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I'm 32 and a bit under 5'6. Mom of 3 kiddos. 8,7...

I'm 32 and a bit under 5'6. Mom of 3 kiddos. 8,7 and 3. Happily married for 12 yrs:) when I started this whole journey it was just about the breast reduction. After my third baby I got a major hate on for my boobs. I had always been big but holy poop after breast feeding they were doing a downward facing dog. So I went in aug 2013 for a consult with a ps recommended by a friend who had BA by him. At the tail end of the consult I inquired about the TT. He looked me over said I'd be a great candidate. I had lost quite a bit of weight since march 2013. The gym became my life. Although I wasn't just a case of "extra skin" I still had some cushion for pushin'. But because I had the muscle separation I would never get that flat tummy. So I thought about it overnight and decided to do it all nov 13/2013:)

Post op pics

I'm on day 9. I felt pretty good today. I least I thought I did. I even did my hair;) I decided to go visit a friend who's also recovering from surgery (full hysterectomy) I got my hubby to drive me. Went through a drive though got us some chicken noodle soup and biscuits. I basically went from one comfy place to another. Holy hell! I am so tired and swollen and sore! Everyone says this happens you feel great so you do one little thing and then your down for the night. I would say take the advice of doing nothing very literally! I'm payin' for it:/ other than that everything's good noinfection, no seromas, no nausea. All is well overall:)


I don't know why the pics are so messed up, off center when you tap on them. Kinda cuts off what I want you all to see:/

My recovery in a nutshell

So clearly I jumped on the review bandwagon a little late. I wanted to do a little write up on my recovery so far. If even just one or 2 ladies happens to experience a recovery similar to mine and I'm able to set they're mind at ease its worth it:)

Surgery Day - I felt good, I was calm, had a good sleep the night before. Everything was good. Got a little teary eyed when I kissed my hubby goodbye and told him I loved him. The nurse took me into the OR and instantly TEARS! I became overwhelmed. I didn't want to cry but I couldn't help it. They assured me everything was going to be ok, explained what was happening. The last words I remember were "Sweet dreams". I woke up post surgery and had terrible burning pain at my incision and where the drain was. They quickly gave me pain meds and that helped a lot. I also was short of breath. I just couldn't get enough air and couldn't breath in deep enough cause it hurt. Oxygen it was and then I slept on and off till about 7pm.They got me up, dressed, took me to the bathroom and then put me in a recovery lounge. From there all hell kinda broke loose starting with when I looked at my boobs. The right side had a dent. I was sobbing! From the moment they took me out of bed I was crying actually. I just remember saying I wish I could stop crying. I did finally, then I looked at my boobs. The nurses didn't know what to do. I could just hear them saying she needs to talk to Dr.Wells, she's really upset. Then my left boob started throbbing. Felt like it was going to explode. Before I had a chance to say anything my PS who felt it asked if it hurt and I'm like YA! It does! Turns out I had a hematoma, a blood clot that had nowhere to go. So they kept me there a bit longer, gave ice packs for the swollen boob and waited it out. After that I got a fierce reaction to a pain killer they gave me. I got tired suddenly, then hot, sweaty and nauseous. I was dry heaving, oh my word that hurt! We Finally got out of there at 10:30! Yay! Wasn't exactly the smoothest discharge but I guess it could have been worse. I just wanted to add that for a breast reduction and lift they over correct them. it can take a couple of months for them to drop and take proper shape. So my dented boob will hopefully resolve itself. I'm not brave enough to post pics here though. Also I contemplated BA, which seems weird with a reduction, I know but it can be done. My thing was I wanted the shape of an impant. PS said most are really happy with the reduction. And I am. They look like I got a little somethin' extra in them. I think once the dent is gone I'll be really happy:)

DAY 1 PO -I felt good. Surprisingly good. I know now that's because you have so many drugs in ya, you aren't experiencing the full effects of the surgery.

Day 2 PO - Also a good day. Nothing major. Lots of sleeping. Day 2 night however was horrid. I took painkillers on an empty stomach. Bring on the pukes. Sick again just like at the clinic but this time I was pukin'. Not fun!

Day 3 PO - Was tough. Super tired from the night before. I was sore, cranky having a full on self loathing day. Day 3 I started getting gassy, nothing painful I hadn't taken any stool softeners. I just decided I would let that happen when it was ready. Didn't want to force the issue. That night first BM was awful I didn't have cramps but I was so constipated, it was just stuck I thought I was going to be there all night. Once that was done though I felt super light haha! After that traumatic experience I started the stool softener. Oh I also I had my first shower, with the drain in, bandages on. I had a stool to sit on and my hubby came in the shower with me. Please do not do your first shower alone. It's scary. Your light headed and weak. Don't close your eyes, that helps.

