3 month post op photos - Mexico

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Here I am in all my glory. I cannot believe I am...

Here I am in all my glory. I cannot believe I am posting these pictures. Where did this belly come from? I just turned 60 and my hubby said go for it. I whine everyday and look in the mirror at my belly and back fat plus my inner thighs. I am concerned that my inner thighs might have some hanging skin after. But I had a face lift last year and I healed very well with excellent results.
Never having children I dont have hanging skin so was advised by the clinic that Lipo would work well.

Scheduled for surgery January 15 in Cancun Mexico.Will post more photos and my journey. Very exciting but makes me very nervous.
The pink bathing suit is my goal. To wear it again with pride.

This is the first day 4 that I feel well enough to...

This is the first day 4 that I feel well enough to post. It has been a tough 3 days. OK my age probably has something to do with it.
Surgery was a breeze but I woke up shaking so bad from the anesthesia. They gave me the best meds. I slept overnight with sweet hubby on the couch. He is my everything. The hospital was wonderful and the nurses checked every hour all night with vitals and meds and the doctor saw me at 10PM.
The doctor marked my whole back right to my neck , whole abs and the inner thighs. Yikes.
Hubby took the markings photos also and so did the doctor. It was the first time I met him but he is a surgeon who works in the most expensive hospital in Cancun and is a very religious perfectionist with international clients. I lucked
out as my original surgeon was MIA for many reasons

Going home was tough. I had my inner thighs, whole back, full abs done So sitting up no way plus the Dr said no sitting as it will cause wrinkles. Maybe 15 minutes for 1 week. Walking and standing
Somehow I made it to the hotel and just laid. Not a lot of pain when laying. Standing up I needed a lot of help. The hotel knew I surgery so I disappeared real quick. .
Now we made it to Playa del Carmen for a hotel for 3 days. As my hubby was buying a SUV. So I laid and watched TV in a cool room. But I have a hard time with meds and they were making me so sick. I didn't know what to do. Then finally the next day I called my facilitator and they changed everything. So today I feel fine. What an ordeal!
I have many bruises all different colors and lots of swelling on my legs. I wrapped the right one cause it was so swollen. The Dr wants me wear the heavy duty snap compression garment for 1 week. He stitched closed all the opening and said because it leaves little scarring. But removed 4000CC..lots of fat
They use this great cotton bandage that wraps aall around so the snaps don't hurt at all and keeps everything smooth. Its wonderful.
I wait one week then go back for removal of stitches and then he said I don't have to wear anything else. But I have a stage 2 garment that I will wear as I know it just good.
Yes very stiff and sore but oh well I knew it would happen. Yesterday I wanted to die and thought why oh why did I do this and so emotional. Today so glad I did it...oh my..

Wow a tough few days. Day 6 I actually walked...

Wow a tough few days. Day 6 I actually walked around Chedraui in Tulum for about 30 minutes. Slow but walked. My legs are very swollen about twice the size. Feels like blocks. But sitting no pain or walking. Just stiffness and swelling. I can see the new shape and flatter stomach. Yeah

Oh week one at the doctor. Now we are in beautiful...

Oh week one at the doctor. Now we are in beautiful Cancun mexico. Paradise. The doctor is so professional. Gorgeous office in the Galenia Hospital, one of the finest. He takes his time, has a nurse and gorgeous office. He has to remove my stitches and brings out a big needle/syringe and says we have to take out some liquid on your right side. OK. The first one is a prick. Out come 20CC, The one a deeper prick. Put come 20 CC. Thats a lot. The third one I screamed...frig oh frig. But it was a small seroma and glad he did it.
Things will be sore, bruised, painful for 1 month. Need to wear my garment 24/7. He did my whole back and there was a weird lump of fat on my neck bone that removed. So my shoulders were bruised too.
We changed all my meds. As I get sick from lots then I quit taking them and in pain. My right foot and leg really swell up.
So off I go for my ultrasound massage. He recommended 10 but U can only fit in 2. Young sweet girl looked at my swollen, bruised, Va jay jay something from swollen outer space and did her job. Round small massage with ultra sound. Nothing hurt. She did my Va jay jay too...omg...left feeling so tired and spaced and sore. But when she was doing it ...nothing
Today actually feel a bit better and I want to walk...

Finally got home from wonderful Cancun and can...

Finally got home from wonderful Cancun and can post my 2 week update. The plane ride was not fun as my right leg and foot swells. I dont have a lot of swelling any where else. Lots of ripples and wrinkles but within time that will smooth out. I intend to wear my CG 24/7 for 1 month or more. I do take tylenol still as it just takes the edge off.
There is incredible results. I tried a few old clothes on like tight gym yoga jackets and wow no bulges at all.
According to the doctor...20 percent results first month, 50 percent the second month then 80 percent the third month. It can take up to a year to see the final results.
Since I had such a hard hard first week, this seems so much better. I am very stiff walking but it loosens up. I use a special cream from the spa I went to in Cancun and still taking arnica tablets for bruising and swelling.
Really look forward to the next few months and do self massage with Emu Oil which heals at the cellular level...
Thank god I made it. I was wondering what did I do to my body!!

