2 Kids, 31 Yrs Old, 295 Cc HP - Canada

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Wish to Reality....so I hope! I have been...

Wish to Reality....so I hope!

I have been dreaming of having breast implants for at least the last 8 years. I am 31 years old and a mother of 2 wonderful active boys. I was always very petite frame and very small chested but I was able to wear a 32A push up bra and be satisfied. Unfortunately after kids that all changed. Now I am non-existent 32A, all skin and bones.
I made my mind up in June that I will start searching for a surgeon and I am very happy with the one I have found. I have already paid for my surgery in full and I am only about 4 weeks away. I initially thought I will go with medium profile but after my fittings I decided on high profile. Since I couldn't make up my mind, the surgeon ordered two different sizes. 265cc and 295cc (allegran, high profile, full projection, cohesive gel).
I would love to have other ladies come forward that are similar stats to me and help me with this decision. I hope I made the right choice going high profile.
my stats:
5'4, 104lbs, 32AA, 11-11.25BWD


The right choice

unfortunately I have been stressing now not about the number of cc's but more so if I made the right choice going with full projection as opposed to moderate. Will my breast look extremely fake? I know I will be very full on the top all the time, kinda like weather a push up 24/7.
Did any of you ladies regret getting high profile full projection ??

10 days away

i can't believe I am 10 days away from this wonderful and scary experience. Yesterday I picked up my medicine I was prescribed for after my surgery. I also picked up my bag of peas to use for swelling and some prune juice to help with the bloating and staying hopefully regular. Reading many of the posts seems like being constipation is a common thread. I have several Christmas parties to attend to next week so I think my time will fly by. Sadly I still haven't decided in the final size.

final night - high profiles

It's my final night before the surgery. I can't believe how quickly the surgery came up but i'm scared and nervous. still undecided on the size. either the 265 or 295 high profiles. here are my pre-op pics. will share my post op pics soon after.

Early mornin wake up!

i swear it was a full moon last nast night. My kids woke me up at 4 am. But honestly I was up a million times. Kept having boobie dreams! The boys refused to fall asleep on their own. I was back and forth between beds. Now it's 6:30 they finally dozed off and I have to get up and shower. I was given a special body wash to use the day of surgery. Zero perfume very pure and meant to disinfect me. We plan on leaving the house at 8:30. I will have the 3d Vectra first to show me how I will look with high profiles.

I think I'm nervous but more than. Anything I'm already hungry and I can eat till my surgery which is at 2!!!

No longer wish but indeed reality

my surgery is all done. It was a very on day. I arrived at 11 to have the Vectra images tweeted with the implants I ordered. I was very happy with my choice and went with the larger 295. The wait after was brutally long. About two Hours! Once the doctor arrived. She marked me up and Away I went. My hubby stayed with me the entire time and even refused to eat since I couldn't. Once in the OR I was out sleeping with 5 minutes and next I woke up in recovery room. After about an hour I got dressed, had a tea and was sent home. Sadly within the first 10 minutes of the drive I threw up my tea and tea biscuit. After that I had an hour drive home an slept most of it. As per doctors ordered, I showered and went out to dinner with my hubby. I am very swollen and tight now. Next pain med in 30 min.

Day 3 - even more pain

Yesterday I felt great. I went out for an hr and everything. I went to bed and woke up to horrible pain on the side of left boob. Feel like I'm so engorged. Is it normal to feel more pain on day three? Perhaps I put too much pressure on my left side. Every little arm movement is killing me :(


morning boob- holly cow. So painful. I understand that overnight your muscles tighten and try to shrink to what they use to be, but ohh my I can barely sit up. I already sleep in an almost sitting up position and to make a slightest move hurts!! Any advise. Should I apply cold pack or a heated pad? Help

295CC HP - mixed feelings

Reading other ladies stories, i read about boob greed. So am I the only one that feels the opposite. most days i look at my self and think i should have gone with 265 and not 295. I know they will still drop and take on different shape but last nigh i tried on some summer dresses and as much as i love the fact i fill them out, in some i just looked so fake :(. My one dress i used for rice sizers is actually now too small, couldn't do up the zipper. Hope these feelings are normal.
My pain in the left boob is slightly better today, might be the extra strength advil, but did anyone experience the pain as well as the arm feeling numb and tingly at night? I woke up 3 times last night because my fingers were completely numb and tingly i had to massage them to get them to loosen up and get blood flow.

295cc - almost 2 weeks post op

I haven't written much lately. I have been struggling with my left breast pain. Although I could function there were certain movements that would shoot the pain and make it very painful. I have been taking Advil 3x a day up until today. I also been using various rubbing gels to release the muscle ache. I dont want to ginx (sorry not sure of spelling) but today I went without the Advil and woke up with the sAme pain In the one aection but as the day went on I realized that it eased up quite a bit. I hope I am on the mend now and in a few days will feel perfectly fine. I took a few new pics with my SLR but I haven't downloaded them yet, for now attaching one bathing suite picture. Finally after owning it for 3 yr I could remove the padding!!

left breast swelling

Just when I thought I felt a little better yesterday, today I woke up to more swelling then before. i am concerned that one is taking its time healing. I have seen ladies write about similar issues in the past where one takes it's sweet time dropping. I have contact my surgeons office and I'm waiting on their response. check out my day 8 picture in comparison to today.

295 cc - 16 days post op

So I had my visit with the Dr. yesterday. She wasn't concerned about the slight swelling. It has gone down quite a bit since two days ago when I called in a panic. I have been icing lots ! She said my nerve/muscle is just acting up. Since i'm right handed that side is more developed naturally and left will just take more time to calm down. She said i could wear a bra if i want to and if it is more comfortable (But honestly, i'm enjoying the freedom). she switched me from Advil to Alieve at night because it's longer lasting. Back to see her in 6 weeks unless I have issues and I want to see her sooner. I feel much better after seeing her and to be honest my morning was slightly better after taking aleive last night. She took my tape off and said i can use my scar creme every other day and don't need the tape any longer.

295 cc- almost 4 weeks - left larger still

On Wednesday it will be 4 weeks for me since the surgery day. I have noticed some new things happening. For starters the right breast is definitely dropping and getting a natural breast look. I have noticed that they are softer and they are slightly giggly. Sleeping on my side is not the most comfortable still but improving. When I lay on my right I can sleep like that for sometime but trying to find a position on my left side is difficult, since the breast is still larger and the muscle is pulling somewhere deep inside.

On the upside of stuff, I partook in a fashion show last weekend and it felt wonderful to put on a sexy bra and rock it!

4.5 weeks - 295 cc HP - ups & downs

Hi everyone, I have neglected to update my profile in a while. So i'm attaching a few of my pics we took yesterday. As you see my left and right are not identical, but if you look really closely to my before pictures my original body wasn't either.

So here is my update, my left breast spasm has calmed down. It feels so much better to wake up in the morning and have very little pressure pain. But unfortunately last week I went grocery shopping and while pushing my cart I pulled something on my right side and instantly i felt I hurt myself. So now I keep having a very sharp pain on the bottom of my right breast. Its a short stabbing burning pain. I contacted my nurse and she said to rub the incision line. I might of pulled a muscle or an internal stitch.

so aside from those issues, i still love them ;)

295 HP


Hmmm. It has been a while, honestly, I lost track of time. My pain is gone and my stitches
Are healing great. I had my 6 week follow up and the nurse was super pleased. My right implant is still slightly higher but not concerned at all. I feel fantastic, confident and super happy with my decision !
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