Day 4 - PO I felt like I had turned a corner. I slept good all night. I was in good spirits. This was the day I decided I was going of the prescription meds and just taking extra strength Tylenol and advil. I was sore but it was manageable:) I also got sick this day. This time because I took too many things at once. Tylenol, advil, stool softener, birth control pill and a multi. DONT DO THAT! I was SICK!

Day 5 PO - Nothing crazy. Took off bandages, but not the steri strips. Had another shower:) Drain still in. Was still getting 50cc in a 24 hr time span.

Day 6 PO - Not a great day I felt like I got on the crazy train and couldn't get off! I was a bawling mess. I cried alllll day long. I'd be watching Ellen and laugh and then cry cause I was laughing. I felt like I had no thoughts and I'd just cry. My hubby would talk to me about something random...crying. "Why are you crying?" he'd say. I DON'T KNOW! It was an emotional day. That evening I had an appointment with my family dr for drain removal. I took the prescription meds because I was terrified of the pain. But to my surprise...I didn't feel a thing. It was awesome! I was draining 25cc when I had the drain removed.

Day 7 PO - Good day. Had a shower. I was up and around a bit more. Out of bed and in the living rm reading instead of being a pile of mush watching tv in bed. Except now because when I had taken the prescription drugs the night before I've decided Tylenol and advil during the day. Strong stuff around dinner when I'm in the most pain. So I kinda went backwards in that way but I\m ok with that haha!

Day 8 PO - Also a good day. Nothing crazy. Had a little argument with the hubs though. Here's the lesson...If you feel like he's not picking up the slack enough, keep it to yourself. As long as the kids and pets are alive and fed that's what counts. I will leave it at that.

Which brings me to day 9 which was today and that's all above:)

My List of must haves

Ice packs, those things helped me with swelling, burning sensations and itchiness.
Tons of pillows. I think I use nine.
Stool softener. I only took them a couple of days. After the first 2 BM, I was back to normal.
Water, drink up. Super important to help with the swelling
Protein shakes
Sugar free Jello puddings. Really great for eating when your taking pain meds. Gives your tummy a bit of coating.
Granny panties.
Straws so you can drink while reclined
CHAMOMILE TEA. This has come in real handy on nights like tonight. (its 2:15am right now) I find I rest so much during the day, I'm not very tired at night. So the tea helps me sleep.
A stool or seat of some sort for the shower. I only used it once for the first shower but I was glad I had it.

I think that was main things I used.

You do want something to read maybe after the first week. But trust me in the first seven days you are so tired your cross eyed. Your eyes can't focus on anything. And neither can your mind. Hard to stay focused.

I think that's it. Nothing crazy:)

Good night, I hope everyone wakes up feeling ok and happy. It gets better, I remind myself of this every day even though I just want to sleep through it all, haha...IT'LL BE WORTH IT!

Day 10

Nothing to report. Nothing crazy goin' on. Went 7 hrs without pain meds today. Goooo Me! Had a visitor today that doesn't know I had a tt. Just knows about the reduction. Had to get my game face on. All she said was I looked sore. So I guess I did ok with hiding it. The hubs is on a war path today. Sooo cranky. So be mindful of that while your recouping. The hubbies don't handle us sick very well and show it in strange unloving ways. I know it's just hard on him being a house dad. Between you and me I can't wait till he gets back into his schedule so he's happy again. Anyways here's a pic of my healing buddies. They make me smile everyday. Bella is a princess and needs blankies to sleep on. Titus is rugged and in true rottie fashion sleeps sprawled out.

In honor of Movember...Decembeaver

Since lots of us are probably unable to take care of our lady bits as much as we'd like I thought I'd post this for you all. "What can we shave? What can we NOT shave?" Haha!

Feeling a bit disappointed I think.

