36 Year Old, 117lb, 5'4" Athletic Mom, AA Cup Got 320cc Inspira Submuscular.

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I've wanted implants for over 20 years and finally...

I've wanted implants for over 20 years and finally decided to take the plunge. I was flat chested before becoming pregnant with my daughter, nursed her for nearly a year and then had the flat and deflated look. I also lift weights and work out a lot which end added to my flatness.

I wanted my boobs to match the curves I've worked so hard for at the gym. It was really important for them to fit my body type, look natural and not be too big. At first I was going to go with 250-275, and even those sizers felt huge! But I had a pretty large bwd (13 cm) and my ps said those sizes wouldn't fit my bwd or look good and I'm SO glad I trusted his judgement! I ended up gettimg 320cc inspiras to fit my bwd. They are actually low plus profile but have projection of 3.4cm so closer to a moderate I guess. I know most on these boards say using a low profile implant isn't common but the next step up for my bwd was 375s and I just didn't feel comfortable with that size. I was kinda worried pre surgery about the low plus but two days post op and I couldn't be happier!

Surgery was on Wednesday afternoon. The pain has been pretty bad but I managed to not take percocets during the day today and just rely on tylonol and Advil. I will continue taking them at night though! Today it definitely felt like my milk was coming in when I was pregnant but way more painful!

Anyway, enjoy the pics and thanks for all your reviews, they definitely have helped me in the months leading up to surgery. I will continue to post my progress.

feeling bloated and outing today

Went for my first official outing today, Sat morning. Went with my husband to do some errands and take my daughter to her activities. I am still very tender and feeling lots of pulling and needle/stretching sensations, especially on the left side. I'm also extremely bloated which is making me a bit depressed...I know it is normal after general anesthesia but it still sucks. I'm trying to drink lots of water. When we got home early afternoon I took two stronger painkillers and changed in my PJs. Missing the gym but I couldn't imagine even doing cardio right now-I am still pretty tired and body is healing. Trying to keep my diet as clean as I can.
Picture is from yesterday, 2.5 days post op. You can see how flat I was before!

Major pain left boob

Right breast has clearly dropped far more than the left, which has been killing me all day! I guess the skin is having a harder time stretching out? It is tight and uncomfortable and shooting pains have been going up left side of chest all day. It is also more bruised underneath.

Much better today

Felt a lot better today emotionally and physically. My skin is definitely still stretching to accommodate the implants but I did manage another gentle outing. I get bouts of pressure and I could swear my milk is about to come in lol! Still quite sore but this is better than pain! One of my steri strips fell off in shower, I don't have my one week follow up until Thursday so will call office tomorrow.

Off narcotics and first drive

Feeling a lot better today, thinking it will only go up from here (fingers crossed). I'm off the hard meds completely but still taking Advil and tylonol as needed. I did drive for the first time today and boy was that an experience lol, I had no idea I used my chest muscles so much when moving the steering wheel. I'm back at work as well but have a desk job so not a big deal. Implants still feel
Pretty hard, as expected, but I like the way they look more each day! Not too much projection but definitely look full and perky! Photos from this morning

Proportional size...I think?!

Not much to report. Seems like forever since surgery and it hasn't even been a week lol! Can't wait for my post op Thursdat afternoon, hopefully I will get some massage exercises. I am feeling the edge of the implant on both sides of my breasts-so weird! I hope this goes away once they settle. I had very very little breast tissue to begin with so I realize there might always be something there. Still riding high and tight. Took some body shots to see the boob to butt ratio, lol! One of my fears is the implants would make me look heavy set as I have short legs and am only 5' 4". I think so far so good although I feel so fluffy in the pics, I'm used to being pretty lean and definitely don't feel it! Hoping I get the go ahead to train legs on Thursday too. Have been doing light walking on treadmill the past couple days with no issues.

Torpedo boobs and one week post op!

Couldn't help but think of the fembots in Austin Powers when I did my morning pictures haha! Definitely still pointy, stiff and torpedo like!

I can't believe it's only been a week since surgery, seems like so much longer! I cannot wait for my follow up appt tomorrow, to get a professional opinion and answer all my questions!

