31 Y/o - 2 Breastfed Kids - Much Needed Augmentation - Canberra, AU

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I've always been after a breast augmentation but...

I've always been after a breast augmentation but wanted to wait until after I had children. I'm glad I did, especially because they're smaller now than ever before! I'm going with Dr. Milovic in Canberra. My second consultation is in April so I will post an update then. As of now, we are looking to use Mentor, textured surface, round, 375cc, dual plane, inframammary incision. Just say surgery, as it was my choice to stay overnight.

Date set... Sort of

I paid my deposit and

Current State of Affairs

This is my current situation. Much more flat than before having babies. Though the babies were totally worth it!

Wish Boobs!

These are what I would like.

Rice Sizers

So I've made some sizers for the 375cc size my doctor suggests we use. I'll admit when I first place them, I see chubby in my reflection! But then I get used to it and I love them more and more.

Had My Preop Appointment Today!

Saw my surgeon today, he gave me all the info regarding the prep and surgery and post op care. They took photos and gave me my referral for blood tests. I'm a little surprised I can't have anything medicinally or supplement-wise for two weeks leading up to surgery. Not even green tea! We agreed on 375cc Mentor High Profile, which apparently come with a lifetime warranty. And he said if there is any need for revision he will not charge for that. I felt so silly because I had no questions for him! I still can't think of any, other than arnica. I have heard many ladies take it before and after surgery to help with bruising and healing. I suppose I'll take it following surgery. I took it after the birth of my youngest and it certainly didn't hurt!

Two Days to Go!

I'm feeling so excited and super nervous! I'm so ready to just have it over with and be recovered I can hardly wait! I'm worried about burdening my family and having to rely on them to help me with stuff and my kids but they are all so supportive. I'm so ready to have some shape, and not look ridiculously flat in my workout gear. I'm premenstrual and stress eating which isn't helping!!! I go in at 8am and it's only day surgery. I'm confident in the size I've chosen and my PS is great so I'm not scared of anything in that regard.

No longer the President...

Of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee! Surgery went really well, I am so happy it's over with. I look forward to recovering. We stayed with the Mentor HP 375cc round. I was so nervous in the morning but it was pretty easy! I am VERY sore right now, ice packs are really helping along with the meds. I am not concerned with them settling pretty well given how they look right now.

Day Two Postop

A little update- I felt really ill all of the sudden last night, I think it was the anesthetic wearing off. My mother in law raced over with some anti-nausea meds she has and I've been better. Still really, really sore! I managed a good nights sleep, so that's something! I'd heard the feeling might be like your milk's just coming in and you can't get rid of the pressure but I've yet to feel that. My ribs and sides are the sorest!

Day 4 Post Op

Finally feeling better! The pain has subsided substantially today and I am so glad to give up the heavy meds. I managed to shower and dress myself and even wash my own hair! Styling it will come later. I'm very pleased with how they are looking so far. The minimal bruising has faded pretty well. I have my follow up appointment in three days. They'll fit me into my recovery bra, I've been bra less since surgery, which was disconcerting but now I'm much more comfortable. My husband and mother in law have been amazing and supportive, I feel so grateful for them.

One Week Follow Up

I saw Dr Milovic today. He was very pleased with how everything is looking and said they're going to settle perfectly. He removed the dressings and my poor husband got a terrible look on his face ha! I'm meant to keep the tape he put on dry for 24 hours and then I am free to shower normally. Yahoo!!! Today I haven't taken much voltaren or Panadol, and my pectoral muscles have not cramped or spasmed as much as previous days! I'm loving how they look and I can't wait to try on my tops and to see them settle.

10 Days, feeling pretty good!

Ten days out now and I'm still sore at times and get tired easy so I'm trying to rest up still. I'm a little nervous about the final outcome, I know I have to let them settle and I'm sure they'll look great but here's the thing. One PS wanted to move the fold on the left side 1cm down. The PS I went with didn't want to move it and I trust his judgment but today I feel like the right side is so much lower than the left. My left side is also more sore than my right.

Past the Two Week Mark!

Feeling much better, more like myself but not 100% yet. Pain is zero now, I had some bad zingers on the left side earlier in the week but they've gone. I still get tired easy but have a lot of support so I take full advantage of that! The bottom of both is still numb but one was itching today so I take that as a good sign.

3 week update!

Things are settling nicely and I'm getting more and more excited to see how they look months and years from now! I still have a really sore spot on my hand where they put the cannula in for the anesthesia. The strips my doctor put on me at my one week appointment are still hanging on strong so I'll just leave them be for now. I'm feeling more comfortable lifting my arms up and sleeping has become quite comfortable again. I'm going to see my trainer tomorrow and do a light workout, no weights. She's trained me for years, post partum, pregnant, with a back injury, and now post boobs! I've been pretty strict with my diet and haven't gained anything, in fact, I've lost a few lbs which is great since we will be traveling and pool side with friends soon! The boobs aren't as symmetrical as I would like yet but I'm going to be patient.

6 Weeks Update!

Feeling awesome! Finally did some arm and chest exercise with my trainer today and it felt awkward but not awful and I'm looking forward to feeling 100% in workouts again. My left side is still sitting quite high and I'm anxious for it to settle down. I see my surgeon for follow up on Monday. My recovery bras have started to feel much more loose, so I think all the swelling is finally gone.
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