Lateral Thighs and Lower Buttocks - Canada

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I am 35 yrs old, weigh 115lbs, 5'3" and have 3...

I am 35 yrs old, weigh 115lbs, 5'3" and have 3 beautiful children. I eat fairly well yet not perfect..I do get my 10 servings of veggies and fruits a day! I have been a workout finatic since my first child was born and my weight hit 170lbs. I do cardio 5 times and week and incorporate resistance training 4 days a week. I have a fit body yet my saddle bags just would not budge. I'd lose an inch here, an inch there, but my body just did not have a nice contour. After many, many years of consideration I went for tumescent lipo suction today. I feel some pain...on a scale of 0-10 (zero=no pain; ten=extreme pain, the worse you ever had), I would say I'm a three right now. I've walked around to get the blood flowing, but do feel quite light headed. I did throw up once I got home, twice. Then went to bed and slept for 4 hours. My garment isn't as tight as I had anticipated so I'm hoping they didn't order me the wrong one. :( So far, so good. I'll try and post my progress and some pics...thanks to everyone on this site for sharing your stories.

Today I returned to see the doctor to have a look...

Today I returned to see the doctor to have a look at my drains as there was not much fluid draining. I did forget to mention yesterday that I have four incisions, one under each gluteal crease and one on each hip (strategically placed under my favorite bikini bottom). The drains work with gravity and suction which was not explained properly to me before I left the surgical centre yesterday. (The two drains are located out of the hip incisions). Now that I have this important information, the drains can do their job and help prevent some of the bruising and swelling. They will be removed tomorrow and the incisions will be stitched up. I am also using Arnica gel twice a day and Arnica tabs three times a day to help with bruising. My pain has been very minimal today. Pain factor without pain meds was around a 3-4; pain factor with meds is a 2-3. My look with the garment on, although I am swollen, looks fantastic!

Its been a full week since my surgery. My thighs...

Its been a full week since my surgery. My thighs are still very sore to the touch and the brusing is dark purple but changing to yellow around the edges...a good sign! I find I still need to take pain medication before bed but manage the day without pain medication. I get the last of my stitches out tomorrow. I am also going for post lipo massage, recommended by my doctor.
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