My pecs have started twitching today which is weird. I'm nervous about the pec muscle on the right side (side with no steri strip) . It almost makes a dent in the implant Espesh when it touches. Will ask PS about this tomorrow. Breasts still feel very stiff in morning and getting the occasional tug and pull throughout the day. Still switching between Advil and tylonol just to be comfortable. They feel slightly softer and I'm still loving the size. Just have to patiently wait for D&F

Post Op with Nurse

Saw the nurse at my one week post op today. She said I was still quite swollen and my skin had a LOT of stretching to do haha! She says petite girls with little breast tissue go through a lot of changes to accommodate implants. She said everything looked great, and once they are settled I will have a lot of cleavage!

NO massage, I guess my ps doesn't believe in it at least until the breasts have fully healed.

She also said nothing that elevates heart rate or heavy lifting even with my legs (booooohooooo) as it can increase swelling. Walking is encouraged though. I'm going to have to get creative the next four weeks because I cannot do nothing lol!

Will do weekly updates from now on, hopefully that will make changes more noticeable.

Bought some comfy sports bras today! Looking forward to my next appointment with doc in 4 weeks and changes to come!

2 Weeks...the good, the bad and the ugly

Hey ladies!

This past week has been challenging, almost more so than my first week after surgery. I've been extremely tired the past few days. I have severe morning boob and my breasts are going through all sorts of feelings as my body adapts to the implants.

Both breasts have been really sore, especially the nips. I have more pangs of pain in the right breast this week and the muscle there seems more sore. I also have periods where it feels as though my milk is coming in at full force but I think this is nerve regeneration. I have severe nipple sensitivity but the bottom of both breasts are still quite numb. It also feels very tight in my rib cage at times and I've had a cold and sneezing (also laughing) hurts!! Still only taking Tylenol and Advil.

My right breast is also looking a little "funny" like my skin needs to stretch more off my sternum? There is a weird dent at the bottom that is bugging me. The right also seems wider than the left? I know it is WAY too early to tell, breasts drop at different rates, skin still regenerating and stretching etc etc so I'm just patiently waiting lol!

On the plus side I'm obsessed with cleavage. Obsessed. Cleavage pics are what's holding me over from all the other problems. Haha!

I've been walking about an hour every day and careful not to get my heart rate up and doing light body weight and "band" exercises with my legs basically In hopes I don't lose the booty I've worked so hard for. It's already gone down substantially *sigh*. I may go to the gym for a light leg session on Friday, I just want to stimulate the muscles a little :)

My diet has been pretty good, following the 80/20 rule still. I'm trying to eat lots of fruit and veg and Anti-inflammatory foods. I'm back to my pre op weight after a shocking 3lb loss one week post surgery so hopefully I stay here!

I'm hoping week three is a little easier!

Leaking incision ughhhhh

So this morning I woke up, took off my bra and was walking around in my tank top for ten mins until I put new bra on.
My husband said "your boob is leaking" and sure enough there was a big wet patch under my breast on the right side. I put gauze there for awhile and sure enough a clear pink fluid was leaking from incision.

My right side has been really bothering me the past few days, almost a poking sensation in my rib at times, super annoying. It is not red or bruised however.
I of course called my PS office immediately and got appointment for afternoon to see nurse (doc was in surgery all day).
I spent today googling horror stories about infected implant removal and scaring myself silly.

Finally saw nurse and she immediately removed steri strip. She says it looks like a blister or irritation at the end of the incision caused by the steri strip. She didn't think it was necessary to see the doctor until my next appointment and I trust her. I left with instructions to wash with saline solution 3x day, cover with gauze and call office if any issues.

Soooo that was my adventure for today. She did say my boobs looked way less square than a week ago haha!

Turning point (hopefully?!)

Despite yesterday's drama, I woke up this morning feeling the best I have since before surgery. I slept through the night, no morning boob and I think the girls have softened a little-hallelujah!

I know I have a long road ahead due to the massive changes my breasts have undergone and I'm definitely not expecting a final result until well passed the 6 month mark but seeing progress is definitely encouraging. Breasts are looking less square and boxy, swelling has come down too.

My incision is still weepy but keeping it clean and dry. Hopefully now steri strips are off it will heal.

Week 3 (le sigh)

Hey ladies!

Finally made it to week three. Physically this week has been great. My incision finally stopped leaking yesterday after following the wound call protocol the nurse gave me for a good 5 days. I'm stiff in the morning but definitely no more morning boob. I've been feeling less tired.