I've resolved to do absolutely nothing for the next 2 days. My hubby goes back to work Wednesday. Although he NEEDS to go for his own sanity... I'm a little scared to be on my own:(

In other news I've refrained from taking pictures cause I don't luv what I see. The flatness is awesome however my scar is puckering and its not going away, doesn't even look any different from day 1. Also it looks dark. The pictures make it look even worse. I'm hoping it just bruising and dried blood from the surgery as these are the steri strips I've had since the day of the surgery. I don't know if thats possible I haven't read anything like that on the forum but I'm crossing my fingers. Also it looks like I still have a roll:( I had lipo and I'm disappointed in those results. The view from the back is worse. It looks the same to me as when I went in. The last picture is of everything I hate, I'm pointing to the roll. No pictures of the boobies, sry just to shy to put those up. But you can see through the top they're pretty perky. I'm just wearing a sports bra. Before the reduction my boobs looked like saggy pancakes even in the most supportive sports bra. Disregard the bed head, I'm taking doing nothing very literally today haha!

Pain wise doing pretty good. Only took extra strength Tylenol and Advil once yesterday and it was more because I was scared I was gonna get sore. I did wake up sore this morning and took the Tylenol and Advil. Think I'm done with the prescription meds:) But overall pain is pretty low. What I feel is tingling like the nerves are rebuilding:)

Trying to kick the self loathing

I was reminded to think of what I looked like before. The question is what's worse how I was before or spending so much money and being disappointed. I think I keep forgetting I'm not even 2 weeks PO. But some of you come out lookin' bangin'. I want that so bad. Anyways so I did some side by sides and I think overall I am happy:). I took my old steri strips off. There was a bit of ooze nothing crazy however from what could see the incision is pretty thin:) so that's promising. Sry to be such a Debbie downer. But I can't tell my hubby I'm feeling this way:/ I'm using the forum as an outlet. Thanx for reading.

New paper tape

Just wanted to update the pics after I took off that yucky tape from surgery. Happy with the results when I'm lying down. Unfortunately I can't do that 24/7 haha!

Just wanted to thank everyone for your advice today. You really helped me more than you know. I didn't think this was going to be so emotionally taxing for me. I thought just surgery it'll be over I'm good. Sooo not the case. I just can't thank you all enough.

Cleavage pic

This is probably as close to a boob shot as I'll give haha! I think in one of the tummy pics you can see a bottom of a boob and its not pleasant.

Just a few pics and some redemption

So yesterday was crappy. I learned alot from everyone here. Its not a matter of just getting rid of the belly but a huge part of it is emotional and learning to luv yourself again. Just needed to be reminded of of that.

So at 10:30 last night I decided to try on a dress I bought for an our anniversary 2 anniversaries ago. I bought it online and it was way to small. Last night I actually got it zipped up! It's a bit tight but hope soon it'll fit a bit better. I'm just glad I could zip it. Before that zipper wasn't moving anywhere!

I'll be 2 weeks post op tomorrow. Sleeping pretty much flat, halfway on my side. Did some light housework today, half hr or so and now I'm back in bed. Wanna soak up my last 24 hrs of straight recouping before hubby goes back to work tomorrow.

Hope you are all having a great day whether its post or preop. Ttyl.


Wow...2 weeks. The last 2 weeks have been a long haul.

So I changed my tape today and to my unpleasant surprise the front of my incision looks disgusting. The sides though look great. I wish the whole thing was more of a straight line but whatever. Sent some pics to my surgeon he says its either a reaction to the stitches. Which doesn't make sense to me. Why would it only be like that in one spot if that were the case. OR a fat necrosis he called it which he said would drain on its own. But recommended I apply a OTC antibiotic ointment. I followed drs orders but it makes me nervous because I've read and even in my PO instructions not to apply vit e oil until 6 weeks PO because it can separate your scar making it bigger. So I'm at the store I found one without vit e. but the pharmacist said ANY ointment will do that. Vit e or not. Anyone have any experience with this.

I took a peek at the lollipop incisions on my boobs as well. My boob that behaves badly(swells all the time and is bigger than the other) the scar is freaking awesome! Can barely see it! The other boob with the dent in it doesn't look as great. Looks as though I may have pulled a stitch around the nipple. Crusty blood and the line down the boob is more visible. Oh well... Doesn't look infected or anything so I suppose that's good.

Today I also went out on my own for the first time. Took my little guy to gymnastics. Overall it went good. Just a little sore and tired but I was expecting worse. So I would say it was a success however I'm not jonesin' to go out again anytime soon.

