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I have thought about breast augmentation for so...

I have thought about breast augmentation for so many years. I had been to a few consultations over the years. I never felt as comfortable as I did with my PS. We discussed the complications that could arise (which has me very nervous) along with what my expectations are. My pre-op appointment is August 14th where we will come up with a size etc. I am feeling very nervous but yet excited at the same time. Any tips or comments would be very welcomed!

So, I am pre-menopausal and having PMS... I am...

So, I am pre-menopausal and having PMS... I am struggling with the fact that my PS wants to go over the muscle. My pre-opt apt is next Tuesday and I can't wait to have some questions answered.

Funny but my bobbies have never been this big. It's like they know what is going to happen at the end of the month and they are trying their darnedest to grown. Of course this could all be part of MENOPAUSE. I am also 10 pounds heavier than normal which could also add to bigger size. Dilemma there too, I don't want to go too large but if I do lose this weight then my boobs after surgery will shrink too. I am busting my hump (down 2 pounds) to lose this weight before next week.

Anyhow, besides looking at before and after pictures and talking about boobs all the time to my bf, I am doing alright.

Good morning everyone, So I went to JC Penney...

Good morning everyone,

So I went to JC Penney last night to try on a few bras, just for *%&%s and giggles. guess what I found. one out of the three B cup sizes fit me. I am not even a decent B!! Oh heck yeah I am doing this :) . One of the bras that was silky with no padding had so much extra material.... it reminded me when I was in high school and the A cup was too big. Sad....
Can't wait for Tuesday.

Question: Does your PS write a Dr excuse for time out after surgery??

So I just got home from visiting my Mom and Dad. I...

So I just got home from visiting my Mom and Dad. I had to hurry back as my pre opt appointment was moved up three hours. I head there in about an hour or so. Sizing will be fun but I have so many questions and pictures to go over. I am going to question the over the muscle approach. maybe I am that very few % that SHOULD get them over. I am getting more nervous as the date approaches. I know I want to do it, have for many years. Just getting closer is more scary.

Okay, back from my pre-opt. I am going 375 cc's...

Okay, back from my pre-opt. I am going 375 cc's right 350 cc's left high profile over the muscle. After discussing this with my PS this is the way I should go for my build, my activity (lifting weights) and my skin coverage. she use to put all implants under the muscle but finds this works well in special cases.

I am very nervous and have anxiety problems. so I am hoping before my surgery my heart doesn't click into overdrive racking up in the 220 bpm!! :)

I am looking at a VS D and a everything else full C cup. I am fine with that. I am built very large on my upper body so I don't want to go too big, it wouldn't look right on me. I took a few pictures when sizing, I will add them also.

Now it is the waiting game, August 31st......

I didn't get much before surgery instructions. Just the bathing and jewelry (belly ring) removal. My bf is going to fill my subscriptions during the surgery.

I need a beer and a kick back now THAT is over.

Down to two weeks tomorrow..... Getting nervous....

Down to two weeks tomorrow..... Getting nervous. ;) but I guess that is normal right? I told my PS, I have the easy part, I sleep she does all the work.


Hello everyone. I can tell you, waiting from the...

Hello everyone. I can tell you, waiting from the time of your pre-opt appointment until the actual surgery can be pretty nerve wracking! I wish the 31st would just get here. Still messing with the sizing but i think what I have chosen will be a good fit for me. My PS agrees. She is on vacation for the entire week next week. but I think I already mentioned this.

the waiting game.....

It is now the countdown.... I couldn't wait for...

It is now the countdown.... I couldn't wait for the one week mark. Now it is here. I'm excited and ready for the day so I don't have to fret about it anymore. If I knew I was getting on an airplanne next Friday I would be filled with the same anxiety. So I know it is just my personality. I have to get through this. Its something I really want. My ps said I am going to wake up look down and say this is exactly what I wanted! :) that made me feel better. I am trying to get one more apt with her before Friday. She is on vacation all week. I have found the size which I want to be. Not looking for madonna pointy boobies either.

