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Hello all! I have decided to share my story...

Hello all!

I have decided to share my story as I found very helpful and motivating to read other's people stories. At 5,4, 145 lbs, two kids and 50 pounds weight loss over the last few years, my tummy has become a daily obsession. While I don't think it is the worst I have seen throughout this site, that part is unproportionnal with the rest of the body and it is an overwhelming task to dress up every morning. I became a master at hiding the surplus around my waist and I can understand why people around me would think this operation is unecessary. But it is. I am active and runs about 3-4 times a week, eat pretty ealthy and does weight. When I got a confirmation from the doctor that no exercice and diet will ever bring me my tummy back, I knew the TT surgery was the best option for me. Im looking forward to put on jeans or tops without having to worry about the hiding part.

My pre-ops consult is November 15th and I am getting very excited. I m worried that I will not be 100% for the kids at Christmas but at least, I will be able to get around and move a bit.

Will keep you all updated about my journey!

For the first time yesterday, I had doubts. While...

For the first time yesterday, I had doubts. While they are many out there going for mandatory surgeries because of cancer or other diseases, "we" decide to do it for esthetic reasons. Not only that, we pay a fair amount of money to suffer and get scars that will last forever. My body will always remember and ΒΈ may even have side effects that will last for a very long time...And I don't even talk about those that didn't get the results they want...

Thank God, it only lasted few minutes. When I got in front of the mirror and look at my tummy and how I hate the way I look because of "this", I believe this is all worth it. Esthetic reasons may be superficial, but when it prevents us for feeling good about ourselves, our self-esteem drops down and this is no good. It affects all aspects of your life. That is the way I justify myself, and having read all the good stories in this site and from friends, they are all so pleased with the results and wished they have done this earlier. I also see a change in their behavior - more confidence, happiness coming from feeling good about the way they look, overall strenght - and think I deserve to feel this way too. Aren't we all deserve to feel and look good?

Got my pre-ops consult yesterday. What did I have...

Got my pre-ops consult yesterday. What did I have a feeling I would leave fully prepared after the consultation? I don't know, even though I asked all the questions, I felt there was still something missing, put cannot put my finger on it. I have asked all the basic questions, like what to do before, during and especially after. I almost dropped everything when he says no alcohol 1 week prior...kidding! No stay in the hospital, my mother will be there to take home what would be left of me - no stay for me in the hospital. Learned about dog's ear, mild sedation (not for me), liposuccion on the flanks - that I will have, yay!, medication and anti-biotics for 5 days after. No exercice for at least 4 weeks and if there muscle repair, can take up to 12 weeks.

When talking to my doctor, I realized he is very meticulous and is very eager to provide me with the best results. Took pictures and explained to me what I will be looking like, and even though recovery will take a while, it will be sure be worth it.

I guess I still have doubts when I got out, especially when realizing I won't be up and running for my vacation with the kids the week after Xmas. I know for everybody else, it is a small price to pay, but each year, we anticipate this time where we go to the cottage, have friends over and play outside in the snow. Celebrating new's year will be another ballgame this year, thats for sure. It kind of hit my boyfriend who is now wondering if he should cancel his vacation...I guess I should be focusing on the results I will get, the reasons why im doing it and not think short term. After all, it is the price to pay to get what I've always wanted!!

3 weeks from today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So...

3 weeks from today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!! Putting my stuff together, go for blood testing and buy medication for post-recovery. My doctor asks me not to drink 1 week prior to surgery but did not read anything like anywhere. Am I only one who I have been advised this?

A week and half. Wow, for those who are anticipate...

A week and half. Wow, for those who are anticipate THE day, it is an emotionnal coaster ride, let me tell you! Every day that gets closer, I am asking myself if I made the right decision. Talking daily to my friend who went through it truly helps. "Focus on the results, it will be worth it!" she keeps on telling me. She is soooo right. But what can you do, we are humans, and sure we anticipate the pain.

Went to the drugstore this morning, got myself Senokot as well (the pharmacist told me to take them at night and there you go in the morning! she said its strong but doesnt make you gas, all goes out without an effort, and really, thats what you want!), my prescription pills, its called...Oxycocet. Got antibacterial soap (I have to wash myself with that the night prior the surgery), mini pads for the scar and protein milkshakes. I have to get my anti-biotics still and go for the pregnancy test next week. Have been cooking for the last two days to pack up the freezer so my mom doesnt need to cook when she comes. I want her to take care of me, not anything else hahaha!

Still look for the best cream for the scar to massage and help with the itchyness. I m sure I will get that. Any suggestion?

