First Ever Peel. Going Today for a 20% Tca Peel. - Canada, Ontario

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I have yet to go but I'm a bit nervous. Though I...

I have yet to go but I'm a bit nervous. Though I have contacted the facility and was advised and given extensive information on top of my constant research I feel that it's worth the try.

I have suffered from acne ny whole life I am now 27yrs old. I have had facial acne scarring since I was a teen. I would love nothing more then to get ride of them.

The place I found is a Lazer hair removal place that also does chemical peels and Dermabrasion. I have not been able to find much info about the guy doing it online as its a newly opened place for about a year now. But his company website and what he's told me sounds like he's qualified. I came across and online groupon which is 60 percent off deal for first time. It's going to be $35 plus tax and is normally $70 plus tax. I found the going rate it about 100$ here but since he is newly opened his rate must be lower to accommodate new clientele. So fingers crossed it goes well. If when i go I do not feel comfortable after my conciliation I will not be proceding.

I have bought antibiotic ointment and ceptical moisturiser along with mineral makeup powder to wear after healing so in total that all cost about $100

I instead got a 50% gylcolic acid peal

I did alot of research on the procedure. And when I went in today he suggested I do a less ovassive peel for my first time and he saw I was worried and concerned. And I recently broke out a bit on one side . (No on wants to mess their face up more you know.) So instead he recommended I get a 50% gylcolic acid peal of the whole face. Which I did. It had little comfort and went smoothly. I plan to go back in a few weeks time and get the tca peel as I think I'll have better results With that as my goal is to diminish my acne scars.

these are befor pictures

I'm doing my at home tca 18% full face peel next week.

I bought a tca kit from makeup artist choice and I plan to apply it myself next week.

Tca 18% patch test

I cleansed my face and tested a patch on my side cheek by my ear. I first prepped it with alcohol after cleansing. Then applied the tca with a cotton pad while wearing gloves. I then, after a few mins neutralized it with the pre mixed stuff I bought that came in the kit from muac.
I was suprised at how little it stung..
I thought it was going to hurt after hearing reviews but all it felt like I was toning my face. And I was also expecting major frosting as its a higher %of tca but it was minimal.

Just applied my tca

So I just applied my tca. I did my forehead first and then neutralized it befor continuing onto the res of my face. My forehead stung like a mother *** and frosted very fast wasn't on more then a minute I think.
I used MUAC 18% tca. Firat I washed my face clean with the green tea cleaner , then I used a cotton pad and purified my face with alcohol. I then let it dry completely and applied the tca with a thin soft clean and dry paint brush. It went on very well and I am so far happy. When I applied it to my nose and cheak it frosted quite well I should have done my chin and jawline first because they didn't really frost. I will be posting pictures over then next few days of my progress.
After I neutralized I washed my face lightly again with the green tea cleanser as described, blotted it dry with a soft cloth and waiting for my face to fully dry before applying polysporn ointment to the whole face.

It's peeling

I have kept my face moisturized and it's began to start peeling..
although the peeling isn't as bad as some pictures iv seen on line I think it's going well. Perhaps I didn't leave it on long enough..but it's better to be less then touch for my first time.
I have been putting spf 50 cream on my face which is hard to apply cuz I don't like rubbing the skin..I suggest spray. And I have also been sporting a bball cap all week. I did my peel on sunday so this is 5 days after progress so far.
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