Honesty...very Good Results, So Far, on Love Handles and Upper Arms

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Well, where do I start? I will apologize for the...

Well, where do I start? I will apologize for the length of this comment BUT I promise you my information is true, detailed and honest.

I have been to two sessions of lipodissolve. I can't tell you how much research I did on this procedure...The one thing I have reservations on is the fact that we know very little on the long term results. I struggled for 4 months whether or not to have this done...I have now had 2 treatments. Prior and since my sessions I had read I bet every single comment on this site. There were definitely more negative comments than good. This concerns me.

Before I share my experience I want to say that I can't believe how different everyone's procedure is. Some getting 8-10 needles per area and others up to 150. WOW!!! I live in Canada. Maybe things work differently here. There aren't many doctors that do this but what I do know is that the city from which I live, ONLY doctors do this.

One of the other details that amazed me was the difference in cost. They seem to range from $300 to anywhere in the thousands per session. Are you kidding me??? My doctor sells his sessions for $200 each OR 5 for the cost of 4. I am having 2 areas done. I bought 5 sessions for each area totalling $1600.

The two areas I am having the needles are my 'love handles' and the backs of my 'upper arms'. These ares have had very little comments on. Everyone seems to be commenting on the stomach area.

I am 5'2 weighing around 140lbs. I am usually 130lbs but I have gained these 10 lbs in the past year. My stomach is relatively flat but I have the muffin top and due to weight training I did in my twenties I have larger arms than I would like. These areas seem to lessen when I run on the treadmill or shed the weight BUT they always appear back again after a couple busy weeks with no exercise. I forgot to mention I'm 39 years old and I have had 3 children, an 8 year old and even a set of twins that are 5.

I went for my first area (love handles) two weeks ago. I received 10 shots in each side. I felt immediate burning and tenderness. Visually my waist looked like I had red cat scratches which by the next day they joined looking like one big welt but less red. I was a bit tender but no more burning. To even use the word pain would be an over exaggeration. Sore would be a better description. By day three I had noticed my sides went down. I would say they had actually smoothened and tightened more than shrank. I was pleased. I didn't swell except for the welt which by day 5 had nearly disappeared. I had bruises, few of them which disappeared by day 10.

After one week I went in for my arms. Same amount of shots in each arm as my sides. This time I felt a bit different. I felt tender but no burning. I never experienced the welts but a couple of minimal bruising appeared. It's been 7 days since that session and I feel no soreness and the bruises are gone. I have to say that I had more noticeable results with my sides but my arms look smoother and smaller.

I go every week for 10 weeks having each area done two weeks apart. My doctor said you should never do an area at a time larger than the size of two palms. Maybe all these people having their stomaches done are getting too many shots in a an area larger than the size recommended. Also, he said that a person having an area done should be within no more than 10 to 15 ponds of their ideal weight.

I don't know why so many people are being charged so much money, nor do I understand why they are in so much pain. After extensive research I knew to expect that I may be one if that 12% of people who see little to no results so I set my expectations low.

I AM VERY HAPPY with my results. I clearly see an improvement already and am looking forward to my next set of injections tomorrow on my sides.

I sure hope that some of you find my experiences useful, comforting and most honest. I feel so bad bad for those of you who have had a bad experience but I do wish the best for anyone who is considering the procedure.

Please make sure you are comfortable with the right doctor who you feel is going to be most honest and informative with you.

I will keep posting my details and personal experiences good or bad after each treatment. I have 8 to go. I go every Monday and I will type more than once after each time so you know how all is is doing.

Please feel free to comment so I know that my words are going to some good use. Thanks girls!!!

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I felt after 4 consultations and many many exhausting questions I had for my doctor...he put many of my concerns to rest and I felt zero pressure. His demeanour and bedside manner is nothing short of excellent.

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