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I have wanted a labiaplasty as long as I knew what...

I have wanted a labiaplasty as long as I knew what one was. When I moved from Saskatchewan to Alberta for school I thought now was as good a time as ever to get one. Alberta had more options for doctors than Sask. But even here in Alberta I only found 2 doctors that out right advertised the procedure. I chose the doctor to do my surgery based on price. I know thats not how it should have gone but unfortunately I did not have the $6000 to get it done by a Doctor in Calgary. I am a student who paid for this herself $6000 was not manageable. So I opted for a doctor who was just outside Calgary by an hour and a half or so and the procedure was $3000.

I arrived and everyone was very nice. The nurse assisting him took me into the room where they would be preforming the procedure and gave me two adivan for my nerves. This was optional and I opted for 2 pills instead of 1 because I have taken adivan before and find it has a very mild effect on me. After that she gave me a gown to put on but I could keep my top and bra on so I did. She then handed me a dixie cup of what I presume to be a lidocaine cream of some sort. She gave me a glove and said to rub this in all over "down there". We did that once waited 10 min and did it again. And waited a little longer again and we actually did it again. Needless to say I couldn't feel a thing.

The Doctor joined us and proceeded to use needles for extra/internal freezing. I read before my procedure that a lot of woman find this part painful but because we used so much numbing cream I didn't feel a thing! What a relief. After that they got right to it. The nurse doctor and I kept a conversation going the entire time everyone was very relaxed. Procedure took probably 45 min. We opted for the trim procedure. I really didn't want to keep the dark pigmented skin that you see on the end of the labia's and we also did a minor clitoral hood reduction as well so he recommended the trim being the best way to go about getting the results I want.

The drive home (hour and half drive) was all good and fine until the freezing wore off and my friend took a wrong turn on the drive home and we ended up taking a bumpy backroad back to Calgary that probably took us close to 2 hours. Needless to say by that point I was in pain. We picked up my prescription and I took 2 pills right away. The T3's are very effective in controlling the pain. I went to sleep pretty much as soon as I settled in at home.

Here is where this started to go a little sidewise.... I woke up around 3 AM and there was blood on my sheets. I had bled through the pad and my underwear I was a little surprised. I go to the bathroom to get myself cleaned up and my clitoral hood area is consistently dripping blood. Being that I am a nursing student I am use to blood and was not all that alarmed so I got a new pad and underwear and went back to bed. 20 min later I felt wet, sure enough I had bled through another pad. So I did this song and dance a couple more times thinking that I had torn a stitch and the wound would soon clot if I held pressure. I went and sat on my couch with my hips elevated and pressure on the wound. I thought I had stopped the bleeding so I stood up to return to bed and blood spilled down my legs. I decided to call the doctor at this point. He said I really shouldn't be bleeding at all and I said I definitely was so he asked me to come back to his clinic. A little out of the way but I would not have been comfortable going anywhere else. So I packed the wound the best I could with toilet paper and baby wipes. I had a pad on, underwear, shorts and pants. By the time I got to the clinic (hour and half drive) I had bled through everything. The doctor was waiting for me at the clinic with his wife who is also a doctor. They were both surprised at the amount of blood. I took off my pants and underwear and it was running down my legs onto the floor making quite a mess. When we got to be bottom of the bleed it was an open artery on the clitoral hood (don't quote me on my anatomy here this goes a little beyond nursing school) But you could see the blood pulsing out. So we had to put more sutures in and unfortunately that meant using the needles for freezing this time without the numbing cream. I will be honest I cried my eyes out it definitely was painful. The bleeding stopped when the freezing was administered but we knew when the freezing wore off I would have the same problem. But so he had to rub the area to find where the bleed was and this again brought me to tears. His wife was very good rubbing my arm and letting me squeeze her hand. Because I had gotten a clitoral hood reduction the previous day rubbing or even bumping that area was extremely painful. I know he was really not trying to hurt me by any means its just what had to be done. But finally we got that fixed up we waited around for a little bit to see if I would bleed more but luckily I didn't. He said It was good I came in that bleed would not have stopped on its own.