I have worn my rice packs around town just to get a feel and honestly when my bf comes home I greet him at the door and he just doesn't notice I have them in. Funny right?

I am ready to get on with it. I will be the first in (I hope) Friday morning. I have to call the hospital Thursday night to check my arrival time.

I have to stop reading and looking at pictures. Every experience is different :)


Well, down to 4 days and I am done stressing about...

Well, down to 4 days and I am done stressing about it. for once in my life I am not going to be a nervous nilly. All of you wonderful Ladies have gone through this and are doing great on the other side. I am going to take deep breaths and take it like a (wo) man.
I can't wait to see the new me.

Going in tomorrow for one last size check. My implants are in but her lovely assistant said it would be easy to change the size and get the new ones before my surgery.



Hello Ladies..... So I went to see my PS a...

Hello Ladies.....

So I went to see my PS a little while ago. Wanted to show her my rice samples and see if they are close to the implant size and I am SOOOOOO glad I went to see her. This time I went alone without my BF. Told her all of my anxieties etc.

She put me at ease. I am so excited and ready for this now. :) I feel like i have just let go of all the worry and stress. My appointment will be at 8am so we have to be there by 7. This is fine, we live 5 minutes from the hospital, another HUGE plus.
She said I took a greater risk with my life driving over there than I will be going under (one of my worries). She also said I am in great shape, I have picked out a great size for me etc. I mentioned to her that I have been trying out my rice packets in town, out and about. She laughed and asked if I really want to spend so much money or just wear the rice packs. But I explained I didn't want to worry about them falling out. LOL!

so, we compared my rice packets to the actual CC's and they match right up well :) ! YAY. And she is pumped at how I did my packets (with the nylons ) and LOVED the idea (she usually suggests the zip lock baggies). So I am going to donate mine to her on Friday since I won't be needing them anymore. I am good to go :) !!

Thanks to her, my bf and you ladies that have helped support me through this process. I can now say THREE MORE DAYS!



Well, it's the eve of the eve of the surgery. One...

Well, it's the eve of the eve of the surgery. One more full day! Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I sure hope I am saying this after the surgery. I want to get to the hospital, get all the blah blah blah stuff over with and get knocked OUT! LOL, Just knock me out please...

I have been very teary eyed for the past 24 hours. Not sure if is it because of surgery or just my normal hormone crap. Yeah, it's about that time already. I think that counts for about 80% of my tears. I was washing in the shower this morning and thought pretty soon I won't be natural anymore. Weird thought isn't it?? I mean my boobs to me aren't horrible but, I am 47 years old (yeah i know)!! you only live once. I hear that from our kids all the time..

All in all, i am doing quite well. Lots of well wishers (don't know why they thought it was tomorrow morning) some know, some think I have to have my foot worked on. hee hee hee... my bf has decided to take on some overtime shifts. okay, don't ask my why but surgery is friday morning. he is taking that day off. Works Saturday all day travels about an hour away with his son for some fantasy foot ball crap. then works again Sunday during the day and again on Monday. (normally has sunday monday and tuesday off, that is why surgery on Friday was a great idea!). I am not thrilled with this (hence some of my tears). I don't want to burden my 12 year old with taking care of her winey mother. but, it looks like that will be the case. She is a good kid and will help me out. I told her I am going to get a little bell so I can ring it when I need her. She said she will hide that dang bell. hahahah.

anyhow, cheers everyone! If any of you were up this way I would give you some home made cookies. GREAT therapy for me. I will be baking most of tomorrow night. That is after we go to the local Italian place and eat a salad and meatballs. Oh and my surgeon, she told me to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner :) yes, i think i will!

have a great night!

Ok, it's tomorrow morning. I was supposed to be...

Ok, it's tomorrow morning. I was supposed to be at the hospital at 7:00 for my 8am surgery but that has now been moved to 7:30 so arrival time at the hospital is 6:15. So glad it is 5 minutes from my home!!!

