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I used a product called Careprost. Its got the...

I used a product called Careprost. Its got the same active ingredient as Latisse, which is bimatoprost. I used it for about 3 weeks or so. I didnt notice too much redness on the skin around my eyes, I had some itchyness which I can tolerate..but a few days ago I did notice a teeny brown little dot in the iris part of my amazing coloured light green eyes. That was it for me. I stopped using it, immediately. I did notice a small improvement in the length in that short time, and I am sure I would have LOVED the difference after a few months, like they recommend but the iris change was enough for me. Its permanent, and I didnt want to risk more of my iris changing. I recalled only once getting a tiny amount into my eye, from applying too much. That scared me, if it did that from once, imagine if I used it for a long length of time? For myself, having long lush eyelashes is great, but at what cost? My lovely green eyes, which are distinct and nice? To get blotchy green and brown eyes? No, thanks. So, I would say, if you have brown eyes, great.. go for it. If you have hazel, blue or green eyes stay away from it. Dont risk it. Its NOT worth it. Well thats my two

I still have that brown dot in my all green iris....

I still have that brown dot in my all green iris. I think about it constantly and wonder if it will go away, sadly I have read it will not.

Well thats the price of vanity. No, its not worth it.

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doctors havent tried it, and if so, Im sure not many.

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