Wow things are changing already. Less soreness and...

Wow things are changing already. Less soreness and almost all my bruises are gone. Still very stiff on the inner thighs. My right leg less swelling. But I have to wear my garment or else I start to hurt. But the biggest news. I tried on a summer top tha It couldn't get over my belly and my back fat looked gross. IT WAS LOOSE...OMG it looks great. Wow what changes
Went back to Weight Watchers today for their new program 360.I am a lifer but of course fell off the wagon.
I think at my age and the pain I went through my first week that this is the last kick at the can. Keep the fat off and enjoy the wonderful results

Things change very day. Some days my sides are...

Things change very day. Some days my sides are sore and today my back is sore. I only take XS Tylenol and some arnica tablets. Have been using the special gel for after lipo.
But took my measurements my stomach over the BB was 35inches before. Today 32.5...wow...amazing. Still swollen and not even 3 weeks post op.

3 weeks post op. Loving the results. Day by day...

3 weeks post op. Loving the results. Day by day feel a bit better. Soreness is leaving a little and can do more bending. Before I couldnt pick anything off the floor. Lipo is a lot more than just sucking a bit of fat our. Updated photos.

Wow what the heck. Today I got on the scale and...

wow what the heck. Today I got on the scale and have lost 10lbs. I was 158.5 when I went in and today 148.5 yahoo!!! Never expected that. But he did remove 4000CC...still sore more some days than. Only 3 weeksso patience but
not much swelling at all. The first 2 weeks my right leg and ankle swelled lots but gone now. I can see my knee again.

On Friday it will be 1 month. It has been much...

On Friday it will be 1 month. It has been much harder than what I thought. I daily see small changes in pain and stiffness. But yesterday I drove with the big truck to the city (45 min) and walked around shopping and back. My back hurt a lot. Used the recliner with heat on and took advil. I sleep really good and can now sleep on my sides. No way before. My inner thighs still very tender and I get electric shocks all over. Tender all over.
On thursday getting my first LDL massage lymphatic. I have had them before and it is so gentle but really moves fluid and swelling. Its not on the muscle so it wont hurt the sides and back. I get kind of guilty going as they see really sick
people and here I am self indulged. What's that all about in my mind? Yes we do this to ourselves but its something that bugged me daily. Now I put a topon that was so tight and not its loose..That a good thing and a huge wakeup call for me to be healthy and not eat all that high fat chinese LOL that about?

Had my first LDL massage. Very nice. Soft and...

Had my first LDL massage. Very nice. Soft and gentle. Will help the lymphatic get rid of the toxins. Have had a hard week. Things still ache. I am thinking I should just get on the elliptcal machine and give her. I am not a patient person and this lying around , going for small walks is driving me crazy. I want the garment gone. But when I put on my first stage garment I can sleep like a baby. So I know I still need it. Ugh

Before and after shots..wow huge changes in 1...

Before and after shots..wow huge changes in 1 month. I better quit whining.

Every day is a new experience. Now it seems like...

Every day is a new experience. Now it seems like all my nerves are stinging at the same time. I want to rip my garment off cause its like ants all over. Then I take a warm bath with oatmeal then rub Emu oil all over and it feels good but kind of hurts. Emu Oil heals at a cellular level and is amazing stuff. I know the animal thing but I know how good it is and it absorbs. Plus going in the truck and hitting bumps bugs me

So today is 6 weeks. Yes I am still very sore,...

So today is 6 weeks. Yes I am still very sore, swollen but the lumpy bumpy seems to be going a bit. I wear a garment , have 4 of them, all the time. I just switch depending on how hot or uncomfortable I am. Last night I was so itchy I was scratching everywhere on top of the garment. I have to use a pillow in the truck or my back hurts from the motion. It has not been an easy journey but I know in 6 months I will look back and think wow. I guess for my age my skin has stuck back pretty good but once I quite aching I will workout again. Its just too early as I dont want swell hell..

Today in Playa Del Carmen I went for a massage...

Today in Playa Del Carmen I went for a massage recommended by my surgeon. We have come back for a week visit. What an amazing 2 hour massage. She did Lazer. Then she did kind of a bio feedback then she did full ultrasound. She has a mother, plastic surgeon doctor and a father doctor. She loves machines and did not want to be a doctor. She sold her car to get her first machine. Then her mother loaned her the money for 2nd machine then her doctor father bought her the expensive ultrasound machine. Lovely 32 year old in her house . Calm music and healing hands. She said she knows what the body needs and my skin will tighten up a lot more. She also manages a huge staff at a hotel expensive spa. She really knows her stuff. Going for another one on thursday. Will take photos when we get back to see the difference. Excited.
Very itchy and sore the last week...ugh again....

