Considering Breast Implant Removal - Canada

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Three and a half years ago I decided to get...

Three and a half years ago I decided to get implants. I started with 350cc under the muscle and due to a complication, had a second surgery 11 months later, replacing with 435cc. I am considering removing my implants due to potential complications and financial costs down the road. At the time I did my initial surgery, I thought I had factored in the pros and cons…. and if there was a problem in the future I would find a way to handle it. Turns out, you live and learn, and I find I was never able to remove the anxiety of "what if". I wouldn't say I have regrets about proceeding with the surgery 3.5 years ago, but if you asked me if I would do this again, knowing what I know now, I would probably embrace my natural body. I am not dissatisfied with my results, I am very happy with the way they look. I would like to have the control to decide when and why I'll proceed with another surgery, and right now I have that control. I feel that time and age are on my side right now. I am hoping my body will be able to regenerate after removal to pleasing aesthetic results. I am not expecting to go back to how I looked before, but I am hoping my skin elasticity will counteract the stretching of my skin after getting implants. If I said I was not concerned about deformities or disappointing results post explant, I would be lying. I have a consultation with my PS June 20 and hope to gain a better understanding as to what to expect. I plan on updating this review as I go through the motions and reach my decision. Should I decide to explant, I will continue to update the review with progress photos, etc.


Explant Consultation - Surgery On-Hold

I met with my PS to discuss removing my implants. The consultation went really well and I feel grateful to have a PS who is direct and professional, yet understanding. At this time I have decided to wait on proceeding with an explant. To the ladies who are looking for information regarding implant removal, my PS reassured me it's a simple procedure and gave me confidence the results post explant would be very similar to how I looked pre-ba, once everything settles. It's not a lot of information, but I know I had concerns with the aesthetic outcome post-op, and I hope it helps ease others minds, if they read this review and also had similar concerns. The reason I have decided not to move forward with the surgery, is simply because I am not 100% confident it's what I want. I have no complications, no health issues, and I am pleased with my BA results. Mainly my concerns were what issues I may have down the road and I thought my body were repair better if I explanted, sooner rather than later. My PS did not try and sway my opinion one way or the other, he only provided me with further information regarding breast implants and recommended I truly think about what I want before making a decision. He also eased my mind, in letting me know there is no harm in waiting right now. If I decide I still want to remove them, he is more than willing to proceed with the surgery. I hope in time, I will build the confidence needed to make a final decision. Right now, I'm not 100% confident I will keep my implants, but I am confident it's not the right choice to proceed with explant surgery unless I am certain I will be happy without them.
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