34 Yr Old with 2 Kids and Sad Breasts - Canada

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I'm currently a 34 a ( i barely fill an acup...

I'm currently a 34 a ( i barely fill an acup anymore)but lots of volume loss and a bit of sagging after having two kids. I did not breastfeed. I had a consultation I was told that I don't need a lift I'm just going to do full high profile implants over the muscle with a silicone (cohesive gel 2 I believe) to give myself volume with a "lift" in the sense that the projection will make my breasts appear perkier perhaps and fill out the bottom portion that's got a bit of sag to it. I'm worried that it will make me need a lift sooner rather than later but I really don't want to get one right now and I also don't want to put implants under the muscle. I'm just afraid that will show on top I really don't know what to do. I don't want my nipples pointing to the sky but I also don't want to look too fake. My recommended size was 335cc and the max size was 400 cc.. I was also told that I have enough breast tissue to disguise the top of the implant being placed over the muscle I just might see a bit of roundness which I don't necessarily mind because I've never had cleavage in my life. Any pictures or opinions would be great!!


I need to mention i am not entirely sure I do need a lift as yes I lost volume but don't mind my nipple placement if I could just get a bit of volume at the bottom(and of course the top) I think my skins elasticity is decent as my tummy is flat with only a couple stretch marks below the belt area that were from my first pregnancy 14 years ago. I have none from my last one 10 months ago.
You can't tell I have kids other then my boobs lol the thought of cutting muscle also freaks me out but I am still wanting ppl to show me pics and tell me stuff add they have been. Hoping more doctors give tips as I want to do the surgery in Nov!

Surgery booked!

So I have my pre op Nov 4th and surgery the 15th. I'm officially excited and nervous lol any advice?

Surgery in a couple days

I picked 335 overs because I don't want my implants overly obvious. I'm so excited and nervous! Any tips for after surgery?????

It's all done!

So we stayed in Toronto last night and I had my surgery this morning at 10 a.m. with Dr Edelstein. He is amazing! I ended up being able to leave the hospital around 1:30 my family and I drove home and I'm just sitting and relaxing now. It's starting to get more painful but nothing that's unbearable but I'm also drug LOL from what I can see they look good can't wait until Thursday when I can shower and get a good look. I will try and post a picture in a bit. I went with the 335 CC overs. They are full projection. Can anyone offer up any tips that could possibly help with reducing pain that isn't drug related?


Not a great one but it's a start lol

Day 2

Well I slept propped up last night but I think the Percocets I'm on kept me up a bit I didn't sleep well but I don't feel overly tired LOL definitely more sore today but have lots of help around the house. Even little things like pumping dish soap or uncomfortable who would have thought LOL I am bloated and look a couple months pregnant so that's interesting. Going to buy a few t-shirts then I'm going to have to wear to work when I go back next week to cover up the gorgeous surgical bras you have to wear haha. Anybody have any suggestions on how to relieve some of the bloating? My coworkers are going to think I'm pregnant LOL they might not even notice the boobs so maybe that's a good thing!

Day 4!

So far so good I think LOL I posted a picture I'd like people to let me know what they think I don't really have any bruising my cleavage is a bit weird shape but I think it's just because I'm waiting for the implants to drop but I don't think it looks terrible. I'm off pain meds sometimes if I move the wrong way it's uncomfortable but I know that's to be expected. My surgical bra is uncomfortable though and I'm having a hard time finding other ones here in London Ontario. Anyone have any suggestions?
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

had breast augmentation done Nov 2016. I was an A cup and wanted to look natural and chose 335 cc as recommended by the Doctor and his nurse. This was by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am now a D cup and love my body once again. I have 2 kids who took away all life from my breasts but now I have it back! The Doctor and his staff are so friendly and caring and make you feel so comfortable with the whole process. His bedside manner is amazing and he is always so calm! Any one who has seen my breasts says they look natural and that's exactly what I wanted. Thank you again to you and your staff for making me feel good about myself again. I chose Dr. Edelstein based on all of his reviews. I drove 2 hours to the consultation where I met with him. He was very calm and relaxed and informative and it was awesome. Then when I went back for my pre-op appointment he was nice enough to give me a couple more minutes of his time because I was very anxious and had a couple more questions because I've never had surgery so this was a really really big deal. He listened to all my questions answered everything gave his honest opinion and I know I'm only on Day 2 but I'm very glad I went with his advice. Heather his assistant was wonderful she listened was attentive and didn't get mad that I asked a million questions LOL Louise is also fantastic along with the other girls that work there. Before surgery Dr Edelstein came in to do all of his drawings on my chest and was chatting with me just like we were buddies which was very comforting he didn't make it overly "doctor patient" if you know what I mean. After surgery he also came to see how I was doing which was very much appreciated. He's a calm kind educated talented doctor and I'm very glad that I chose him. Thank you Dr. Edelstein and staff for making a really intimidating experience very rewarding.

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