Did I miss anything on my list ? Books, check, wipes, check, water bottles, check, ring bell (for my mom, she is hard of hearing.. for real), saggy pants, tylenol, compress garnment...I don't have a recliner but have TONS of pillows, so I am sure I will find a way to be comfortable.

To those of you waiting for that big day in December, hope this is not too crazy in your head - like mine!! - we can do this ladies!!!

Take care.

6 more days left! I am so excited about this....

6 more days left! I am so excited about this. Can't get my mind around other things, just thinking of the big day and things I would need for post-recovery. My pharmacist recommended Vitamin E oil for the scar and the itchyness, I was going to buy Mederma but when I read the review, nothing good came out of this. The oil is way cheaper and has great review, so the choice was easy.

Haven't told my in-laws yet. And don't think I will. My mom and close friends said it is a personal decision, it is your body and you do what you want with it. And if you think you will judged, which I know I will, then shut up. My boyfriend is ok with it. My fear is that they might eventually found out and be frustrated about hiding it from them. Ah well, will deal with it when the time comes. I have too much to think and look forward right now! CAN'T WAIT to put on pants and skipping the hiding process!!!

Just got the call from the hospital! This is real...

Just got the call from the hospital! This is real and soooo soon! Told me I am the first one that day, have to be there at 7, no eating after midnight, shower before I go, etc. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! So exccited! I m all geared up now!!

Finally told my in-laws and wondered why I was so...

Finally told my in-laws and wondered why I was so worried about it...they were very supportive, offer me to sleep at their house the first night as I live pretty far from the hospital, there will be no kids, a recliner and a private nurse! So glad I did it, means no lies for the next couple of weeks, and lots of help. Boyfriend made me do it, and will even get help for the Xmas vacation, that is awesome. No judgment or anything, yay!! 2 bricks off my shoulder

I told my cousin about it as I am very close to her and she fully supports me. I shared pictures of my belly to her and her answer was : "wow, you do hide it well! Never noticed it...Do you always wear something under your clothes all of the time ?" How GOOD that made me feel....that is EXACTLY what I wanted to hear! Love her.

Mom arrives in 2 days. Tomorrow night, Im going out with my boyfriend for nice night out, without the kids. Just before the big day arrives. Probably discussed last minute preps for what is coming, but above all, take some time for ourselves as we won't get any for a little while, im sure.

Called the CS office today, just to get answers to few last minute questions I have (when should I expect to be released from hospital, when should I take antiobiotics, etc.), they are so nice and supportive.

All is well and Im very calm about it. I feel very much supported by all the nice ladies here on this website. I am so happy I found this to share all of our doubts and feelings. I really feel I am not alone.

Well, thats it, im on the flat side now! Pain is...

Well, thats it, im on the flat side now! Pain is minimal but took my meds so im good. Mostly uncomfortable. Went in a 8h30 and woke up at 11. Almost no lipposucion, just a bit from the sides to make a nice contour (didn't need it!). 2.pounds of fat removed. My muscles had to be repaired on the top belly. And drain!!! Just stiches. That is why i can take a shower as of tomorrow. I need to keep binder for a month, 24/7 except when shower. Took meds at 12 and then again at 4. Only need one, pain is really not that bad.

Haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but its so weird to look down and not see a bump. Im taking it easy tonight at my in laws, having a private nurse is really comforting me.

Im very much surprised by how it went. I know upcoming days will be different. Im ready for it!

Wow... i just made so many mistake and cannot even...

Wow... i just made so many mistake and cannot even blame the drugs..Damn cell!!! just wanted to clarify this was a procedure with no drain. The Dr puts stitches on the muscles instead, preventing from having space who's filled with fluids that you have to drain.

PO day 1. Very tired from the pain pill. I will...

PO day 1. Very tired from the pain pill. I will share as much information as i can, as i know i want to have as much detail as possible before the operation.

I was not too nervous before but i got in the operating room, seeing all the nurses preparing me, putting all kind of stuff on me, i started to panic a bit! This was finally real and they will open my skin and everything. The anesthesist explained the process to me but i just wanted to say " just put me to sleep and gt it over with!" I woke up after and was surprised to see i couldnt feel anything. I know i was drugged though. I didnt know if i had my binder on me and how it went. The nurse came to see me and said everything went smoothly and it was all dopne. Yay!! Ok that was all i wanted to hear, now i just want to sleep. She gave me a pain pill shortly after as i was starting to feel some pain. I would say the pain was a 4.

They put me in a room and couldnt really sleep because there was a lot of people coming and going, but i didnt care. I was dizzy from the meds, was very sleepy and didnt feel any pain, was just resting and thinking it was finally over! The stress just went away that afternoon.

