Tummy Tuck with hourglass MR and Breast Augmentation-NO Lipo

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Hello! I am a 33yo mother of 2 who needs a tummy...

Hello! I am a 33yo mother of 2 who needs a tummy tuck bad! I had my first child at 21 and haven't worn a bikini since. My husband loves me just the way I am, but I am not happy. I haven't made a decision with a PS yet, I received a quote with Dra Robles in DR, and I have a free consultation with Dr Gray in Bloomfield MI on April 21. I just found this website last week and thought I would introduce myself! I have a feeling I will be on here a lot as my journey continues!

Really considering DR-Dr Robles

So I made an appt with family Dr next week to discuss me venturing outside the country for plastic surgery. I can't afford it locally where I'm from. I'm on a border town to the USA, so that's one option. But for some reason, my heart is telling me to go with Dra Robles in DR. Her before and after pics are amazing. And the pics I have seen on here are exactly what I'm looking for!

Here are some stats about me.....
2 children

I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. And ever since getting a tummy tuck was an option for me, I decided to only eat clean. I want my body in the best shape I can get it before surgery.

I finally have support from my husband to go to DR by myself. He was hesitant cause it's so far away, and we have never been apart for more than a few days. My family and friends think I'm crazy to even consider it! Anyone else have a hard time explaining to others?!?!

How to tell the kids............

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
How did you tell your kids you were having plastic surgery? I'm not too worried about my 8yo son, but I am worried about my 12yo daughter. She's reaching that age where she's worried about how she looks, and I don't want her to think that the only way to fix how she looks is surgery, cause mommy did it!! Do I keep it from her till she's old enough to understand more? If I go to DR, do I tell her I'm on vacation? The last thing I want to do is keep things from her, but I'm also not being a very good role model!! To love the skin you're in, and love yourself the way you are! I think she overheard me talking to my husband about it, so she might already have an idea. Just looking to hear how you handled it with your daughters!

Can't stop thinking about my tummy tuck!

Hello RS girls! I have my first consultation with a PS local to me on Monday. I am def getting a tummy tuck. But am torn to get lipo or a BA. I can't afford both if I stay close to home. My mom had a tummy tuck 4 yrs ago, and regrets not getting lipo because the top of her stomach puffs out like a pigeon when she gains 10lbs. She isn't active, never works out. I do workout however, and have stepped it up quite a bit since deciding to get this surgery. I am down to 155lbs, hoping to be in 140's before the surgery. I was 185lbs a few years ago. I got up to 208lbs right before my last child was born 8 yrs ago!

I'm not 100% going with this PS yet, I still have dra Robles on my mind!!! I just love her work! My husband was ok with it at first, but now really doesn't want me to go alone. He also doesn't have a lot of time off from work. Dra Robles quoted me $6000 for tummy tuck, BA, and lipo to waist(flanks included!) and armpits. I will have to wait awhile if I decide to go to DR.

Anyone else not get lipo and regretted it? I would just love a BA, and I can continue to workout and tone instead of getting lipo! I'm also going to ask about getting lipo at a later date if I'm not 100% satisfied.

Going with Dr. Gray in West Bloomfield, MI

Hello! So I've finally made my decision, and my surgery date will be booked by the end of the week! I am so excited and it's all happening so fast! I have been working my butt off at the gym, trying to get into the 140's before surgery. Today I was 153lbs.....almost there!

I had my consultation last week with Dr. Michael Gray, and I am very confident going with him! I won't be getting any lipo with my tummy tuck! But I can come back for that later if I feel I need it. He assured me my scar will be low, and I will be getting 340cc saline implants. I have a tattoo of a butterfly I got when I was 17 on my lower stomach, and it has had a large stretch mark going thru it for 12 years now! It will be gone. YAY :). I will post pics.....


SURGERY IS BOOKED!!!! May 21/2014

........and I'm a ball of anxiety! Reality has set in and I'm panicking. Scared of the pain, scared of a long recovery. But I know it will all be worth it in the end. I just hope and pray everything runs smooth with no complications.