I started the gym on Sunday and have been going every morning. It feels so good to be back in my routine but I am totally over the cardio bunny life! I have been also doing all the machines with pins for legs, light weight high rep (ugh) and body weight exercises. I should add at my gym I'm a regular in the morning (I don't start work until 10) and my crew consists mostly of male retirees haha. They were all very concerned about where I've been and even more concerned I'm not dominating the weight section lol! I have been dreaming about deadlifting ridiculous amounts of weight and when the day comes that I can pull 200lbs again I will shed tears of joy and then go eat the biggest burger lol!

Nips are still sore and sensitive and the underneath of my breasts are a mixture of sore and numb. Expected, I cannot believe how much stretching has happened already under there!

Now mentally it's been rough because I have a mutant boob!!! Right has D&Fd wayyyyyy more than left. I was trying on sports bras and nearly cried when I saw them in dressing room mirror. I know this is NORMAL but I wish my lefty would show up to the party already :(

I still have a lot of upper pole fullness so I'm guessing loads more filling out to do.

Also I know last week I mentioned the sides of my breasts I could feel the implant somewhat "smoothed" kinda like a scrunched plastic bag. Well the right side is much better this week-much rounder and less rectangular on side. I definitely attribute this to the breast dropping more and implant settling into the pocket.

Sigh it wouldn't be so bad if both boobs worked together but oh well. See my ps on the 19th and I cannot wait to get his feedback!!!

Evolution of the boobs, day 1-week 3.5

Thought you may find this interesting, especially if you're experiencing frustration with dropping and fluffing progress! Did a little collage of the girls from day 1post op though 3.5-ish weeks (I'm 4 on Wednesday). Day 1 top left, latest bottom right. The changes so far are crazy!!!!

4 weeks-party in the front, modest from the sides

Well I made it to week 4. Physically I'm still pretty good. Nips still very sore, bottom of breasts have numb, occasional pulling or tugging but nothing major. I've been back a the gym every morning getting creative with my workouts. Haven't pushed or pulled much weight yet, for upper I don't dare go above 8lbs lol. If I feel the slightest twinge I stop. My legs are taking a beating so I'm hoping any booty I lost when I was a bed ridden sloth is making its way back.

Boobs. Appearances are deceiving. From the front I look huge and from the sides quite modest!! Now I think a lot of this has to do with the fact I had mild Pectus excavatum prior to surgery where my ribs are somewhat concave. My PS said way before selecting a size that I would have a lot of cleavage based on my anatomy lol. Fine by me but I wish I considered projection more in hindsind. Since my implants are sloping in I don't get much bang for my buck from the sides. I kinda wish I went up to 365cc which was my next choice but who knows how my body would have reacted to a larger implant. Anyway, just something to think about. I'm happy, so happy and I'd rather have the illusion of bigger breasts than actual huge breasts just because of my active lifestyle. But the boob greed is real!!

The girls seem to be softening a bit (thank goodness). Right is still higher. I'm definitely disussing this with my PS when I see him next Thursday. I understand breasts shouldn't be identical but I'm hoping the left softens and expands some more to catchup with right.

Won't even think about being sized until I'm 12 weeks but I'm doubtful I'm a full C which is what I wanted due to the low projection. That's ok, it's just a letter lol!!!

Hope all you girls are doing great. So lucky to have RS to over analyze our boobs and get such great support :)

Weird Inbox messages

A weird inbox message from a user with no visible site activity prompted me to take down all my pics. It was a guy asking questions about nipple sensitivity on behalf of his girlfriend. Maybe it's because I do all my own research, and my husband would never browse breast aug sites and ask random questions on my behalf? Hubby definitely asked my doctor questions directly during pre-op spots/before surgery but I just find it so weird guys join to research on behalf of their significant other. While I have NO problem answering these types of questions from my RS ladies it just weirds me out when I get personal questions from men doing "research" for their girlfriends. Am I overacting? I don't know but I definitively felt out of my comfort zone.

New bra!!!!

First of all sorry about my freak out about the semi-inappropriate inbox message. It definitely caught me off guard and next time I will contact admin if things get weird. Anyway, that shouldn't stop my from sharing my journey and you all have helped me SO much with mine too, so thank you!

