also and said Dr G knows what he's doing and is just about ready to be on his own. I think knowing the skill and experience of Dr L makes me feel better. Plus, he said mine is "pretty straight forward and easy" which also calms me a bit. I have to say the only thing I'm worried about is where the scar will be. I tend to wear my pants pretty low (just because it's comfy to me) and I don't care to see it all the time. Based on all the stories I've read, the scar is worth it, and I totally know I'll agree to that, I'm just nervous because I can't see it yet. I can't picture what I'll look like. I don't even remember what I looked like and it was just 7 years ago. I know my measurements haven't changed since I had my firstborn (I'm 5'5" 125, 35-25-37), but I can't sit, stand, walk, run, lay down, bend over without being reminded of my nasty belly.

I can't wait to be flirty with my husband again. I can't wait to move without feeling my stomach jiggling along. Anyway, thanks for reading and I'll post my before pictures soon. (I hate excitement. It makes the days last forever! Not much longer 'til my pre-op, though, and then surgery day is right around the corner. Yay!)

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