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I just started my Invisalign journey yesterday and...

I just started my Invisalign journey yesterday and I wanted to share how everything is going so far!

I went in to correct 2 upper teeth but in order to do so I need to have both my upper and lower teeth moved closer to the back of my mouth, some gap issues.
I work full time with a lot of people so for me traditional braces weren't an option.
I'm going to have 20 trays, which is equal to about 40 weeks. Less than a year!

So far these are a few things I've noticed:
- I think they're noticeable but no one else has noticed the plastic on my teeth. I'm really self conscious about it but no one has said anything! Either their being kind or I'm a little too close to the mirror.
- I have a bit of a lisp... This is actually really bugging me but it's only words that end with an S.
- I love being able to take them out whenever I please. I know 22 hours a day is the norm but because they're a little achy sometimes I'll take them out for a 5 minute break
When I take them out to eat it takes a couple minutes for my teeth to adjust and not feel like sensitive pieces of glass biting into rocks! Having to brush my teeth after eating is also kind of a pain when at work or someone else's house but once I get use to it I'm sure it won't be such a pain.
- my bottom tray is cutting the bottom of my tongue. It hurts a lot and I've heard of people using a nail file to bring them down but I'm a little nervous to Over file it!
- it feels really weird to have plastic covers on my teeth! Especially when I go to sleep
- the first couple hours really hurt. The pressure was pretty intense but it's ceased and now I feel fine! There's a bit of pressure when I take them out or put them in but nothing major

I've read other reviews and people mention that their trays start to smell. I've had mine for only 35 hours but so far so good! I'm also trying to drink a lot of water (somewhat of a substitute for snacking and also because my mouth is pretty dry!)

I'm excited to start my journey to a perfect smile and I'm sure I'll get use to having plastic covers on my teeth! :)

It's been a few days...

It's been almost a week and my concerns at the beginning of the week are no longer!
The lisp has disappeared, no more sores on my tongue, I'm pretty sure no one has noticed them, and constant brushing has become a habit.
Thought I'd post a photo so I can watch my progress through photos, also much more interesting than my whiny posts!
Nervous for attachments at the end of this month but excited to put in my second tray!

1 week down...

It's really nice to see people offering advice and being so helpful on this website. I really appreciate all the tips and tricks, especially in my first week.
During the weekend I did go out with some friends and was a little concerned with how I was going to drink something other than water with them in.
A couple months ago when I was researching Invisalign I read that if you drink with a straw you could get away with it. Probably not a smart idea but I'd rather have them in and have to brush them extra good (along with my teeth) than have them off for a whole night.
Drinking through a straw worked great, I'd go to the bathroom and rinse them off every hour just to try and keep the sugar from sitting in them. Not sure if that's good logic but I survived.

After a week of having my trays I've stuck to the same cleaning routine. I soak them in a glass of Listerine and some water to dilute it in the mornings while I get ready, and a second time during dinner.
After I take them out of that mixture I take a toothbrush and just scrub them, I'm hesitant to use toothpaste because I've heard it dulls them.
I rinse them in water and pop them back in. Listerine is really strong so even after I scrub and rinse them they're still fresh!

Thanks for reading I'll be sure to update within the next week and add a few photos.

Second trays

I started my second trays last night because it's been two weeks already.
My second trays didn't hurt like my first ones, there was a bit of pressure but nothing in comparison.

I've read about the "Invisalign diet" and how you lose weight because you just don't eat as much due to the annoyance of constantly taking your liners out, brushing, floss etc. I really love food so I'd rather brush my teeth 8 times a day than cut down to 2 meals a day but somehow I've lost between 5-10lbs in two weeks.
Yikes! Hopefully I won't lose anymore, I guess I never noticed the difference those little snacks make.

Question: What's the best way to clean the very bottom of the aligner? I've tried brushing but it really tough to get into those tight spaces.

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