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I'm finally getting them done! Some people will...

I'm finally getting them done! Some people will never understand, esp those with perfectly normal looking teeth, but a nice smile does wonders for you! I used to suck my thumb until I was about 14/15, chipped and broken toot, wearing etc - I've had them all. A change had to come.
I'm in Canada and I've decided to start my journey here. I've posted pics that are baiscally my before photos but I'll post another just to be more handy and also pics with my trays in.

I was initially told 10 months in total but the day I actually went for my first trays I was told 14 -__-.
On getting the trays in: The process of doing the attachments, the spacer thingy in my mouth and opening wide was the most painful part. It really wasn't as bad as some people make it seem in their vlogs/blogs etc. All that was felt afterward was the slight pressure on your tooth. I even wondered if it was done correctly based on the little pain I was feeling. Oh, it was accompanied by a temporary lisp that kinda (but doesnt really lol) go away after a few days.

Updates up to tray 7 ( Week 15)

Invisalign Journey
I'll be brief.
Km becoming much more comfortable with the trays in. Actually feels weird not having them in. I'm just beginning to see the changes and I LOVE IT! It's working. I lost around 5 pound lbs at the beginning so I wasn't excited about that but I got my (eating) rhythm back so I'm good. Pictures to follow. Let me know if you too can see the little progress ????
Dr. Maher Naji

I am confident and trust his skills.

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