Happy hump day everyone! (That reminds me of what my next post will be about, haha)


So I talked to PS again yesterday morning. I was a bawling, tired, melting mess. He said everything is going to be fine. That I'll be happy with my results. He prescribed antibiotics as a precaution because my boob has been flaring up. It also has some new bruising. Im assuming its bruising thats just surfaced or i did too much wednesday, knocked them to much. He said in the first 2 weeks swelling is normal. I just hit 2 weeks 2 days ago. This is the boob that had the hematoma. Anyways....leaving the paper tape on my tt incision till its falling off on its own so I don't irritate the it from changing the tape.

In other news I want to have sex but my hubby is too afraid he'll "break me". I keep telling him I'm fine but its a no go:/ maybe a good thing. I haven't taken my birth control pills since the surgery... Ugh could you imagine? Pregnant after a brand new TT. Babies are great but I'd be devastated.

Have a great weekend everyone:)

Nothing crazy happening

Not too much new. No sexy time for me yet haha! I dreamt about it though:) haha.. Anyways. I'm up and around a bit more. Went to a little party last night. Someone asked me if I hurt myself. I said kind of... Uhhh....didn't know what to say. I just told them I'd explain later although I have no intentions of sharing the TT. Just the BR. Going out to church then to another get together after. I plan to just sit and not move haha! In hopes no one will notice. New pics, I thought I noticed a difference but then the pics always suck. So I dunno. I definitely have a good side and a bad side it's very clear. I think my right shows more swelling. Whatever, I'll take that over what I was before. Sry I have nothing witty to say today. Just quiet on the home front. Guess that's a good thing:)

Oh! And I can't wait to get back to the gym. My legs look like little old lady legs. So skinny:/ want my muscle back!

3 Weeks

Wow...3 weeks, craziness. Just like 2 weeks, 3 weeks took forever. I feel pretty good. Energy is up which is great but I forget I still need to chillax. That is the biggest challenge as of right now. Once I hit 2 weeks I think I went overboard with everything, I did way too much. So I'm back to damn the housework and taking it easy. My house is gross, having someone else come in and clean it tomorrow. That'll be nice.

No pics today since I just posted some on Monday. There are no real changes. Noticing the typical thinner in the morning but still feeling thick from the swell. It seems as though my incision is healing well now. From what I can see through the paper tape. It feels smoother and flatter too. So crossing my fingers the front of it has settled down.I think the antibiotics really helped with that. I've got most of the feeling back in my tummy. Just still numb across the incision.

As for the boobies, I still have one big swollen boob. I assume it'll have to be drained next week when I see my PS. It's just not going down on it's own. I hope I have a good post op app, Me and the hubs want to do a last minute trip to a hot spot and I want my boobs to look normal at the very least so they look ok in a bathing suit. Which by the way I ordered 2 new bikinis from VS. I cant wait to get them!! So that's about it. Nothing crazy happenin'. In my opinion that's a good thing! I've been offered lots of advice here and encouragement and I can't thank you all enough.

I'm so excited for all the upcoming December surgeries, looking forward to reading the reviews and seeing pics. I hope everyone has seamless, uneventful surgeries and recoveries.

Talk soon, next week I hope to post more pics and an update on how it goes with my PS:) Take care!

2 days shy of 4 weeks

I go see my surgeon tomorrow so hopefully my incision is looking better than a couple weeks ago. My left breast with the hematoma seems to finally be draining on its own. It's still hard on one side but its improved. I got my period last Thursday. I've read first period post op can be horrible. Pms wise it was fine. No cramps really. But it is super heavy. I usually have a light period then a heavy one and I was due for the latter but its still going strong 5 days later:/ usually by now its slowing down. But it's been tolerable. Just so ya know...I was expecting worse. I'll update more soon after my appointment tomorrow. Goodnight:)

Ps. Wearing cg in these pics. Would look better if I took it off but I'm too lazy right now:P

4 weeks finally!

