IPL: Bad Idea. Really Bad - Pointe-Claire, QC

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Who invented this "advanced technology"?...

Who invented this "advanced technology"? If you want to look years older, have acne-prone skin and discover new wrinkles on your face everyday, then go right ahead and have this treatment. But seriously...save your skin and opt out. Everyone is clammoring for this thing and it's a sham. It basically sucks the color, the life, and the vitality right out of your face. PS: there is ZERO proof in any medical journal that this treatment actually stimulates collagen production. Also, long term effects haven't been studied. All those who've been sucked in might end up with major problems down the road. This experience has pretty much ruined my beauty and my social life.

Just updating my review. It's been about 5...

Just updating my review. It's been about 5 months since my last IPL and I urge people to think very carefully about this before they do it. The aftermath has been a nightmare and I am still dealing with many terrible side effects. Here is a short list of side effects: Fat loss, changed skin texture, micro-scarring, nerve damage to face, facial numbness. This procedure, in my opinion, penetrated too deep and has caused thermal damage to the underlying and outer dermis. Lunchtime procedure my ass!

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

I was told my skin would be rejuvenated and that...

I was told my skin would be rejuvenated and that there was no risk, no downtime. This proved to be false. The technician who did my procedure was not willing to admit something had gone wrong, when it is quite obvious that something has. When I showed her the micro-scarring that has occurred she claimed this was "dehydration". There is no way that the scars on my face due to IPL are due to dehydration considering I drink plenty of water and follow a very healthy, vitamin-packed diet.

Face still burns, I'm almost one year out from...

Face still burns, I'm almost one year out from this thing. The burning is very difficult to take. Skin looks like an elephant, as you see in the pics. Face is much less plump, skin is less elastic. Total disaster. I am horrified by what has happened to my face! Please think twice before having this done.

Wow is all I can say. I am going to post a few...

Wow is all I can say. I am going to post a few more pictures soon. The skin does not recover from this. It continues to deteriorate. The fat loss is progressive and ongoing. It is soooo soooo sad.

Just to be a bit more specific, I had 2 BBL Sciton...

Just to be a bit more specific, I had 2 BBL Sciton treatments to the face. The first was in Sept. 2009 and the second in Aug. 2010. The settings used the first time: Filter:560; Frequency: 13J, 12ms; Degrees: 16. The second time: Filter:575; Frequency: 11J, 14ms; Degrees: 16.
In the year that followed my first treatment, I noticed less elasticity, more wrinkles, and some minor fat loss. I attributed all this to basic aging. After my 2nd treatment a year later, the fat loss, loss of elasticity and change in skin texture were so rapid and aggressive that it allowed me to put everything together. The IPL treatment is responsible for the unfavorable changes in my skin. I am extremely regretful I ever decided to have this procedure done and urge anyone out there to think very carefully before going ahead with an IPL.

Gone baby, gone.

The youthful skin I had before IPL is gone baby, gone. My skin has no elasticity left in it. If I wear glasses or a hat, the lines left on my skin from doing so stay present for hours. I have constant acne problems and my skin never recovered. It is still full of lines, indents, pock marks and scarring. To make matters worse, my health is in a sorry state. I truly believe IPL contains harmful radiation and it has damaged me internally as well. I have a constant, debilitating fatigue. No amount of rest resolves it. My family doctor has diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome, while my Naturopath has diagnosed me with adrenal burnout and anemia. At the age of 39, I have loose skin now hanging underneath my chin (i.e. turkey neck). I believe that these treatments should be banned.
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this Dr.'s practice because I was not taken seriously when I returned with complications due to IPL. My skin has been severely damaged but I was told this was due to dehydration. This is just plain insulting. My skin is not dehydrated, it's damaged.

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