Implants for over 14yrs, 700cc ,7 Revision Surgeries Want Them OUT - Canada, ON

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I had a horrible history with implants and feel...

I had a horrible history with implants and feel like my explant will be the best thing i have ever done for mylself. Ive had implants for so long I do not even know what my real breasts look like and couldn't even find pictures which is sad. My implants have had so many issues- I've switched from saline to silicone to saline again and have had problems with bottoming out and symmastia. My breasts are in constant pain. It keeps me from exercising and enjoying life, it's a constant discomfort. I have chronic neck and back issues that I cannot relieve because I can't even lie flat comfortably on a massage table for relief. I got implants when I was young and did not truly understand the lifetime commitment. All I want now is to be free of them forever. Despite my large implant size and many PS's advising against it I am going for a straight explant at this time. I have NO idea what to expect, and would be lying if I said i wasnt nervous about scar tissue & complications but i NEED to do this for myself. For my peace of mind.

Finally Righted my Biggest WRONG- Breast Implants, Removed

When I first got my implants I loved them.. they were small-moderately sized and I felt they proportioned my bigger hips and made me feel more confident & sexy. Over the years as implants do not last I had to replace them, and ended up with numerous problems costing me thousands of dollars that insurance or medicare would not pay for. This year I finally decided that my health and wellbeing was more important than big boobs and had my impants removed- without a lift or replacement. I was shocked that my husband finally admitted after I removed them that he ALWAYS hated them ..that they felt unatural and not feminine and that he LOVED my new all natural look. I actually feel better about myself now than I ever have.... When you're young or have low self esteem you are so susceptible to what you 'THINK' is sexy or beautiful or what other people find attractive, when in reality had you just stayed exactly the way you were you would end up finding someone who thinks your absolutely perfect the way you are. Some of us have to learn life lessons the hard way, and that's ok- whatever you have to do to get to the point of self- acceptance.. theres nothing more beautiful than that! ...REAL breasts are HOT! Saggy, uneven, small, imperfect .... It's all gorgeous.

POST-EXPLANT ... I'm on the other side and SO HAPPY

I followed through with my explant, no lift, and I could not be happier. At 1st they looked like they might never recover- almost like a bomb went of inside my chest. Over the weeks they slowly went back to shape I am just amazed... after sooo many surgeries and complications to feel 'NORMAL' again is priceless. Every aspect of my quality of life has been impacted positively. For those of you afraid, and unsure... I'm telling you DO THIS FOR YOURSELF... it is the best thing I ever could have done for myself. I feel like ME again
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