I left the hospital at 3h45, after they dressed me. The first real pain was when i got up into the car. It stretched on my side and it hurted really bad. The ride home was ok but really not confortable. I was super hungry but didnt want to eat too much, so ate a soup with a protein shake and that was fine. At that time, i was exhausted and went to bed. My in laws put me in a incline bed (30 degrees) and with the pillows under my legs, i fell asleep on my back. Slept 2 hours, then went back to bed at 10h30 and i slept on my side. This is the way i always sleep and i would not have been able to sleep on my back all night. I woke up every 2 hours and managed to go to the bathroom every time and get back in bed by myself. I cant say it was easy but i did it. Took a pain pill at 2 am and again at 6.

Today, i feel a bit more pain than yesterday, but it is really not too bad, maybe 4 when i walk and 2 sitting down. Have to take pain pill every 4 hours, which makes me really sleepy. Was thinking of going back home, but decided to stay one more day here, dont feel strong enough to go in a car and go home. I love my kids but not ready to face the noise of my household yet :)

Can't see anything yet, but i will try to take a shower tonight or tomorrow and will take some pics. From my opinion and having been fully prepared, we expect the worst pain but it's really not as bad as it seems. Just take the pain pillls and rest, you will all do great.

I just hand-washed myself and had a sneak peak at...

I just hand-washed myself and had a sneak peak at my tummy...MY TUMMY IS GONE! Scar looks great and low, belly button too, no fat anymore, I cannot believe it ! I almost burst into tears, it is awesome!!! I am so so happy I did it! Was it worth it ? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

I will put some pictures soon, probably tomorrow!!!

I will put some pictures soon, probably tomorrow!!!

PO day 2: had a good night last night. Slept...

PO day 2: had a good night last night. Slept before, woke up few times to go to the bathroom but was not in pain. Took the meds this at 2 and then again at 8. I think I could have skept the pain pill and just take extra tylenol but i heard sometimes day 2 is painful so didn't want to take any chance. Tomorrow, i will try to stick to tylenol only, and maybe a pain pill for when I go to bed. I weighted myself (couldn't help it, I used to do it every morning!) and weighted 2 pounds less. Must be the soup and protein shakes. Im being extra careful of what I am eating as I don't want to swell if i eat salt. No BM yet, althought I took prune juice and a senokot last night.

Yesterday was hard to move around. I sticked to my recliner almost all day. I walked around but the back hurted from being too inclined so I was better off sitting down. This morning, i woke up and was in a very happy mood. Im going home to see my kids but mostly I feel good. When I saw my belly last night, I just couldn't believe it. I am so lucky to have this result, and to go through it without any major discomfort!!!! I have the best people to support me and I just can't wait to see how my pants will not fit.

Will update again soon!

Sorry about the mistakes, damn! I just can't wait...

Sorry about the mistakes, damn! I just can't wait to see how my pants will NOW fit!

PO day 3: Sleep was better again last night. I...

PO day 3: Sleep was better again last night. I woke up only once to go to the bathroom, which is the usual for me. Yesterday night was rough, it was very sore and It didn't seem I was able to get a comfortable position to lay down. Took a pain pill at 8 and took another one at 10 before going to bed. It was the first time I actually needed to take two because the first one didn't have any effect. I got home from my inlaws yesterday and so was in a car for 45 min, which clearly didn't help. It was good to be home though. Everybody was so understanding, kids were super nice to me and boyfriend didn't want me to move at all. Mom is here to help and they know I cannot do anything. As a mom, its hard though. You know the needs of your little ones, and people around you don't know as much as you do, you don't want to give instructions as they are doing so much to help. I just have to learn to let go that's all.

There is no recliner here, and thought the rocking chair would be the same, but no, unless you put tons of pillows. Layed down on the couch, but it was a pain to get up. Talked to the CS office yesterday, told them I was sleeping on my side, they say it was a big no no. Althought she couldn't tell me why (im the type of person that doesn't follow instructions if there is no reason to justify it), she said to sleep on my back tonight and ask my doctor tomorrow, as it was not recommended. I knew what she meant later on: I slept on my back that night and was so much more comfortable!!! Althought I could make it on my side, I felt it didn't stretch as much and my muscles were more relax. It was a surprise for me I was able to fall asleep without any problem and this morning, I got up with barely no pain. I felt sleeping on my back really helped me, so lesson learned, from now on, that is how I will sleep. Thought I would bother my boyfriend who was sleeping beside me, but no. He had a good laugh when he realized how long it took before I finish adjusting myself with all the pillows :) Hey, Im in no rush, just taking my time to be comfortable !!