Went to Marshalls to try on a couple bras quickly after gym this morning! Found this adorable Elle McPherson intimates bra, size 32E!!!!! And it fits great. I think this means I'm prob a C at vickies and other big box stores but when I calculated my bra size on the Euro calculators I was either a 28-30 band and a DD cup. However I know cup relates to band size so I don't have huge DD boobies obviously but it is SO nice not to wear a padded A or AA. Also $15 so score!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

Quick update

I don't see my ps until Thursday for my 5 weeks post appt. my major concern right now is my lefty problem child. I just want it to catch up to the right! I think both are still D&Fing but the more the right looks better and fuller the more the left looks like poop lol!!!!! I wonder if it has to do with tightness in the left pectoral, that is my child-carrying arm for 5 years and counting.

I'm a little sore in the morning but I feel amazing. Actually squatted on Friday at the gym. Only 70lbs (normally do around 160lb) but I went ass to grass and high reps. Felt soooo good! Also hip thrusted 110lb for a few sets and loaded up the bar with 10lb plates instead of my usual 45lbs LOL!!!! Still won't do any upper over 5lbs, want doc clearance and the lefty to relax. I've also been doing lots of light back accessory work to pull back my shoulders. Took a spin class yesterday and that was the first time I've really raised my heart rate for an extended period since surgery and it felt great to sweat.

Boobies are finally softening up too!!!

Hope you are all having an awesome weekend x

distracted today

Soooo I'm still anxiously awaiting my 5 week visit in two days. I figured I would re-upload some of my before pics that I took downin my panic last week and some others for fun. Should be working right now lol!! Hope everyone is doing well :)

5 weeks....clearance and YAY

Finally had my 5 week appt and saw my PS for first time since surgery. He was very pleased with my progress. I got the go ahead to sleep any way I want, resume any and all types of fitness related activities (deadlift day is tomorrow wooooohooooo) and advised to start using a cream or silicone scar sheets at my incision sites.

I asked him about the stubborn left, which seems to be catching up practically overnight, and also about the implant being squarish on the side of that breast. He says that should go away as the pocket heals, and it did go away on the right already. He also said he had no worries if my breasts look this good 5 weeks after surgery so that was obviously a major relief for me. Next appointment is in January.

I'm going to try and not be too picky on the left breast for the next few weeks, not take a gazillion selfies of my boobs (seriously it's getting ridiculous that I have more boob than kid pics from the past month on my phone) and just start to enjoy them. Might even go get fitted for some real bras in a week or two!

Thoughts so far....
I wish I did this sooner

I maybe should have gone up to 365cc (next size up for 13cm bw) just get get that bit more projection but I already took a major leap from 250-320 prior to surgery and I'm SO happy I did.

Silicone sizers are great but they feel and look a gazillion times bigger trying them on as opposed to the implant being in your body.

I've been moving and active since week two post op. I think just getting the blood flowing doing nice long walks, body weight leg work and so on really helped me both mentally and physically the first 3-4 weeks. Being active is my lifestyle and part of my daily routine so I'm not saying this issue everyone but sometimes too much rest isn't the greatest for you either. I'm not a doctor obviously but listen to your body and its ques.

Breasts are finally softening and becoming more squishy. Nipples are only a tiny bit sensitive now but not painfully so, and numbness is down to about 20% on bottom of breasts.

Despite my hang ups on the left side I'm happy, really happy I have boobs! I feel like my body is so much more balanced and I can dress them up or down which is exactly what I wanted.

Thank you to ALL you amazing ladies, I'll continue to follow your progress and post and update In a few weeks unless anything major happens! Xx

Oh I forgot!

Since I can't add to the last. I'm still not doing massage! My PS just doesn't believe in it and I guess surgeons have their ways of doing things so I will follow his recommendations.

Also besides a occasional pinch and pull I am in no pain whatsoever. Maybe a tinge of soreness in the morn but that's it.

6 weeks!

Life has been busy for me which is great as I forced me to take a step back and stop over analyzing my boobs!

Still a little sore in the morning but sleeping on my side now which is so nice. When I wake up I often notice my arms stretched over my head!

Left is slowly catching up but the right still looks fuller and rounder. I bought a tshirt bra at Victoria's Secret and it was a 32 DD and honestly felt a bit snug. Trying not To go crazy with the bra shopping for another couple weeks.

I'm wearing the silicone scar strips which is why my incisions look a bit wrinkled in the pic.

Fitness girls-my first week back in "full force" at the gym and I've gained 2lbs!! I know I haven't overindulged so I'm hoping it's just my muscles that are inflamed and retaining water. Trying not to freak out too much. I am sore everywhere! Still no pull ups but I've been doing lots of free squats (about 130lbs) deadlifts (100lbs) and back to pullback my shoulders. Definitely up to my usual weights but man am
I feeling it. Hoping the weight goes down once my body readjusts.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! X

7 weeks already...time flies when you're having fun!

