Sliding Genioplasty Was the Worst Thing I've Ever Done to Myself. -

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I had jaw surgery which included sliding...

I had jaw surgery which included sliding genioplasty in August. The chin surgery went completely wrong. He doubled the amount of advancement we agreed on, the chin was screwed back on crooked and there was a space between the spaces of bone where there wasn't supposed to be. The oral surgeon told me that my face would look a bit shorter and I came out looking like a circus freak with a ridiculously much longer chin/face. I was devastated. When I expressed my dissatisfaction after most of the swelling came down, the surgeon finally told me all these "lovely" hiccups that happened and made a date to have revision surgery a few weeks later. He only saw me again the day before the revision and said my face looked longer because of the space between the bones, as he had had "trouble securing the bone back on properly." (What does this even mean?!) I reluctantly decided to trust him, not really having much other choice because I wouldn't see ANYONE looking the way I did and going outside was traumatic, even covering up my face. After the revision, my chin was shorter but still long. Either he lied to me about chin surgery making the face look shorter, he is incompetent or wanted to make me go crazy. Everyone tells me my face looks longer and skinnier so it's not my imagination. (The jaw surgery rotated my lower jaw up 3mm to close an open bite so it's very unlikely the jaw surgery made my face look longer.) I now have various soft tissue problems: my lower lip is thinner, crooked and recedes in under my upper lip on profile view, my chin muscle sags beneath my chin bone and makes it look like my chin has 3 corners and my chin muscle now dimples when I close my lips together. I look so much uglier and I'm losing my mind. I was never informed that any of these things that happened to me were possible risks. I saw another surgeon and he said that if these issues don't resolve with time, they are probably unfixable.

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