Q Switch Lazer Tattoo Removal Journey. Canberra, AU

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I'm new to writing blog posts to this site but I...

I'm new to writing blog posts to this site but I plan to keep this as a little online journal of my lazer removal journey....

Long story short got a coverup which I regret and am unhappy about. Around 5th of March was when I got the cover up, waited just under 2 months before going through with Lazer tattoo removal.

Just had my first Treatment using 1064mn all over the tattoo to hopefully fade and remove the black ink and grey wash. It costed $220. They said in 2 months time I can have my 2nd session. I have to keep it bandaged for 3 days without getting it wet. Will take updated pics when the time comes to remove the bandages. :)

Laser post update 3 days after first Treatment

March 3rd 2016

As mentioned in the title and photo captions it has been three days since my first treatment and I am pretty happy with the results.

I am annoyed at myself for not having any before photos of the tattoo to compare, only photos of it the day it was tattooed on me where it was at its darkest.

However from memory the grey wash/ shading has definitely faded and some areas of the roses black outline has been almost removed or broken. Its still healing so I have yet to see more fading. There are small bilster bumpy areas which I think will scab and will take longer to heal. I think I need to be more careful with those areas as they could easily get scarring.

I am trying to boost my immune system by incorporating certain vegetables and foods to by diet to help the healing process as well as my health. (e.g. kale, spinach, broccoli, green tea, garlic, onion, probiotics, lots of water etc..)

I also have purchased an arm cover to help protect it from sunlight, elements and rubbing on clothes. I usually wear a bandage (like shown in my first post) to help protect it and use a small thin amount of pawpaw ointment as instructed when needed.

For the first 3 days I was supposed to keep the bandage on with its water proof plastic wrap cover on without getting the tattoo wet. It was really hard to when showering... My partner had to help me.

The healing instructions from then on is pretty much the same as getting a new tattoo. I will probably post another update in a week or 2 then a month. By early July I will be having my second treatment hopefully.

Until next time

Week 2 recovery of 1 treatment update

Hi guys, I didn't do a 1 week update since there wasn't much noticeable improvement. It was in a scabbing/ thick tattoo skin stage? Then it started to peel throughout the week and it was so itchy it was so hard to restrain myself from scratching it or touching it frequently.

It's now clear from any scabs or flakes skin however I think I am scarred in several places as there is a greyish opaque cloudy tint on those areas. I think they were deep wounds that didn't heal well from the tattooist and laser.

I'm not that worried about the scarring unless the ink can't be removed from the scar tissue or the scar can't be tattooed over.

I'm kinda concerned about the tattoo turning a tan colour all over... Skin pigmentation changing colour?

The Original tattoo underneath the coverup is definitely fading, but the coverup is quite stubborn only breaking up in places the tattoo artist did lightly.

Hopefully in the next session they will zap the red and black instead of only the black.

Second lazer treatment update

Hi guys,

It's been a while since I last updated, got my 2nd treatment done on the 28th of June, this time I put on my own numbing cream to save time and used a stronger lazer on my tattoo.

Luckily the pain was just the same however my skin did break and had some bleeding spots... I am unsure if it was because of a stronger laser or because of my eczema. (it's winter in Australia and my eczema has gotten worse, it's pretty much a rash all over my body especially my arms)

This session we got to use 1064nm for the blacks and 532nm for the reds, I'm really curious how much it will fade this time.

I am also concerned if I will get an infection or how my arm heals because of the open wounds and the fact that my arm is covered in a waterproof sanitised wrap that I have to leave on for 3 days without it touching water but there's a lot of dried blood etc and it looks bad.

3rd session of Laser removal

Hi, just posting up pictures of before the 3rd treatment (left pic) and 2 days after 3rd treatment with the bandage removed. (right pic)

Its been interesting seeing how different strengths and sessions of lazer reacts to my skin.
I'd say the 2nd treatment done was the most bloody and concerning, as there were a lot of broken skin areas and some scarring.

This session gave me the biggest blisters but no bleeding/ open wounds which was great. I can definitely see the lines breaking and thinning, however it really is a slow process and when you don't look back at past pictures, they easily can look like not much has changed since treatment 2.

The lazer technician said I've been doing great and can book every 6 weeks instead of 8. I've been pretty impatient with how the black is removing; it's the number 1 thing I want to fade to get a better cover up and should be the most easy to fade according to my research... I think it's not fading as much as I would like because the tattoo artist went pretty deep and over the old tattoos line work... Which is annoying...

I could rant on but rather end on a positive note. The 3 female artists I'd love to fix my tattoos are Teniele Sadd, Sophia Baughan and Amy C. Duncan! I can't wait til the end of next year or early 2017 to get it done.

1 week after 3rd session comparison

When looking back these results are amazing and have been taken for granted. It's been 6 months since I made that horrible mistake and I do not regret trying to fade it at all!
Rachina Ruane

Kind, nice friendly lady who informed me mostly everything I needed to know.

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