I am nervous but very set I am going to do this and do it without freaking out... I think once I see my PS I will feel the confidence once again. It's normal to feel this way.......

Ok, last update before I am on the other side... (unless I can't sleep and I am up all night long :) )


So i went to bed at 11:00 I was exhausted. Woke...

So i went to bed at 11:00 I was exhausted. Woke up at 3:00 and have been tossing and turning ever since. finally crawled out of bed 15 minutes ago (4:45) and am finishing up laundry before my shower. I almost had myself into a panic attack. Kept thinking what am I doing, what am I doing to myself. didn't help that my bf was feeling up my boobies last night and said last time to feel natural. I said something negative about them and he said, you know I have always loved them (we have been together on and off for 12 years.).

So, that started me thinking... I am spending all this money for what??? LOL, then I got up out of bed and got my head back on. I have questioned myself many times. But I have always wanted this...
and now I am doing it.

Thanks for the well wishes.

Hey all I'm home. Made it through and feel pretty...

Hey all I'm home. Made it through and feel pretty good. I will update once I can stay awake longer that 10 minutes.

Well hello everyone :) I have a serious lack of...

Well hello everyone :) I have a serious lack of caffeine headache but that is about it :)

Well, Here is how yesterday went. Of course I couldn't sleep got up early and started finishing up my laundry.
Got up the bf,, woke up my daughter and got her situated on the couch. Off to the hospital we went.

five minutes later we were there. Went upstairs and checked in. I was pretty quiet, trying to be a big girl but I was ready to bolt at any given moment. So I checked in with the woman at the front desk and the volunteer Chaplin came over to me and offered to say a prayer. I accepted and while he said it I started crying. Funny, I get that way when I go to church also. it's like this great feeling comes over me. Still, I was ready to call it off if I needed to.

So we went back in the staging room (for lack of a better term) and my nurse asked me to get undressed (everything) and lie down. At this point I started moaning and told my bf i didn't know if i could do this. I was doing everything in steps. one step done, two steps done.... etc. So I got undressed and in my gown and into the bed. I warned the nurse that I couldn't take any IV's in the hand or wrist. that most of mine had to be in my elbow crook. She tried once in my wrist and it didn't work. She felt so bad but then she put my arms in some really warm blankets and within 10 minutes she had my IV in my hand and it was great. I will have to remember her trick.

Then my surgeon came in. She is great, all smiles and peppy. LOL. She drew me up and said shortly the anesthesia woman will be there. She came in (very professional no nonsense lady) and explained what she was doing and I signed another form. Then the nurse said I am going to put in some medicine to take the edge off. They put that in and I started to get dizzy. I told my bf uh oh..... i am getting dizzy. LOL. Then within a minute I was like, whoa... this is GREAT! I started laughing and smiling and all was good with the world. My PS had told me they would be wheeling me into the OR and that I wouldn't remember it. But,
I did. I remember going in, seeing the big lights and hearing country music playing. I was like, wahooo, a party! Then I scooted over to the or bed and remember her asking me if I liked country musice (i don't at all) but I said, "no, but that really doesn't matter". I don't even know if anyone told me I would be sleepy or not... I had the gas mask but I don't remember it being put in.

Next I woke up in recovery, just like you wake up in the morning. I was cold so they bundled me up with blankets (every where but my bobbies) and I rested. after an hour in there they took me back to the staging area and my bf came in. It was so nice to see him. There was a TV for him to watch everyone's progress and he said i was in surgery for about 1 1/2 hours, then recovery for 1 hour then i was back where he met me. I was there until a little after 1:00. mostly because I was nauseous. real bad nauseous. So they gave a shot in my rump. That didn't work so she put something through my IV which hurt when she pushed it through and followed it up with salt water. After a bit I felt better. still a little sick. all I wanted to do was to go home and sleep.

So that has been what I have been doing on and of for the past 17 hours or so. Very tired. I have also been taking my pain medicine every 4 hours, only one tablet tho. No Valium yet. . ''

I am not wrapped up in anything nor am I wearing anything. I am to ice for 24 hours and not lift anything I don't have to.
This headache is huge, i finally figured out it must be from two mornings without coffee. sniff....