So today is 2 months post op. Sometimes we look in...

So today is 2 months post op. Sometimes we look in the mirror and think oh its not so great. But when you take photos and post them next to each other you see the progress. I am amazed. The lumpy bumpy is starting to leave.
Areas that are still sore...under my arms to my waist, back bra area, inner thighs and my sides. Each week it gets a little less but sure has been a lot of healing. My skin is still sensitive but last I slept without my garment and just my inner thighs kind of burned. Oh well I am 60 and I knew it would take longer. But my god...my belly is gone. I can wear a tight sweater and feel good..It is a miracle and what a great surgeon. I can hardly wait for the 6 month period as now I can start working out a bit. I have just been too sore and I did not want swell hell...it worked.

First workout in 2 months. Did a 1.5 hour weights...

first workout in 2 months. Did a 1.5 hour weights and aerobics. Did it no problem. Thought it would kill me. Now real itchy again..It seem when I get hot then itchy. I will see how sore I am tomorrow. But I have been taking L-glut amine daily for lactic acid with the fat leaving. So will see. Still the Vajayjay is so sore and a hard rock on the bone. Hope it leaves one day...geez

Today I took some measurement. 2.5 months . I was...

Today I took some measurement. 2.5 months . I was surprised. After lipo with all the swelling nothing. Now lost 8lbs. Waist before 35 inches now 32 inches.
Bra area as I had a lot of back fat. Before 39inches now 37 inches. This area is still numb and itchy and still swollen so I should lose more. Hips before 39inches now 37. Plus inner thighs 22 inches before now 19 inches. All areas still itchy and tender and swells later in the day. So patience and things will quit being sore one day...but great results now.
I do have some darker marks around my belly button and kind of waves so I hope that goes away at some point. I know it the marks from the cannula.

Well 3months post op. I just saw my doctor in...

well 3months post op. I just saw my doctor in cancun as it looked like I had a swelling on my right abs. He was very concerned which is great. He doesnt work on Sat but saw me at the clinic. He was so relieved to say the surgery went well. No growth, no cancer, no complications at all. Bad news is!
My ab mucles are loose. So with only 1cm of fat left I see them more.Ugh
To fix is a TT and I will not have it. So loose muscles with no fat. He said I look great wow. But I am not flat. Will take photos when I get home.
He said at my age 60 recovery is much longer 3-4 months
before results. Can take 8months for my vajayjay to not be hard anymore...

Yeah a lot of my itching has gone. Still some numb...

yeah a lot of my itching has gone. Still some numb areas but the most amazing parts is under my arms and sides and back. My inner thighs has loose skin now but it kind of folds between my legs so you dont see it...ha ha ha. It seems I only have 1cm of fat left according to my doctor. He is such a nice person. My appt in Cancun , he was so concerned with the results or complications. When he saw none he told me how he felt. He was truly concerned as I am over age 60 and he knew it would be harder for me. Now that the swelling is mostly gone and that dam itching nearly drove me crazy.
he said to massage the hard area above my Vajaja could take 8 months to leave. I am just so glad things are improving so great...but it takes time!!
I will post new photos soon.

So I have some wrinkles on my stomach? Wonder if...

So I have some wrinkles on my stomach? Wonder if they will go away?? Its only been 3 months...

4 month update

Things have really settled out. I plan this weekend to buy a bikini just to tan in alone. I do have some wripples and unevenness. I will take photos of that.
My sides under my arm pits are still kind of numb and sensitive. He took the fat out right to my breasts. I can actually feel my ribs.
The big thing is I started training again 2x a week with my trainer and she said I am so strong. Ab work I can silly amounts. I know things can still change 6-12 months.
I was worried about all the loose skin on my inner thighs but it is kind of hidden and my thighs dont rub anymore...
Now I can say its amazing but was a slow process

6 month update

Things are really great. All the roping I had and all the unevenness is gone. Actually my stomach is not so wavey. When I get a nice 2 piece I will post photos. I have to say over and over it was so worth it. It was really hard for me the first few months but I work out with my trainer and I am so much stronger and can do lots of weights. The funny thing is my abs are so strong. I guess with all the fat gone they can work the way they should.

9 months later

Things have really settled. It has been 9 months and no lumps or bumps. It just all takes time. I work out with my trainer and she confirms I am so much stronger after lipo. Maybe all that fat gone my muscles work harder. Yes perhaps I should have had a TT too but so what. I am not flat flat but no big buddha belly anymore. I will post photos soon.
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