Hope to Squeeze in BA Before my 32nd Birthday! - Canada

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Me: -31 years old, -112 lbs, -5'5" 1/2 tall,...

-31 years old,
-112 lbs,
-5'5" 1/2 tall,
- Bra: 34A (29inch ribcage, 31 1/2 bust)
-very athletic
-retired ballerina/professional dancer (not a stripper!)

I have been considering having a BA on and off since I was probably 24 and thought it would be nice to 'fill out' a wedding dress. Well almost 8 years, 2 kids (6 and 15 months old) and 2+ years of breastfeeding, my boobs grew to about 34C while nursing and recently shrunk back down to almost nothing! Leaving me totally withered up and deflated....They've just disappeared all together.

I've had 2 different consultations about 4 + 8 years ago....so I know what to expect and what I'm looking for. I have just been waiting for the 'right' opportunity and timing with family and husband and having chid care help etc...Now that we're done having kids and boobs are smaller than ever....my mind is screaming that NOW would be the right time! Hoping to recover before Christmas, and hide my recovery under a winter/rain coat for 6 months!

Have a consultation next week...I booked it today thanks to some new found reassurance from a RealSelf friend. They have dates still available in October so I am suddenly excited and scared!

I want your opinion! 400 vs. 375 :-)

Sizing dilemma need 375 vs. 400cc silicone help :-)

I have 'athletic' shoulders and slim everywhere else, 13cm BWD and 29inch ribcage (34A with empty cups). When all is said and done, I'd like to appear a natural Mid C Cup.

Going from the "3D Image of me"...I know 375 would look quite spread out across my 'wider' chest, and probably leave me 'appearing' a small C. It would look quite natural and wouldn't be obvious. I could easily play them up or down and would suit my slim frame..

400's look a bit too big at this point...however, knowing they lose some going under the muscle, and knowing the 375 seemed so spread out & natural looking on the 3D image, it makes me think the 400's would fill in the width of my chest better without looking too HUGE....but would still possibly appear a nice relaxed mid-C at 1 year post op. (Maybe I can pull off 400 without looking like a D)?

Wondering if there are any girls out there with similar measurements? Anyone out there with 400cc/unders and have small natural C result? (No Bigger!) Or am I dreaming? Hahaha!

Either way, for sure they would look hot, but I am attempting a more conservative look...Thanks for your help!

Surgery Penciled in for possible Oct. 21!!

First.... in the next week I need to make sure I'm not pregnant!!
Let's just say I slipped up and now have to worry about it until AF is due next week.
I am still getting everything else organized as best as I can.

Why do I do this to myself? Like I need any thing else to worry about!


AF has arrived, Pre-Op appt. Tuesday....BOOBS IN 8 Days!!!

My sister-in-law and a few friends toasted to my new boobs over an early Thanksgiving Dinner last night. I had to say how thankful I was for an awesome husband and new boobs. LOL!

Surgery in 6 days! So Anxious I"m gonna puke! Horrible pre-op!

I had a less than thrilling pre op appointment. First of all I went alone, DH said he was too busy at work. I was looking for some insight to help me stop debating 375 vs.400cc....and all I got was,...yes the larger will be fuller and more cleavage, the smaller is always more natural looking...(I needed more input than that!)

So I took a few more minutes trying on ONE of each sizer (why the hell can't they have 2 of each like a normal set of breasts would be??). Then Dr opened the door and told me they needed the room when I was done....Then when I went to pay the deposit they had added on some liposuction around the armpit....which I declined last time to the receptionist on my way out, but was still on my file. For god sake! I am almost skin and bones and he thinks I need lipo? Give me a break!

So I paid my deposit....trying to be confident in the 400's but I am not. He is ordering both so I can decide on the day of surgery.

Came home feeling less sure of myself, less excited and almost gonna cry.

400cc Goal Pics

5'5 115lbs

400cc 1 year Post Op

1 year post op....looking like natural "full C" (to me)

Anyone else with similar results??

AHHH! Less than 48 Hours Away!

This pic is me with 400cc-40 (10% under muscle loss) =360cc of rice
What do you think?!

Just in time as my birthday is around the corner in November!

375 HP Day 1 of surgery

So in the end I switched from 400. For some reason I had it in my brain that the implants I was trying on we're mod+, because I remember him showing me the HP ones and how they projected( but in reality now I remember it was actually the UHP ones we discarded first).. Then he showed me how low and flatter and wide the mod implants were. Somehow I just assumed I was trying on mod+ ....not HP.

Anyway once he showed me the difference in shape again I agreed and had just been mistaken. But this was so stressful minutes before surgery and brought me to tears.

after surgery PS said with my shorter torso (long legs), the HP were def the right choice.

Bonus!! Hubby picked 1 printed pic to show PS, when I got home I found the original review online and it was a lady with 375 HP starting from nothing like me! So that made me happy!

Last night I puked twice...but not in much pain at all! Took pills once at 2 am and slept very soundly! Just stiff and bit sore.

Feeling pretty good this morning too. Hoping this keeps! But I know it might get worse before it gets better!

Revision or Capsulotomy Needed?.... 2 1/2 years post op.

On one side my breast never dropped completely. It has always been stiff and full of scar tissue. This photo is a bad angle which exaggerates the problem a bit, but it's still quite uneven and noticeable when wearing certain clothes.

I had a baby and breastfed and now am ready to fix it. I would like to possibly change my implants to Moderate Plus Profile silicone 450 in one and 475 in the other. Not sure if I will enough width...
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