I ended up with what the PS and I discussed, 350 in the left and 375 in the right. Over the muscle.

We took those pictures last night. I will put more up once things head south a bit!!

OH and ice, ice ice..... i have two packages of...

OH and ice, ice ice..... i have two packages of frozen veggies on my chest. The peas are in the freezer getting frozen again....

Ok, my scales say I have gained 10 pounds. Now I...

Ok, my scales say I have gained 10 pounds. Now I know my boobs don't weigh 5lbs each. Is it normal to be all puffy and retain fluids after surgery?

And I now know what people mean by funny water noises from the boobies. When I bend over and stand back up they make that noise. Mostly the right one. I would normally freak out but I have read here that this is the norm. so glad for this website.

Also, my muscles seem to be tensing up. I think this is why I have been given the valium. Not going to pop one tonight but if it is still like that maybe tomorrow.

Have a great night!!

Post day #2 Sunday Hello everyone. Things...

Post day #2 Sunday

Hello everyone.

Things are good. The girls feel larger today. I have been icing since I walked in the door but didn't last night while I slept and they feel like they are rounding out at the top. and they feel larger, softer.... and like the gap in between is filling in. I have had this terrible caffeine headache and yesterday when my PS called to checkup on me she said I could drink some coffee. So here I sit, it's a beautiful morning out sipping on my hazelnut coffee.
I am doing well, only pain is in my back because I have been sleeping on the couch. I don't know if I can sleep on my side or not, it doesn't really hurt and no one told me not to????? I am just bored to death! This is day 2 out of 9 days i will be home recovering. I can't drive and the bf is working again today. My daughter is headed to a birthday party so it will just be me for a few hours.

I managed to wash my hair leaning over in the bath tub and shave my legs etc last night. Felt good to be somewhat human again.
when I bend over and pick something up, my boobies make that funny noise (both of them now) that I have read about here. I am so glad I read that here or I would be freaking out about now.

I go back to the doctor on Thursday. That is when I start wearing the zip up bra. It's been nice flying free for the past couple of days. Ha, i better enjoy it now. I am keeping these girls fully supported (even at night). No sagging is going to happen after going through all this :)

so I get this text from my Mom at 7:30 this morning which says " I deleted your picture from my phone, your cousin, sister in law and my friend want to see your picture".. WHAAAA???? She was like, I'm sorry I didn't know it was a secret or I wouldn't of told anyone. they all think its great! too funny, I had already told my cousin and was going to surprise my sister in law. But I am not sure how many people will think this is cool. I mean, most I think will think it is a waste of money and very vain of me. Oh well, not that I really care.

sorry if I am boring you guys. I am going to go out and get a walk in. I usually do about 4 miles. I will start with a mile and work up from there.

Oh and I stepped on the scale and have gained 10 pounds since my surgery. I weighed myself the morning of and again last night. Now, i know these puppies don't weigh 5 pounds and I haven't eaten very much since I have been home. Nor have I gone (number 2). I am drinking prune juice today. Has anyone gained a lot of water weight from the surgery itself???

More later!

Sorry, I already wrote that about the weight gain....

Sorry, I already wrote that about the weight gain. geesh, i am losing it!

Just went for a 15 minute walk outside, started...

Just went for a 15 minute walk outside, started sweating (85 degrees out) and my nipples started burning, or my stitches. One of them... home in front of the fan now...

No pain, feel great

Post Opt day # 4 Well, I know now why I am out...

Post Opt day # 4

Well, I know now why I am out of work for a week. I totally over did it with my friends yesterday. They came to visit and suggested taking me and my daughter out to lunch. Which is harmless since my BF took me out to dinner the night before.

