Still Bleeding After One Week Doing Buccal Fat Pad Removal? - Canada, CA

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Hello, I did the buccal fat pad removal a week ago...

I did the buccal fat pad removal a week ago. I am still sweeling but this isnt what my concern is about. My right cheek was bigger amd swollen since day 1 after surgery. But on day 3, blood came out of my right cheek incision. Doctor said it was normal when he saw me two days after. He said it may have been a little blood stuck in my tissue. I ask if i had hematoma since my skin was kind of bruising at that place. He said no because hematoma would have been much bigger and more blue on my skin. But its been a week now amd bloid is still coming out of my right cheek incision when i press gently against it. And it feels different: it usually felt like a hard round little ball was inside my cheek. And now it feel soft kind ok chewy and more flat but still a little hard. Doctor said it eas the swelling. But why is my cheeks feeling that hard? And why blood still coming out of my incision? Am i having internal bleeding? Hematoma? Seroma? Im kind of freaking out! Thank you so mich for your help and advice!
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