Today, I m going to my doctor for post op appt. I am a little worried I had no BM yet, I took 2 senokot again last night but nothing is moving, no gas, nothing. I took Chia and prune juice too. I knew I would be like that, had the same problems with post pregnancy.

I feel very lucky my pain is manageable and I don't have complications. I think I have a good attitude about this too. Im a very positive person and know what to expect from the operation, so I am taking it easy, take the pain pill and enjoy the quietness. I think you can find the pros in every circumstance and the biggest one right now is being able to stop and relax. That is a true blessing for me and I enjoy every second of it. It can be boring and I know that, but having busy lifes as we do, especially being a mother of two young kids, this operation really gives me the opportunity to take a step back and finally have a chance to breath. Don't get me wrong, I am usually very active and never stops, but now, I get to slow my pace and this is quite pleasant!

Another lesson learned: Don't take funny books from the library, you won't be able to read them :( I had to stop yesterday as it was hurting my belly!!!

Will try to take a real shower today.

P.S: sorry for all the mistakes, typos and everything. Some lines may sounds weird and it is just normal: english is not my mother tongue - Im french!

PO day 4: big day yesterday. I had a shower, a...

PO day 4: big day yesterday. I had a shower, a real one and it felt good. Sat on my son's bench and was able to shave and all. After, we went to the clinic for my first PO appt. Its about an hour from home, so took a lot of energy out of me to get there and to come back. The Dr. was very pleased with the results. He said the scar is looking good and is low, he said I should now stop the painmeds and stick to tylenol extra strenght, which I did already early on. I talked about my BM which had not happened yet at that time and asked If I should buy Milk of Magnesia, he said "you know the reason why you are constipated right?" surely enough, I know it was the pain meds. He said when I ll stop them, then I ll go to the bathroom, and to just continue with the Senokot and that will do. Sure enough, this morning, I finally had one :) For those of you who anticipate that first trip to the bathroom, you know it is truely a blessing :) It was started to pack up in there!!

Word of advice for upcoming tummy tuckers: What I love about my doctor, is that he is not strict and doesn't need to be about certain things. He is young, just like my family doctor, I felt exactly like when I was pregnant and tons of informations were circulating. I was mostly sceptic about many things, and when I was doing my research, realized that the restriction was about something very specific and not at large. This site is awesome to get a whole lot of information, but it could scare you to death if you think you didn't follow them properly. It did for me as I didn't follow certain instructions and it ended up ok. Take some and forget some. I followed my doctor's advice and worked out fine. Please PM me if you have specific questions or doubts as I don't want to be accountable if your doctor told you otherwise.

Talk yo you soon :)

PO day 6: Its crazy how a day is 10 times better...

PO day 6: Its crazy how a day is 10 times better than the day before. Still inclined at about 10% now but not sure if I need to. Maybe so as my tummy is so numb and stretched. Took new pictures but it was so swollen but took them at the end of the day so will take some again in the morning, they will look better and will encourage me more :) Still look very good and Im very happy with the results, but Im glad I was able to take a shot on day 2, because I know what it looks like without the swelling. Wonder if the fact I had no drain makes less swelling, I have to investigate.

As the days go by, Im more and more able to do the ordinary in the house. When kids are very demanding, I could feel my belly get bigger, then I know its my alarm to stop and rest. I try not to go beyond my limits but its hard when you have two kids under 4. Im sleeping better and I don't need the biggest pillow to put under my legs, get up easier, I would say I am about 70% functional. Didn't go outside the house yet - except of , Im taking it easy and really focus on the recovery. Stopped completely the tylenol yesterday. No pain anymore. Tried to put other pants than PJ, not yet.

Tomorrow, im starting to work again. From home of course and without having to go outside. That was exactly how I planned it and that's great. Boyfriend thought I had my hopes too up and I would be in pain for several weeks. Nope. Not for me at least and Im lucky :)

I have to be careful of not eating too much as I don't move a lot during the day. My appetite is back and I usually rely on exercices to balance what I eat, but now, I am forces to not do anymore. Have been reading post year reviews and lots of the girls said they put on weight, not on tummy but anywhere else. I have to keep reminding me a tummy tuck is not the solution to all my problems. CAN'T wait to exercise again!!!

Mom is gone and boyfriend is back to work tomorrow, so will have the youngest babysitted by grand-parents for few days, as she is still in the crib and won't be able to pick her up. I sure will miss her :( My biggest complain to this date is my little princess (18 months) who often asks me to hold her. At first, she was insisting, then when I say no, she just turns her head kind of like saying "oh yes, she can't hold me". Hope she won't remember and will keep asking me after this is behind us. When can we start pick up our babies again?????