I should mention it was very nice of him to come in and open his clinic for me on GOOD FRIDAY instead of sending me to a hospital in Calgary.

So now that I am home the pain in manageable, it's really starting to swell considering today is technically day 2. But over all I spend a lot of time laying down, sleeping and just recovering so I'm not in a lot of pain.

I am excited for an actuals nights rest.

My results its obviously way too early to tell what its going to look like so only time will tell, in my opinion it can't look any worse than it did before!

I wish I had taken a before picture but I didn't so sorry about that.

I would say moral of the story if you think something is wrong don't wait! Call the doctor thats what they are there for!

Day 5 recover for a trim method + clitoral hood

I see a lot of updates on this site for people that have received wedge procedures and my recover looks a fair amount different because of the method we used which was the trim. Things are still looking a little scary but bruising and swelling has gone down in a lot of areas. The clitoral hood area is still by far the most painful area as well as still very swollen. If you read my earlier post you will know I had to go back and get extra sutures put into this area due to excessive bleeding. I will continue to update if people find it helpful! Not a lot of Canadian reviews on here either so hopefully this is helping someone!

It's been a week.

So it's been a week since my procedure and I think I am just being impatient and wanting things to start to look normal but why do I feel like things looked better two days ago as opposed to now? There is some new bruising and swelling which I highlight in some of the pictures. I think this is due to me returning back to school and moving around more than I have been. Another concern I am having is there are two "bumps" is what I am calling them due to a lack of better words. They do not appear to attach to my labia's but also not part of the hood but they sit right underneath it I have them circles in one of the pics. These two "bumps" will be the death of me. They are sensitive to everything and anything. Clothing especially. I have to use folded tissue paper as padding almost to make it bearable to wear pants. I am a little frustrated my doctor is hard to get a hold of due to him being busy. He has me booked in for an 8 week follow up appointment that just seems so far away and I have a lot of questions right now about how things are healing and it would be nice to get a little more reassurance from him. Anyways that's all I really have to report, still waiting for things to start resembling a vagina again...

2 Weeks

So its been 2 weeks since I had the procedure. I don't take any tylenol or anything anymore for the pain. It feels pretty good for the most part but kind of itchy I think thats just the phase I am in right now with the stitches dissolving and whatever else. The swelling is slowly going down but I don't feel like much has changed since last week as far as welling. But the wounds them selves are looking a lot better and more new skin seems to be there everyday. Things are still very tender to touch which is to be expected it think. My hood area is still a concern it looks awkward. My doctor said the skin is thicker there so it will take more time for the swelling to go down so right now I am just waiting it out.

I went back to the gym this week as well as spin class! Which sounds crazy sitting on a bike seat but it really wasn't bad at all. Just had to be cautious but I really cant afford to take more time off from the gym. I have a Mexico trip booked for 3 weeks from now so wasting away is not an option.

Sorry for the hair In the pics. I am a regular waxer and usually would have gotten one by now but I am waiting for things to heal more. Shaving doesn't really agree with my skin all the much so I try to avoid it.

Three weeks and a couple days

So it's been just over 3 weeks. As of right now I am pretty happy with how things are going. I can wear all my normal clothes again (jeans, leggings, whatever) I am back at the gym and pretty much back to my normal life over all. I know I am not even close to 100% healed yet but its just nice to be back to daily life. Things do feel itchy from time to time. I don't use vaseline any more because it just seemed like things were too sticky and I didn't enjoy that feeling. I might get some coconut butter and start using a little of that just at night. Also the top still looks kinda weird to me but at the same time I'm just tired of stressing and nitpicking! It's not the hollywood vagina I envisioned but like I said I am no where close to being completely healed I think things will still be changing.

On a separate note I haven't heard from my Doctor since probably a week after the procedure. I wish I would have gotten a 2 or 3 week check up so that I could have a little more reassurance on the healing process. But I guess he's a busy guy no time check ups... I do have an appointment with him at around the 8 week mark. They scheduled me in and said that this is usually when he does revisions and I was like whoa hold up.. I am finally getting my normal life back and in a couple weeks you want to put me back into bed rest?! Umm no thanks. I have done a lot of reading and I think going back for revisions too early isn't the best idea. Also at this point I cant afford to be laying around and sore again for who knows how long. Its approaching summer and I want to be able to wear bathing suits and have fun! So I said I would like to keep the 8 week appointment as a check up and then in the fall look at getting revisions if necessary.

