40 and Finally Getting a Reduction - Canada

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I'm new to this site and have finally plucked up...

I'm new to this site and have finally plucked up the courage to post. I have my surgery scheduled next week ( Oct 27th ) and I can't wait...this time next week I will be on the other side lol
I'm currently a size 38F and hoping for a c cup and perky. I had my pre op this morning and was scared because I currently am on antibiotics for pneumonia but because I will be done treatment by the surgery they are going ahead :-)
Any tips would be greatly appreciated
TIA ladies!

4 sleeps until my BR getting nervous now!

I'm getting more scared now than excited, I hope that I'm doing the right thing!!!!

Surgery today went well

I had my surgery this morning at 8am and was home by 3:30 pm.
Everything went well and pain is minimal at present. I am taking my percocets regularly to prevent break through pain. I have drains in and they seem to be collecting fluid well ????
I can't believe how light my breasts feel and the instant relief from back pain and shoulder/neck pain...it's unreal lol
It truly is a life changer ladies and I highly recommend this surgery!
My surgeon has tape and applied dressings on the incisions and around my nipples so I can see the shape and size this far however I know they will change in time.
I have a follow up/post op appointment with my PS on Monday so will get a good look then and find out how much was taken off each breast.
Any suggestions or recommendations on recovery are greatly appreciated!

1 day post op

Feeling pretty good, minimal pain, mostly around my drains. Trying not to get obsessed about the size or shape of my new boobs as I know it's early days but they feel too small and most people feel the opposite due to swelling, is it normal that I feel they are too small?

Day 3 post OP

Doing well for the most part and taking it easy. My drain sites give me the most pain but still taking the percocets to ease that
Had a bit of a mix up yesterday as my home care nurse didn't show up ( supposed to visit daily for drains and removal ) apparently I was put in a he system wrong and they had me down as no visit until Monday. My surgeon was very specific in telling me that my drains need to be removed when less than 30 mls out put in a 24 hr period which my right one definitely is.
Hopefully a nurse comes today to remove at least that one.
I'm a bit nervous about getting them out pain wise but they hurt more in so fingers crossed that it's not that bad.
I still feel that my boobs are on the too small side but I think they are starting to take shape and I love them anyway ????

1st post op appointment ( day 4 )

I had my first post op appointment today with my PS. It went very well and he was pleased with my progress thus far, he removed my dressings and told me that things were looking good!
I was a bit shocked seeing the "girls" all bruised up as the dressings and tape covered them up quite a bit lol
He gave me the go ahead to wear a comfy sports bra to relieve the pressure especially at night.
He told me that he removed a little under 1 and 1/2 lbs from my left breast and a little over 1 and 1/2 lbs from my right breast.
I'm feeling a lot better about the size and shape now that I have gotten used to them and he expects that I will be around a 36 C when all settled.
I have just been taking Advil for pain since yesterday and that seems to be enough.
So glad that I did the surgery ????
Happy healing ladies!!!

1 week post op

Well it's officially 1 week since my surgery and I feel great, sleeping at night is still a little rough but hopefully soon I can sleep a little on my side.
yesterday I had a few visitors and not a lot of rest so I was quite sore by the end of the day :(
My incisions seem to be doing well but are really itchy. When did you ladies start massaging your scars?
I'm loving the new girls and think that they are starting to take shape.
Absolutely no regrets and wish that I had done this years ago ????

Day 11 post op pics

18 days post op

Can't believe that it's almost been 3 weeks since my surgery!!!
I'm feeling good considering that I haven't had a chance to rest like I should for the past week. My daughter has been admitted to hospital so I have been spending most of my time back and forth there. I get pretty sore by the end of the day but more of a burning and achy feeling.
I went to Victoria secret today just to cheer me up and look at dream bras lol
I ended up buying 2 lounge bras (soft and no wires) for when I go back to work on the 28th. I'm measuring a 38 D presently.
I don't feel like I have much swelling anymore but I was wondering if anyone stayed the same size or got smaller a month or 2 after surgery?
Happy healing everyone :-)

6 1/2 weeks post op :-)

Wow I can't believe that my surgery was over 6 weeks ago already..time flies when you're having fun lol.
My recovery was a breeze and thankfully no complications. I head back to work in the morning and my only worry is which outfit to wear!
My Dr gave me the all clear to wear any type of bra including under wires so I spent a fortune at the shops.
I learned that Victoria's Secret really do push the sizes up as I'm a 36 DD there ( which made me cry as I really didn't want to be that big ) and a 36 C or D in regular stores :-)

13 weeks and loving the new me!!

I haven't posted for a while but I just wanted to say that having my breast reduction has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I have so much more confidence about my body and the way I look and zero back pain since waking up in recovery.
To all you ladies scared or unsure whether to get it done, go for it and I promise you won't regret it!
My scars are healing well and fading from week to week, I have no swelling and my nipples have full sensation which I never expected.

3 month pics

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