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I am hoping I can get some support here, both...

I am hoping I can get some support here, both emotional and education. I got a tattoo about a month ago and I am suffering with deep deep regret. To the point where it is affecting my life negatively..I can't sleep, I can't eat. I am completely devestated at what I have done. I am setting up a consultation tomorrow so that I can get some knowledge about tattoo removal and all that is involved. If anyone can share their stories with me, I would really appreciate it. it is nice to know I am not alone in this.

3 weeks after getting tattoo

Today was an okay day. I wasn't too depressed..kind of just hit me in waves throughout the day. I still haven't been able to eat much as I don't have much of an appetite. i try my best to keep the perspective that it can always be worse. I don't have cancer, I have a loving group of friends and family is only a tattoo and many people have them..i am jst one fish in a sea of tattooed fish...right? :)

Tattoo Pic

Here is a pic of my is a lot smaller than it looks like in the is the size of a deck of cards with just a little

Change of heart?

For the first time in about 2 weeks I was able to actually go out and have dinner with my family. I then went to a movie with a friend. It felt so good to just forget about the tattoo drama..I feel like I have a new outlook. Has anyone experienced this? was depressed about the tattoo but a night out with friends or family gave you a new perspective..I feel like it is not that bad anymore..I hope the feeling lasts..maybe it will, maybe it won't..stay tuned!

decision made

For the last 3 weeks, I have been tormenting myself with the decision of whether or not to have the tattoo laser removal procedure. I needed to make a decision as it is just too difficult to live in limbo like this. So, my decision is to not have the laser removal.....yet. i think you are all amazing and brave to be undertaking this long, exhausting and expensive journey..I will be hanging around as I would still like to follow your journey's and offer support where I can! I pray that they will come out with advanced treatment to help all of us who have tattoos we want to be rid of. I believe that as the current fad of tattoos dwindles (and it will) the demand for tattoo removal will skyrocket. As we all know that tattoo regret, whether it is 5 minutes after the tattoo is completed or 5 years after, it plays havoc on our emotions and mental state..I just cannot imagine the state of the world when this starts to happen to more and more people. Anyway, enough of my ramble! haha..Good Luck to you all! I am cheering you on and here to support! :)

Still not feeling right

Today has been tough...Even though I made the decision to not have laser removal at this time, I still have huge anxiety over my tattoo..I cannot look at it. I keep covered up all the time. Super depressed today..I am thinking of going for a consultation. I really should get some information first so that I can make an informed decision.

Hope everyone else is hanging in there.

6 months later..

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. I thought since I've come to the 6 month mark of having my tattoo, I would write a review to update you all of where I'm at.

As I mentioned a few months ago, I made the choice to not pursue laser removal. Since then, I've been focusing on accepting the tattoo, accepting and forgiving myself for the choices made surrounding getting the tattoo. I still have days that are hard and the self pity finds it's way back into my thoughts but those days are getting further and further apart.

My advice to anyone who may have a new tattoo that they regret is to give it time before making the decision to get it removed. Let the shock wear off, let yourself at least try to become used to the tattoo. From what I've learned over the last 6 months about laser removal is that there is no turning back once you start. And in some cases, you may come full circle and end up having to get another tattoo to cover up the old one that isn't able to be completely removed. So, if your tattoo is not one that was poorly done but maybe you just realized after that tattoos are not for you, please just give yourself some time. If after a period of time, you feel that you still cannot live with it, then maybe removal is something you should consider. Just don't make a decision in haste based on your emotional state at the time.

My tattoo regret has taught me so much about myself and has made me look at other areas of my life that maybe I wasn't happy with. I'm now focusing on those areas of my life. It's difficult to explain but sometimes these things happen to make you a better person. It gives you the wake up call you needed.

Just remember: it's only a tattoo! It doesn't define who you are if you don't let it.

Good luck everyone in your journey!
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