Oh my - TT with Lipo, on June 8th...

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Well I am glad I found this site, I have been...

Well I am glad I found this site, I have been feeling a little blue since I got home from the surgery. so I am 39 mom of 2, 5'2" 123lbs, had what I called my pouch, removed on june 8th 2010. Something I have always thought of and wanted to do for myself. I searched online for a few years, looking at before and after pics, of course reading into all that I could find, and even the TT gone bad. (which scared the crap out of me!)

I met with one Doc, and the secretery was scary, she was trying to sell the Doc like a used car, saying all good about the doc I was in to see, and bad about other docs, so I stayed away from that one. I found my surgen, about 2 months ago, and met with him twice before the TT. A very soft spoken Doc, that made me feel comfortable, all explaination was to my satisfaction. He explained everyone body shape is different, and each person heals in different ways. But he did say there would be pain invovled. 1 week before surgery we met and he showed me again what would be removed, and pulled down and the belly button placement, also the explaning the tighting of the stomache muscles, and the Lipo, a little on sides, and the top part of the skin being pulled down so that I wouldn't have a bump there. I was ready in my mind, ready as I would ever be. BUT..Monday the 7th of June rolled around (very fast) and I started to panic, I almost cancelled.

Next morning it was off to the Hospital my surgery was being done at 11:30 am. There 2 hours before for prep was the worst..omg the waiting. Doc came to see me in the waiting bed that they put you in, and he asked me How I was and if I was ready...marked me, and way I went.

OK holy Moly..I knew there would be pain, but I was really surprised on the pain I had, when I woke up. It wasn't half of what I thought it would be. (Maybe having a my uterus removed a few years before helped, cause of that pain) The pain was not as bad, I think it's because they don't remove an internal organ, with a TT. OK so day one, not bad, haha,,,

Day 2 BAD, that is when I had to get up to move around and pee. OUCH! Day 2 at night, no sleep, even with the pain killers doc gave me, no way to get up by myself...needed help getting up. Day 3 still not much sleep, and very dizzy, but wanted to be up, I was getting sore from lying down. Day 4, slept a little, and had a poop that hurt in the morning (think I have alittle hemeriod, I wonder if that is normal?) Day 5, walking around better, but my lower back cramps up alot, and of course I can't stand up straight. Slept a full 7 hours straight..wow last night...

Today is Day 6 and it's 8 am... I am walking better, when getting up this morning I felt a little pull in the stomache but nothing major. I am sitting infront of the computer and my back is not hurting, neither is my belly. But I feel a little Itchy, so I think that means I am healing. No pain meds yet today. I take mt shower every morning, like the Doc told me. Yesterday I actually looked down at my belly, and it is gone, I am swollen, but the pouch is gone. I still have drains in with the Jackson Pratt wound drain bags, and I find that they pull where they are comming out from above the pubic area. They come off on Wednesday..(YEAH) I am going to ask the Doc if there is anything I can put on the scars later on, for them to heal better. I am hopful that when this garter is off, my pants will fit better, when I had my pouch, I found that my pants would ride into my privates, cause of them being tight around my belly, but if I got bigger pants they would float everywhere else on me. And I hated wearinf my pants below my pouch, cause then it would sort of hang over. How long has it been for most of you to start wearing your regular jeans?

I am so glad I found this site, I was feeling alittle blue, for some strange reason I was feeling like I was the only one in the world going through this...crazy eh? I see my Doc on wednesday and I will keep all informed of what is happening. Thanks all, and any hints to help me heal better would be greatly appreciated.

Some Pics taken 6 days Post Op...right after...

Some Pics taken 6 days Post Op...right after drainage was taken out.. Worried about my Belly Button....seems deformed, do you think it will go back to normal, when swelling goes down? Geeez I hope so :(

I will put some new pics asap

I will put some new pics asap

DR Sirois

Soft Spoken, makes you feel at ease, full explanation, good bed side manner. Cuts seem to be even, Belly button placement excellent.

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