Now I understand why my belly was so round and why...

Now I understand why my belly was so round and why it got bigger over the last year, why I was doing pilates and never seemed to see any results. Now I know why I went through this operation. Didn't need a justification but at least, Im connecting the dots together.

When I saw my CS for the first time, I was going for lipposuccion. I thought it was all fat in there and it was just the way my body was built. He told me it was just skin and didn't need lipo. He is the expert and I trusted him, althought I questionned myself why my belly was round and the skin was not loose like the pictures I have seen on this site. Now I know: Abdominal separation. Mine was not extreme, but pretty bad. By doing abdominal muscle exercices, I was not helping my cause. And it got worst over the last few months, to the point where I didn't gain any weight, but no pant was fitting anymore. I didn't think it could get worst, but it does. I am the perfect example.

I feel stupid to have found this information just now. I wished my doctor would have explained this to me when he told me I had major muscle repair. I guess I should have asked the question at the pre-op consult. Ok. From now on, when somebody will ask me what type of operation I had, I will say the truth and tell them it was for major muscle repair. At least, I won't get that "ashame" look nobody wants to have. Hum.

PO day 8: While I was washing my binder, I took...

PO day 8: While I was washing my binder, I took all the shirts I have been putting aside for years and put them on: THEY ALL FIT! I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe with endless possibilities! What a great great feeling. I know I am still swollen, but I would just be satisfied with the way I look now. Didn't try any pants because tummy feels very numb. I will leave it for another dress up session! Im so glad I did it!!!!!!

PO day 9: yesterday was a good day until the...

PO day 9: yesterday was a good day until the evening. It really started to swell like I have never seen it so far! I put a tank top underneath my binder (otherwise it gets itchy), so I thought at first the bottom of the tank top was dragging on my scar and that's why It hurted. When I finally took a look, it seemed the stitches were about to pop out! OMG, it was so swollen!!! I don't know what I did wrong that day, it can be because I washed my binder and removed it for an hour and half. I felt really naked and insecure without it, I got used to it even though it can be uncomfortable at times. Anyway, I took it easy and put my feet up the rest of the evening, went to bed early and this morning, its fine. Hopefully, it won't happen too often!!!

PO Day 11: Today, I was expecting to be a big day,...

PO Day 11: Today, I was expecting to be a big day, I had to go do final xmas shopping. It was my second real "day out" since my surgery. Removed binder to put a spanx and left for the entire day. I thought I would be exhausted by mid-day and wouldn't be able to keep it up but I did. I thought I would pay the price during the evening but it is really not that bad. I am exhausted but from running around all day, which is quite normal. I was a bit inclined at first, trying to get used of the spanx instead of the binder, but I was straight up by the end of the day. Im getting my energy. Bring on the Xmas holidays!

Some tapes from the stitches fell off and boyfriend helped me removed some of them, and we were in shock to see how well the scar was healing. By looking at the pictures, but all if left is basically a thin line and most of the stitches are gone, except for the sides. I was reading some of the scars get at their worst around 3 months, that's why I am so surprised of what it looks like so early in the process. Im very happy of course, but is this usual to heal so rapidly ?

PO day 17 - Haven't posted in few days, very busy...

PO day 17 - Haven't posted in few days, very busy with the Xmas holidays and all ! Im very pleased to say as of PO day 12-13, i was back to normal. I had my full energy back, was able to do my regular stuff in and out of the house, im 100% straight up, the only thing i still dont do is lifting, im very careful and following instructions from my PS to not lift in the first four weeks. I allowed myself to put her out of her chair but im just sliding her down and im ok. I dont feel any pain, only discomfort on the sides once in a while. I put my binder all the time except when i go out, then i put my spanx, althought i dont really like it. Love my binder and feel very secure with it, its quite comfortable. I put some peroxyd in my BB every night to prevent infections. I am still swollen but not as much as a week ago, still can't wear any pants pre-op, which found it odd since i ve lost 1 inch at the waist. Didnt lose or gain any weight, so i am just trying to be patient, it will eventually come. I have noticed swelling in my upper abs, just below my wais, hope its normal and will resume in time.

I feel so so lucky to have gone throug th he operation without any major issues or discomfort. I was back 100% within 2 weeks. I didnt expect this in my wishlist of recovering. I know i am not an exception and others feel the same way, but i feel for the others who have gone through a tougher route than mine. And on top of that, i am absolutely thrilled with the results!!!! I m seeing my PS in January and will ask when i will be able to workout again. Cant wait to match the rest of my body with my beautiful new tummy! Happy new year to all new tummy tuckers and enjoy your new body!!!

