34 Yr Old with 2 Kids and Sad Breasts - Canada

I'm currently a 34 a ( i barely fill an acup...

I'm currently a 34 a ( i barely fill an acup anymore)but lots of volume loss and a bit of sagging after having two kids. I did not breastfeed. I had a consultation I was told that I don't need a lift I'm just going to do full high profile implants over the muscle with a silicone (cohesive gel 2 I believe) to give myself volume with a "lift" in the sense that the projection will make my breasts appear perkier perhaps and fill out the bottom portion that's got a bit of sag to it. I'm worried that it will make me need a lift sooner rather than later but I really don't want to get one right now and I also don't want to put implants under the muscle. I'm just afraid that will show on top I really don't know what to do. I don't want my nipples pointing to the sky but I also don't want to look too fake. My recommended size was 335cc and the max size was 400 cc.. I was also told that I have enough breast tissue to disguise the top of the implant being placed over the muscle I just might see a bit of roundness which I don't necessarily mind because I've never had cleavage in my life. Any pictures or opinions would be great!!


I need to mention i am not entirely sure I do need a lift as yes I lost volume but don't mind my nipple placement if I could just get a bit of volume at the bottom(and of course the top) I think my skins elasticity is decent as my tummy is flat with only a couple stretch marks below the belt area that were from my first pregnancy 14 years ago. I have none from my last one 10 months ago.
You can't tell I have kids other then my boobs lol the thought of cutting muscle also freaks me out but I am still wanting ppl to show me pics and tell me stuff add they have been. Hoping more doctors give tips as I want to do the surgery in Nov!

Surgery booked!

So I have my pre op Nov 4th and surgery the 15th. I'm officially excited and nervous lol any advice?
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