Seriously longest 4 weeks ever! But I'm so glad I can finally say I'm 4 weeks post op haha! I saw my surgeon on Tuesday. He said I look great. That the "baseballs" in my hips are just swelling from the lipo. He said lipo swelling is very stubborn. I wil leave the current paper tape on for another 4 weeks. No scar therapy fir me either. My dr isnt a believer i guess. But i think i will use paper tape for an extended period of time. As for the BR he didn't drain the "hematoma boob". I am starting to get relief from it though but like everything else it's a gradual process. He said my breasts haven't taken they're final shape,so more waiting. But I'm ok with that:) I can resume all prior activities as long as it doesn't hurt. He recommended Pilate type core exercises as opposed to old fashioned crunches. Overall I feel awesome like nothing even happened. I can stand up straight but because I've been hunched for so long I have to remind myself. It feels so good on the back to stand up properly. I can't wait to do back at the gym. It's gonna feel awesome to get that strength back. I'm back to dancing in my kitchen with my kids and just feel really great overall. I do get tired still after doing errands or housework but who wouldn't after laying around for weeks! Oh and finally...drum roll.... I got to be intamate with the hubs! And it was awesome! Although I didn't forget I'm all stitched up and tried to stay aware of that...I pretty much did what we did before. No pain, didn't feel uncomfortable. It was just normal:) in case anyone was wondering what revisiting that part of your relationship would be like. As a result my hubby is way less cranky! Thank goodness I couldn't take much more! Oh and dr said I can go to Mexico:) he said at this point I won't have an complications just lots of sunscreen everywhere because the body is still recouping from surgery. I did get the VS bikinis but I have no pics today as I'm in swell hell from doing laundry:/ but I'll put some pics up in the next few days:) oh ya and i got my period last week. No major PMS symptoms but it was a super heavy period that i thiught was "never, ever..ever" going to end. But it stopped one day early and cold turkey. It was just over. Usually mine tapers off gradually. So that's all the news that is the news. I hope everyone has a great weekend, take care:)

Well hello there obliques! Where have you been all my life?

Hey everyone:) not too much to update. I had a really long day on my feet Friday. As a result yesterday I couldn't move outta bed. I didn't even shower. All i did was sleep and complain how awful i felt! I was so swollen it felt like my insides were going to burst out of my belly in "Alien" fashion. It was probably a combo of doing too much, eating too much and consuming too much vino. My bad. Today I'm back to egg whites, protein shakes, water and veggies. I almost instantly can feel the difference in my energy and the bloat is going away:) so yay for healthy eating! Feel much better today:) here's a few pics.

I hope you are all doing well.

4 Months post op!!! Whoop,whoop!

I just had a few minutes to stop by and thought I would do a quick update. I feel fan-freakin-tastic! Anyone who is in the early stages of recovery hang in there, it gets so much better! I promise. My hubby and I did make that trip to Mayan Riveria. I was only 5 1/2 weeks post op, but let me tell you it was the perfect way to end the 6 week portion of my recovery. I wore a bikini with confidence and it was awesome. I just made sure my scar was covered at all times. If anyone else is thinking of doing this also be careful because your body is still recouping from the surgery and you burn extra easy so lots of sunscreen.

I've been back in the gym since January full speed ahead and have had no issues. Sometimes I would feel a pull at my incisions so I would do lighter weight.

This is going to sound crazy but even though the recovery was hell on wheels...I miss the laying around doing nothing part haha! I took that for granted!

OMGeeee!!!! While I was recovering I read a post here about a woman who wanted a baby before her surgery and her hubby wasn't into it and then after her surgery he decided he wanted another baby and I remember reading that thinking I would FA-REAK on my hubby if he did. Welll....guess who talks about having a baby all the time. He constantly reminisces about when I was pregnant and says he would have another baby. Before the surgery I totally would have had another one but now that I have had my boobs and tummy fixed that door is closed for me. I don't even think I could breastfeed a baby now. It wasn't a concern to me when I had the surgery cause I thought we were done. Anyways, what the what?! How could he do this to me. I just keep telling him no, because if I tell myself yes even a little bit a baby will be on the way.

Anyways...I hope all the November tummy tuckers are doing great and all the recent and in betweens are too.

Keep spreading the realself love ladies it's so encouraging and comforting for everyone else reading your story.

Heres a few pics, sorry I don't have any recent pics of the scar.

I'm prepping for my first ever figure competition too:)

Just over year and a half post op

Wow... I haven't been here in a while. Read over a few recent TT reviews bringing me back to my recovery. Hang in there everyone. It gets better so much better. Since last being here I have a revision. Just to remove dog ears and a little bulge right in the middle. I've been much happier with my results since then. I was awake through that he froze the area of course. Unfortunately the scar tissue wasn't freezing so I felt some of the cuts. Owie. Hurt so bad. But eventually it froze. Other than that not too much else to report. :) I am a happy happy girl:)

I forgot to add...

Weightloss after tt wasn't issue for me. I weighed 167 on surgery day. I had lost 20 lbs up to that date. In the competition pic I posted I weighed 128. There was absolutely no issues with loose skin. And I competed only 7 months post op. I now weigh 155 :) here's a few pics from comp.

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