** sorry i meant to say i have some swelling on my...

** sorry i meant to say i have some swelling on my upper abs, below my breasts (not my waist).

PO day 24 - Haven't been in touch for a while,...

PO day 24 - Haven't been in touch for a while, nothing too much to add, the last 2 weeks have been pretty much the same, there is still swelling but I noticed it has go down the last few days. I have read a lot about the swelling coming down between around week 4, and I think that's what is happening to me. I have tried one pair of pants today and although it was tight, I could zip them up whereas 1 week ago, I couldn't. I have been fully back to normal, but I am still careful about lifting and exercising (does running after kids count ? if so, I am guilty of that :) ) I have started to pick up my 18 months old baby girl - she weights 22 pounds but I still do it in moderation. 2 days ago, I felt pain inside my tummy, as if one of my stitches has popped. It lasts few hours and I was ok the next day. To this date, I am still scared I may have overdone it and harm something inside. How are we supposed to know or found out ???

The bad thing about having a tummy tuck before Xmas, I have no idea if I have lost weight or not. I always put up on some weight during the holidays, but when I looked at the scale this morning, my weight hasn't changed since my operation. I guess I can say I lost some and gain some :)

My resolution for this year: matching my beautiful new tummy with the rest of my body! I can't wait to start exercising again and not having to focus on losing fat in my belly!!

Happy new year everyone!!

PO day 25 - Got up this morning and decided to...

PO day 25 - Got up this morning and decided to take some pictures. It's nice to compare with previous ones as you can really see the swelling has gone down. But its still there for sure. I am still overwhelmed with the results, tummy tuckers who has gone through the operation are probably doing the same thing: any chance we get, we look at our tummy from all angles and we say "I look so damned good !!!" I read so many comments saying it was the best decision of their life...It truly is!! What a difference it does to the mental, self confidence, overall well-being. Words are not strong enough to describe that feeling, you just have to live it. When your belly has been a daily obsession and a nightmare to deal with, now that its gone, its just ...so much room in my brain to now think about other things :)

My boyfriend who wasn't too supportive before, fully understands now why I did it. I guess my tummy has always been part of me and he learned to see me like this, you know, when you love, you don't care about those things. But now that is gone, he sees the difference and is just thrilled with the results. He told me he was scared of the operation, and couldn't understand why he thought I was risking my life. But seeing me healing so quickly and having amazing results, he has no choice but to agree it was the right decision. He knows I am proud of what I look like and he cannot be more pleased with it. PLUS he gets all the extras coming from the bedroomm :)

Now that I am almost 4 weeks post-op,

Oups... pressed send before I finish.. Now that...

Oups... pressed send before I finish..

Now that I am almost 4 weeks post-op, have to start thinking that I won't be needed the binder anymore. Funny how humans get attached to simple things. Whereas 2 weeks ago, I would litterally count the days of when I will no longer need to put that thing on, now I am not in the rush at all. It really makes me feel the binder is protecting my tummy from any outside danger and from swelling :) I know I have to do it because we need the muscles to start working again properly and being a fan of Pilates, I want my abs to start moving so I can get to exercice as quickly as possible. I still have few more days :)

So at 4 weeks post-op, I am supposed to be...

So at 4 weeks post-op, I am supposed to be discharged of my binder. It should be a good thing since I am now on the recovery road and its another step forward, but...Hen. I m working from home so I don,t wear it as of this morning, but my abs feel so tight. I have to get used to my abs working again and strech some inside muscles, but in the mean time, it is not confortable. Even feel some pain on the sides. Maybe I am not ready yet ? I am determined to let the day go by without putting it back (beside, its about time, the velcros barely works anymore :) and I trust once I get used to it, the pain will go away. I didn't take any chance though, I am wearing my PJ pants, just so nothing squeeze my tummy.

I guess with the binder, you don't feel a thing, all is squeezed in and nothing is working. Now, everything is out, and I have to adjust to make the muscles work again. Strange step in the recovery that I didn't expect. I am not at all complaining since everything has been so easy for me.

By the way, thank you people for the great comments you left on my page, it makes me feel even prettier :)

So after 2 days of not wearing a binder, I was...