20 days till the flat side


1 more week........

1 week!!!! 1 week and I am on the flat side! This is all happening so fast. I am almost set for surgery, my emotions are very up and down. Just need to get thru the next week ;). I've slightly fallen off the healthy bandwagon, I can't seem to get chocolate off my mind haha! And I'm a bit of a stress eater, which doesn't help. I'm taking this weekend to get all the things I need to get done around the house, and in the back yard! OMG, 1 more week, it's crazy to say it out loud!

I made it!

I made it!! Hubby and I got a hotel on Tuesday night as my surgery was for 8am yesterday and had a 1.5hr drive. We also didn't want to get caught in rush hour traffic.
Got to the clinic and everything happened very quickly. The nurses were fantastic! They were talking to me about my kids, next thing I know, I was waking up and they were asking how I was feeling. I felt very nauseous.
My husband has been amazing, and my friends have been such a great help. One of them is a nurse, so she has been changing my dressings. I'm on great painkillers right now, so I'm not in too much pain. But still very nauseous, I did vomit today. Felt much better afterwards!
I only have one pic to post. My stomach looks a little weird right now, but I'm loving my breasts!!



I forgot to mention, I was down to 149lbs morning of surgery!

Not much to update, just checking in :)

Feeling pretty good so far, except this back pain :(. I haven't taken any new pics yet, but nothing has really changed either. I plan to take a lot at 1 week post op! I go back to the doctor on Tuesday, but I already know my drain won't be coming out. I still have lots of fluid. But to be honest, the drain hasn't been much of a pain for me. And I'd rather the fluid leave than be inside my tummy anyways!! I'll post again soon, happy healing to everyone getting surgery recently :)

1 week!

Well it's been 1 week since my surgery! I had my follow up appt yesterday and everything is looking great! The dr wants me to start his scar therapy. He has a skin clinic as well, and has a lot of his own moisturizers and skin creams. I still have my drain :( but will hopefully be taken out on Thursday June 5, at my next appt. It hasn't bothered me much, but now it's becoming a nuisance! The dr also gave me the go ahead to start straightening out my back! But it does hurt a lot, it's going to have to happen slowly.
My dad took me to my appt and we ended up having a great day! He has a corvette convertible, we took the top off and went for a nice cruise! It's was so nice to get out and have some sun on my face ;). I haven't been out of the house in a week!
I'm becoming more and more independent, friends and family are amazed how well I'm moving around. I'm also getting off my pain meds, it's amazing what a whole week can do for your recovery! I can't wait till I'm 2 weeks post-op. Also can't wait to get to the gym, my ass is looking horrible......
Will post pics, they are on my iPhone, typing this on the ipad. Will post again soon

1 week post op pics

2 weeks!

It's crazy how different I feel from one week to the next! I started working this week, I am tired at the end of the day, but I'm doing great! I also stopped all my pain killers at the beginning of the week. The only pain I feel is my drain site(which will be removed tomorrow at my 2 week checkup) and my left breast. It's still very tender. Coughing and sneezing also hurt, but that doesn't happen very often. I am still swollen, and my right breast is still halfway up my chest? Other than that, I am very happy! I tried on a bathing suit and I can't wait till summer now ;)

2 week post op pics

6.5 weeks!

Hello RS ladies! It's been a while since I've updated. I have been feeling amazing inside and out! My tummy tuck looks great! My breasts also look great!! My right breast still needs to "drop", but it's almost there. I still wear my binder whenever I can, especially to bed. I do notice swelling by the end of the day if it's been off. My PS wanted me to wait till my 6 week follow up before going to the gym/working out. I plan to start soon, just so hard in the summer for me! I want to lose 15-20lbs and tone up over the winter.

This surgery was the best decision I have ever made :).

Sorry for the random order of my photos. That's how they are saved on my phone.
Dr. Michael Gray

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