Anyways thats how things are going for me! I apologize again for the hair in the pics trust me I hate it but my skin hates shaving so much it would just cause more issues if I were to shave! I will be getting a wax soon. I go to a great place that really takes their time and a girl that I'v been going to for a long time. I trust her enough to be careful.

OH also...

ALSO. So as I mentioned I don't feel like my vagina looks like a hollywood vagina. Which whatever. But I just want to mention my doctor did tell me my Labia majora's are literally nonexistent. He said that might have something to do with me being rather small (5'2, 110lbs) so when I said I didn't want anything showing past my majora's he said it might not be possible and we could possibly run into an amputation situation and didn't want to risk my functional female anatomy. So I did know going in that my expectations might not be met completely. As of right now when I stand up only a little bit of the hood area protrudes past the majora's which is a large improvement from before! My doctor took before pics of me so I will try and get ahold of those and put them up sometime!

5 week mark... I think?

I think today would mark 5 weeks since I got my surgery! Not much is different since I last posted. I definitely think things are still healing but my life is pretty much back to normal. I go to the gym including a spin class.

Trying to think what I can say that wont just be repeating myself... I have to say things feel pretty good except the top right. In previous posts I refer to these "bumps". Still not really sure what they are like are they part of my labia or clit area or what? Why is it this confusing? Anyways. The bump on the left seems to have decreased in swelling and kind of hinds under whats left of my labia on that side and all is great. But on the right side I am not sure if it's because things are uneven or just a little too much was taken off from that side but this "bump" seems to be persistent and kind of just remains the same. It wouldn't really bother me except this bump is pretty sensitive to touch and if my clothing rubs on it it's down right uncomfortable. But wearing underwear kind of protects it enough most times and all is good. But it is something I will be discussing with my doctor in a couple weeks when I finally see him again...

As for the appearance I mean I still don't think its the "porn star" vagina I was envisioning but honestly I am a lot happier with it than I was with what I had going on before! I will get those before pictures from my doctor in a couple weeks and then you all can see! Ha

Also finally got a wax! It was great, the girl I go to sees a lot of Vagina's so no she didn't specifically remember what I looked like before she just said she never would have known I had gotten something done. She might have just been saying that because to me there is still a lot of scaring and healing left to happen but kind words non the less. And was pain free so thats a plus.

Off to Mexico tomorrow! Will update when I get back!

7 Months Later- Opinions welcome!!!

Hi team,

It has been a long time since I posted an update. I had my labiaplasy in March and it is now October so it's been awhile. The last time I posted was around the 5 or 6 week post op.

I'm not sure if this info helps anyone but I know some people are interested in knowing how long to wait before having sex after the procedure. I will say I had sex at 8 weeks for the first time and all was good! No pain and no swelling afterwards so that was a success.

My procedure has been on my mind a lot lately because I have revisions booked for the 22nd of October which is right around the corner! My doctor and I made this appointment back in May around 8 weeks. He was willing to do revisions then but myself I wanted to continue to heal more and I had some summer vacation plans I was looking forward to and did not want to be uncomfortable on these trips. But now that October has come I am not sure I want any more work done. Do I think I got the "Hollywood Vagina" I was imagining? no. But I am at a place in my life right now where I don't think having more work done is something I want. I am busy will school and its hard/ impossible to get time off. And the healing process really was extensive. But then a part of me thinks I should get my money's worth and go back and get what I envisioned. I am torn and really only have a week to make up my mind!

Has an else had any experience with going back for touch ups or wishing they would or wouldn't have? Just wondering!

Below are some pictures of everything healed up. I feel like I would have liked things to be a little shorter but my doctor was very hesitant about taking off too much length. I see some of the pictures on here and the Labias look very short and I do really like that look. But maybe it's time I just started excepting me for me.
Dr. Balharry

Think I've said enough!

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