Lower Face and Neck Lift.

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I'm scheduled for a little over two weeks and I'm...

I'm scheduled for a little over two weeks and I'm getting cold feet. I'm so scared that I'll be worse off afterwards. I'm having trouble sleeping and keep looking at photos of myself and think I'm crazy for doing this.
I know my surgeon is good but I just can't help worrying that I'll look so different afterward. Is this normal????

Day after tomorrow is my turn!

I am beyond nervous but also excited to be rid of my turkey neck and jowls.
I've always hated my side profile even when I was younger. I couldn't get rid of my turkey neck no matter what I weighed. My mom and late grandmother also have and had it.
Now at 47 and combined with Jowls I can no longer mask it with long hair.
I can't wait to be on the other side and I pray my results are as good as ones I've seen on here. It's terrifying to be cutting into your face and worry about something going wrong!
I'll update on Saturday if I'm feeling ok.

The other side, I did it!

I was panicking all the way there and crying feeling sorry for myself. Now that it's done I feel so much better!
I'm very swollen and in some pain especially around the jaws.
Can't wait to see the finished result! I already love my chin and jawline!
I also don't know if I mentioned it but I also got a chin implant. Was on the fence about about it but then figured I had to let him fulfill his vision for me. Plus it was half price being combined with the neck/ chin lift

Swollen cheeks

I'm still as swollen and lumpy on my cheeks close to my ears as I was after surgery. I sure hope the lumps go away. My jaw and neck under the ears is very tender too.
I'll be going to the dr in an hour or so to have the drain tubes removed which I'm happy about as they are really uncomfortable and I'll be able to shower.
My hair is crusty from the antibacterial they used during surgery. Can't wait to be a week past!

Still swollen

I woke up feeling the most swollen yet. I used an ice pack on my cheeks and jaw and that seems to have helped a bit. I'm still using T3s pretty regularly. It's most painful around my ears, cheeks and jawline.
It looks like I still have a double chin ??. I hope it's mainly swelling although I could stand to lose a few pounds. At least my gobbler is gone but I sure hope I have more of a jaw line once I'm fully recovered.

Phantom itching

My ears keep getting itchy but when I go to scratch them of course I can't feel anything because they are numb. It's very annoying. My stitches seem to be healing well. I have a little bit of bruising under my chin and yesterday some dark bruises showed up on my cheeks but my long hair covers the swelling and bruising very easily. I feel surprisingly good other than the tightness but I will be glad when the swelling is gone. I feel like it's going down very slowly and icing it helps relieve the soreness but doesn't really take the swelling down. I go in two days to get my stitches out which will be nice.

Going out!

I'm getting ready to go to a fundraiser so I hope my bruises and swelling stay hidden beneath my hair.
I feel pretty good. Still feel puffy between my jaw and the front of my ears but again my hair covers it.
I finally have a jawline emerging for the first time in my life!

Back at work

I'm still a little sore and swollen on my cheeks near my ears but it's getting a little better each day. I am thrilled with the results!
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