So after 2 days of not wearing a binder, I was happy to feel normal again and be belly naked. Yes, we get used to it, yes, we don't want to take it out, but once we do and get over the weird sensation, then it is a blessing. No more repositionning the binder and the velcros at anytime of the day. I still have a stitches on each side of my waist that won't go away and I keep touching them with my pants and it hurts. I sometimes put some ladies padding on my side to avoid it. Also my sides have been oversensitive the last few days, I have no idea why. Yesterday evening, Imy abs felt more numb than usual. It kind of felt weird. Is that the muscle spasms everybody is talking about? My boyfriend wanted to hold me from the sides and I jumped, I was surprised to see how sensitive I was. Still swollen, although its getter better. Its a process and I shall be patient and wait. Scar and BB are healing well but got darker (kind of reddish) Can't wait to see my surgeon on Tuesday to see what he has to say. Not much going on apart I have lost 5 pounds and I am very very happy ! I don't blame the TT though, I have been paying attention to what I eat.

Funny, everytime someone asks me about my operation and the results, I take out my shirt and show my new tummy. The couple who visited me yesterday were a bit surprised hehehe :) I got the "oh, ohhhh, ok, hum...wow!" lol That's what is happening when you are proud of your new body :) Just watch me this summer !!!

So went for a post op appt today, my second one...

So went for a post op appt today, my second one since the surgery. Met my busy and non talking, yet professionnal surgeon. Asked about how separated were my muscles when he went in there. Don't know, it wasn't extreme. Ok....Asked about how my muscles got separated more within last few months as i probably gained 3 inches on the waist. Can't tell, muscles don't continue to stretch out like that he said...Ok, then why didn't I gain any weight in the last 6 months and no pants were fitting anymore? Blotting probably. That is where i stopped asking questions. I trust him and all (well, by looking at the results only, obviously, he is good), but no elaboration on my questions which really frustrated me. I like explanations, understand why, how does the body works. I clearly won't get anything from him. I know something was wrong inside of me, i was always feeling full and incomfortable, like my belly would explode. Yes, blotting, but why? Why was i like that first thing in the morning? Why did my pants no longer fit while i was controlling my weight? I guess those questions will remain unanswered for as long as i live. Anyway..

He removed the few stitches that were still there with an eyebrow clipper ( and i was worried to pull them out!!! Wished i knew!!), specially the ones in my BB, which makes it looks so much better. He said i was healing nicely, scar was low and was hoping to stay that way (euhhhh why? Do you think it will come up???????) he said it will become red before getting whiter, but should i wish, he can offer laser treatments to help heal the scar ( are you trying to sell me something again? Thanks but no thanks!) told him about the vit E oil, he said not good, better to get the silicone sheet or gel. I bought the gel. He said i don't have too much swelling (again, what? My pre op pants do not fit yet, what are you talking about?) but that the rest should subside within the next month or so. I should also wait few weeks before going back to crunches and sit ups, but got cleared for cardio. So no more appt with this doc, now, im on my own. 10 min later, few pics and i was out.

I guess i feel a bit cranky and its not the doctor's fault. He was nice and all, but really not talkative. I guess some people are just like that and being a plastic surgeon, he is really talented...in the operAting room. Nonetheless, i would choose him all over again for this surgery.

Apart from that, all is well. Still swelling ( yes doc, i do!!!!!) but sides are not too sensitive as they were few days ago. Feeling really good, im back on track with my diet (holidays are hard man!!!!) and have to watch myself not to overdo it as i feel pratically normal again. Some things still have to wait a bit, like lifting 40 pounds bags or bedroom gymnastics, stuff like that. We forget easily.

Post week 5: for the last couple of days, I...

Post week 5: for the last couple of days, I started to exercice again. I started slowly, first day, i did light weights for about 20 min and a bit of leg stretching and waited to see how i would feel. No side effects, so i did it again the next day and added 10 min cardio. Yesterday, did 20 min cardio and 20 min light weights (5 pounds) and felt a bit stiff but ok. Will do it again today. OMG, does it ever feel good to move again!!! My next plan is to get rid of those flabby arms but that, i can work it out!!! I found good Ipad apps on upper body and its perfect. I did some pilates, but there is definitely some moves i can't do yet, or i am afraid to overdo it. Yes, im working out again, but im being very careful of what i do and what exercices i pick, as my recovery is more important than the rest. Im also back on track with my diet and seeing results on the scale, so really, the tummy tuck is sure a great motivator to keep me focused.

Sensitivity on the sides is now gone, swelling still there though. All Ttuckers that have been through this know it is our biggest downer. God, is this ever long!!!!!!! Few pants are fitting and it really frustrates me because i feel my surgery happened a long time ago and want to show the world how good i look, but i feel restreint by what i could wear. Patience is a virtue i certainly don't have, its a chance i m not alone ins this, otherwise, i would become crazy!!!

At 6 weeks PO, im finally starting to see what my...

