43 Years Old, 5'9, 190lbs, F and DD Cup (I Think) - Canmore, AB

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Where do I start. My breasts have always been...

Where do I start. My breasts have always been assymetric, however they became even more uneven and larger since breast feeding, gaining weight and getting older. I've always hated my breasts, even when I was younger, much thinner and more attractive. I can' t tell you how much I want to get this done. I've been trying to get in better shape and lose some weight in preparation for the surgery, however I've only lost 20lbs. I have alot of ongoing issues with my thyroid and even though I do crossfit 4 times a week since June 2013, I am not having the success I originally anticipated. Regardless, I think the surgery will help me to continue to succeed with my journey. I am somewhat concerned with my belly and also how my breasts will look when I lose additional weight, however they can't get aby worse than they already are. So excited!

love, love, love!

Day 2! I am over the moon with my results. The shape and symmetry alone made the procefure worth it. I'll post sime pictures for now and provide an update shortly.

11 Days Post Op

First, let me start from the beginning... the day of my surgery. I arrived at Banff Springs Hospital at 5:00am and was admitted, brought to my room, had IV inserted and marked by Dr. Sinclair. Not nervous at all, however this is typically me.

Out of surgery, I was held in recovery for 3 hours. I was told that i bit down on the tube during surgery and this somehow affected my 02 levels. As a result i was required to use nose prongs the entire day and night and used a spirometer to help increase my 02 levels. I had a sore throat and some difficulty with deep breaths, however, other than that, everything went very well.

I had less tissue removed than i thought, approximately 370cc (right) and 150 (left), equal to 1lb., however my major concern was asymmetry. I did have neck and back problems, however i sometimes wonder if the asymmetry was a major cause of this, because all of my pain and discomfort was on the opposite side of my larger breast. I guess ill find out sooner than later, once my breasts have healed and i have resumed a normal daily routine.

Anyways, the pain has really been minimal, more uncomfortable, if anything. Some of the sensations I have been experiencing include a numb/tingling/itchy feeling, especially on the sides where liposuction was completed. It was also swollen and spongy (for lack of a better word).

Sleeping has been interesting... For the first few nights i did sleep on my back and really didn't have much difficulty adjusting, however I am now sleeping on my side again. I try to place a pillow under my breast and something in between my breasts to prevent pulling of the skin.

Before the breast reduction, i went to my NP for advice on scars, bruising, etc. She suggested taking, Traumeel, Bromelain, Zinc and Vitamin A. However, keep in mind, that what works for me or was suggested for me may not necessarily be best for you. Additionally she suggested using Rosehip Oil and Castor Oil once the scars are completely closed.

I am now 11 days post op. The surgical tape is still on, so I am unable to get a really good look at the scars. I do have some concerns which i will bring forth to my PS on Monday. I currently feel a lump above and on the sutures of my right aereola. Also, i did have some slight skin peeling from right aereola and parts of the scars around my areola are raised and bumpy. All in all, the experience has been a very positive and one I would highly recommend. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Scars and all... it's worth it.


No Worries

Called the clinic this morning to get a sick note. Plan on going back to work on Monday. I also asked about the hard tissue. Based on my symptoms, it sounds like scar tissue. Was advised to keep an eye out for any red streaking or hot areas on my breast, otherwise it sounds fine.

On a different issue... My face is totally breaking out. Not only is it breaking out, but now I'm also getting cold sores! AWFUL! This is not the norm for me. Anyone else having these issues?

Other than that, just healing and resting.
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