But I mentioned this vintage car I was selling for my father and we ended up driving to my rental home (20 minutes away) to show him the car in the garage. Of course it was behind a few things etc. I didn't move anything but I had to stand there. Then we went to lunch and honestly I should of went home after we went to look at the car. I am currently without any bra or anything for support. which is working well for these babies to drop into place but YOUCH the dropping pulling sensation was extreme. So then we went to lunch which seemed to last forever. Got home, they left I ripped off my clothes and pulled out the frozen peas.

Things are going good. got that whole pulling feeling since I am free of any bindings. I sent a text to my girlfriend that also had this done by the same PS and she said, no bra, no massage until your first apt. she actually went braless for the first 2 months. but she was under the muscle and I am over. I get a surgical bra on Thursday when I go back for my 1st post opt appointment. Not any pain, just a lot of pulling and stretching. I cleaned yesterday, lifted, reached all that stuff. BF is home with me today so I won't be doing any of that especially since I wined about being tired and a little sore last night.

I just have a hard time laying on the couch allllllllllllllllll dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

anyhow, doing good!

thinking about the couple of you going tomorrow!!!! HOW EXCITING!

So, tomorrow I am going back to work. My office...

So, tomorrow I am going back to work. My office mates know why I was out but I don't believe anyone else does. I think because I wore such great push up bras in the past, these babies won't be so noticeable. I went from being a blonde to dark black in hair color just before I left so I don't think all eyes will be on my chest!

Things are better. The past two days I have felt pretty normal. My breasts aren't constantly on my mind which is a good thing. I do feel like my milk is coming in still sometimes which, makes my hormones RAGE (in a good way). Still have some loss of feeling in certain areas but that goes with the territory.

I actually slept on my side last night. But, i do not want that crease in between my breasts to come back. I am going to have to ask my PS about preventing that. I wear a bra 24/7 now. Because I am over the muscle it is very important to keep these girls supported so they do not start going south or into my armpits when laying on my back. i am good with this. It's a good thing for my daughter to start doing to prevent any dropping or sagging in her future.

Have a great day

2 Week post opt appointment. Went well. Looks...

2 Week post opt appointment. Went well. Looks like I am a 34DD which let me tell you, is VERY hard to find. I am wearing a 36D which fits but really needs to be tighter around my rib cage. So, I have been out bra shopping. Found one 34DD that I like. sigh...

Anyhow, things look good. I don't go back until 2 months now. If the tape on my incisions haven't fallen off by next Friday I am supposed to take them off and start with the scar medication.

I would like to put up more pictures but honestly, when I take them myself it either looks like my nipples are messed up (holding the camera) or it makes them look like two rather large balls when the flash goes off. I will try to get bf to take a couple tonight so I can update. The left is a little tender where I have been massaging the implant up into the pocket. I feel better with a bra on, because of the size. I am not used to this weight :) . Big clam bake this weekend with old friends. Got to go booby shirt shopping!!

BF took a couple of pictures that look much more...

BF took a couple of pictures that look much more normal than the ones i was taking. Let me know what you think..... Too fake looking??

Hey there everyone. I can't believe I haven't...

Hey there everyone. I can't believe I haven't posted in so long but I do get on and read how you all are doing.

I just passed my 3rd week post op this past Friday. Things are going well. All restrictions have been lifted and they are softening up really nicely. I am religious about doing the massage since I am over the muscle!! I am very happy with the results, being over the muscle and HP for me gave me the look I wanted. My nipples are where they should be and my breasts are not so far apart as they were. Going under the muscle for me would of given them a further apart look. Also when I bench lift, I think that could of displaced them too.

I stated my part time job last week and work 2-3 nights a week so I am a busy girl.

My close friends can tell I had something done. My office mates and friends I don't see that often might think I look bigger in the chest but they either don't say anything or the bras I had previously did a great job picking up those deflated girls!!

It's great to hear everyone's updates!!


We just hit our one year mark!!

Well, it's been a long time since I have been to this website. I remember a year ago I couldn't do anything BUT read here. I go to the Dr. today for my one year check up. I will update and add photos this afternoon. BTW, very happy i have this surgery.
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