At 6 weeks PO, im finally starting to see what my final results will be! And i have to say i like it a LOT!!! I noticed this morning my swelling is not as bad as the last couple of days and decided to try on pants that i didn't even think of trying last week: i was able to button them all up, which is awesome!!! Its still tight, so i know there is still swelling, but im getting there! I have some curves and tummy still look nice and flat. Still numb in the middle of my tummy, but sides are ok and not sensitive anymore.

I have also took it up a notch with my daily workout, about 45 min each day, and feeling really good. I noticed some swelling in my upper abs when im done my aerobics, but it goes down very quickly. No abs exercice though, don't want to screw it all. Im planning a trip to Florida next month and need to be in top shape for the beaches!!! I still put some silicone gel every morning and evenings, but the scar is the least of my concerns right now, as it is low and thin. I know it will take a long before it heals so im not worried, as long as i can cover it up. Hope all is well with your recovery!

10 weeks PO: Finally, I have the time to write an...

10 weeks PO: Finally, I have the time to write an update on my page. After several weeks of being overwhelmed with my results and an easy recovery, going back to the gym and feeling great, putting back all the pants from pre-op and looking good, things started to change as of 1-2 weeks ago. Bloating and swelling have reapeared, but in a way that really freaked me out. I started to get the pre-op belly back, you know the one that looks like a balloon (see pre-op pictures), but minus the skin. Results: my skin started to stretch like crazy, my upper abdomen was super swollen, most pants couldnt barely fit. WTF???? I was reading through this website that most TTers get that, but we are like that, we think we are worst than others and I thought there was something wrong. I even posted a question in this site for doctors to answer me (see photos through the link of my profile) and most were telling me it might be a seroma. At 9 weeks ??? OKKKK! Couldn't really believe it, but decided at this point, I should go see my non-talkative, yet straight to the point surgeon. I made an urgent appointment to see him last Friday. Of course, my belly was kind of flat that day, like when you go to a garage because your car makes noise, and once you're there, the noise suddenly disapears. Anyway, he saw my pictures when I was way worst so he got an idea of what I was talking about.

Of course, there was nothing wrong. No accumulation of fluids, no muscle repair broken, all is good. I got the "you are still in recovery mode lady" speech, the one he tells patients at least once a day for the last 5 years. Rolling his eyes and telling me I probably have done too much in the last days prior to the major bloating. Well...Thinking about it, I might have moved few things around the house that were a bit heavy. Im in the process of moving, so yeah, I need to lift few things. But really, after 9 weeks, still swelling and bloating like that? Yup, he answered. "Don't run lady, don't try to get to the finish line before the recovery is over." Then he asked me when did i started to exercice..well, hum...few weeks ago..There you go. He almost got mad at me.I knew I had to leave. I had all my responses, thank you doctor. I felt stupid, yet reassured.

When you are feeling great since week 4, you forget. You forget your tummy has been through a major surgery and it takes months to recover. You forget that when you are doing too much, you are swelling. Sometimes, its normal swelling, sometimes you feel like your belly is about to explode. I know now. I know I have nothing to worry about swelling and bloating in the next 4 months as I will still be in recovery mode. I shouldn't panic like I did. It almost went back to normal. I put back my binder for few days and all is good. Really, no need to worry. Will post pictures when that bloating/swelling will be over. Going to Florida next week, how about some bikinis pictures on the beach? OH YEAH!Take care xxx
Dr. Louis-Philippe Germain

My doctor is rated one of the best surgeon in my area. Although a friend recommended the other surgeon from the same clinic, I chose this doctor instead because he was performing the "no-drain" technique. I first went to get information on lipposuccion and he recommended the tummy tuck instead as he said the problem was the skin and not the fat. He really made me feel at ease during the appointment, answering all questions I had, showing me pictures and being very human. He is very young and he got me on that, I trust young surgeons because they usually in the known for the latest techniques and most of all, they are not into old school mentality to make us avoid a bunch of things prior to surgery that are often unecessary. The second pre-op appt was fast but I blamed the fact it was at the end of the day and he was proably tired. Anyway, I didn't care at this point, he made a first good impression and I chose him because of his skills and the results I will get. Same thing when he saw me after the surgery, not much to say, he looked at my tummy and said it was healing great. I guess the problem is you have to get prepared to ask questions, if not, he will not go beyond and tell you. He simply thinks you know and made some research prior to. He will tell you the important stuff, but no extra information. When you ask a question, you think he will elaborate, but the answer is usually a yes or a no. I wished he would have told me about muscle repair and how it works because that was my main problem and never mentionned it. I had to so some research myself and realized it after the TT. Anyway, I still highly recommend him because at the end, it's the results that count and he is truly competent. However, I would advise you to get fully prepared and ask all the questions you may have.

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