28, 2 Kids, 38G & Hoping for C. Canton, OH

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I've always been a big chested girl. In high...

I've always been a big chested girl. In high school I wore 2 bras in gym class and to play on the tennis team. I'm currently 5' 7" & 175 pounds and wear a 38G and still pop out a bit. I have 2 kids and have had a tubal, so no concerns about breastfeeding for me. I work as a nurse and the pain when I get off a 12 hour shift is just awful! I had my initial consultation in November and had scheduled surgery in January. Unfortunately, the office required my deductible and payment for liposuction prior to surgery and it wasn't feasible at the time. The doctor said liposuction was not required but I would be happier with the looks. It cost $1800, and I decided to do it. I had pre testing done a week prior due to my hypothyroidism. An EKG & some blood work was done. Everything checked out and my surgery was 730am 3/1/16. I am currently in the hospital for an overnight observation. I've got drains in but they will come out at discharge. So far the pain has been more than I was anticipating. Everything I read said the areas of liposuction were the worst... They were right! Under my breasts burns a little, especially where I'm guessing the tubes are at. However, I can already tell my upper back is less sore and I don't feel like I have a sack of watermelons hanging off the front of me! haha. More updates and pics when I can.

1 day post op

Sides hurt the worst from liposuction, otherwise ok.

Day 2 post op

feeling a little better today, still hurts to reposition though. Got some pictures of the bruising from where he performed the lipo. I can already tell my upper back doesn't burn. Already feeling some relief. So far so good

Some post op day 2 pics

Having trouble getting the pics to load from my phone... Let's try again

Post op day 4/5 & a couple questions

So far every day has been an improvement. My sides are still the biggest area of pain for me. The pain is worse during position changes. I read that is typical with areas of liposuction. Under my breasts and the nipple areas have begun to itch. Anybody out there have advice on how to handle the itchiness? I'm also still numb around the brastrap area and the sides of my breast. Any ideas on when I can expect this to resolve? I will post some updated pictures later.

1 week post op. Showers, constipation, & TMI oh my!

Today I was officially allowed to shower, no soap on the breasts. Prior I had been sponge bathing and had my husband awkwardly attempt to wash my hair a couple times in the bath tub. I definitely feel much cleaner! As for pain, I am still having the pain in my sides, right along where the bra strap goes. There are 2 big balls of tissue that burn when they are touched or I reposition. I've been taking my prescribed (1) Percocet about every 4 hours that is still helping. The office said it's normal and to rest, ice, & keep taking pain medication. Next, let's talk constipation. I will preface by saying I am a registered nurse who regularly works with post operative patients & I know better: I did not take a stool softener until around day 4. Narcotic pain meds & surgery will lead to constipation, so please remember to take a stool softener! Long story short, after many doses of stool softener, 3 glasses of Miralax (laxative) & a week without a BM, I had to resort to a suppository... Thankfully success! But just a friendly reminder to all of you to not be As uncomfortable as me, it's not necessary. Otherwise, I think everything looks to be healing well. I have some spots of numbness and zings of pain that I was told are to be expected. I am just really looking forward to feeling more like myself again soon.

Post op 1 week. Pictures

I was starting to feel better then...

Itch! I had had itching before but not like this. It kept me up last night and has kept me uncomfortable all day. I've tried benedryl & Pepcid together. Ice/cold & nothing has helped much. I'm wondering if I am having a sensitivity to the steri strips? Of course it's Friday and won't be able to call the office until Monday.
Dr. Johnson Thottam

Dr. Thottom was referred to me by my family doctor. I also am familiar with his work because I work as a nurse on a post op surgical unit where his patients go. My aunt had a reduction with him about 25 years ago when she was my age and she is still happy with the results. He listened to my concerns, explained the procedure and risks clearly and gave me plenty of time to ask any questions. He even addressed my husband to see if he had any questions. The expectations were made clear. When I returned to the office to sign paperwork and my payment , I was discussing that I was having some concerns regarding my final size. I had originally wanted closer to a D, but I was worried it wouldn't be enough but if j lost weight starting at a C would make me too small/saggy etc... The nurse went to find him and he came in with my chart, sat down and asked me about my concerns, looked at my pre op pictures and assured me that going to a C would be fine if that's what I wanted and that he wasn't concerned about the weight loss due to my body proportions. It was relieving to just sit and talk with him again and I appreciated it. He is a quiet guy and very unassuming but very through and direct about everything. Just as an FYI, One thing is he is known to not come in prior to discharge and see you again. Assuming everything is ok I won't see him until my 2 week follow up. I already knew this but he did also tell me pre op that he wouldn't be in. This wasn't a concern with me, but I could understand why it would be for some.

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