Hi girls!

Really not much to report. I have been experiencing a little soreness around the incision sites but that's it. Using scar strips and vitamin E. My breasts are much softer, fuller and squishier than previous weeks.

Left is still being a little shit and riding high. How I notice this best is when I raise my arm above my head. On the right you can see the scar sits in the crease, where it is meant to be, on the left there is a cm or two to go. My PS lowered my inframammory folds cause I had no under boob to support the implant for my bw. He assured me the scars would sit in the folds when implants dropped. Right has for sure and the left has room to go as I can push it down with my hand in the pocket to where it is supposed to be. Since my PS doesn't believe in straps or massage I will just be patient! Something I'm obviously terrible at haha!

Other than that I feel so good, did my first HIIT class since before surgery and had no issues with the burpees/mountain climbers or bouncing around but definitely subbed exercises for anything related to a push up. My lat pull downs are still pathetic so I'm doing them at 20-30lb just to get adjusted to the movement. Definitely no pull-ups yet either! I can plank now with no discomfort or weird sensations.

Got a few bras at Vickies on Black Friday! 32D and one 32DD. It is such a strange feeling to be buying this size but I absolutely get a thrill out of it lol! Since I couldn't even fill a AA cup before it is a major deal for me.

I also can't contain the cleavage! I love it...hubs is still getting used to the girls. I wear a sweater or shirt the same I did pre-BA and he says I'm dressing too sexy!!! Haha...I think he'll get over it, definitely an adjustment period for both of us. Hope you're all doing well' x

Oh some photos I forgot :)

Just how the boobs look in clothes!

Sports Bras

After going to HIIT and boot camp classes last week in what was essentially a bralette I realized I needed to invest Ina couple real sports bras t hold the girls in place lol! Both are Victoria's Secret and the verdict so far is I love the knockout and the Incredible is ok but kind of tight so I can't wear it for an extended amount of time. The knockout has an actual bra built inside so your breasts can sit comfortably in the cups and then they are secured by the front zipper portion. I actually prefer the back of the Incredible and the front of the knockout but both do the job and look pretty cute. Wearing a bra working out is entirely new territory for me. I used to just use the shelf that was built in my workout tanks! Ha!

Definitely keeping my eye out for deals in the after Christmas sales!

8 week-quick update and a trip down memory lane for my new RS friends

Thought I'd repost some pics of me weeks 1-4 where I had everything from boob dents, to frankenboobs to rectangles to weird sharp implant feelings, all which for the most part have gone away at 8 weeks.

I'm still waiting for the left to catch up to the right....incisions are sometimes a little sore in the morning and breasts are feeling a LOT more squishier this week. They still have a ways to go but don't be discouraged girls! So much change happens in the first 6 weeks at least!

9 weeks and some things of note

Hey girls. I wasn't actually going to do another update until 12 weeks because I'm frustrated with lack of progress in my left breast, which hasn't fully dropped into the pocket yet it seems. I've been searching real self for updates after 6 months and getting reassurance from other woman who had the same concerns as me and as time went on their breasts evened out. I have my 12 week appointment in a few weeks so definitely need to discuss this with my ps.

Another thing I've noticed is my incision sites have been super sore over the past few days. This is new as I wasn't feeling much soreness for weeks unless a twinge when I woke up In the morning. I haven't been doing much differently but...

I've upped my training intensity a bit, probably to help compensate for holiday treats lol! I am not doing heavy upper body though. Two 45 min HIIT classes a week then 3 full body strength workouts (very light upper) and one or two accessory days. This may sound a lot to some but I've trained like this for years and it's part of my routine.

I'm still doing NO push-ups/pull-ups, light tricep work since so much chest is activated. Can do planks/mountain climbers/burpees etc. I can easily do shoulder press, other delt work and lots of back as long as it is a row rather than a pull movement.

Anyway, the meat head in me digresses, back to the scars....
The other possibility is The implants are dropping more putting pressure on the scars? Any real self alumn experience scar tenderness at 9 weeks post?

I've been having lots of holiday parties and events and was even daring enough to wear a low cut dress to a party I attended with my husband. It's not really a secret amongst my friends. If you see my before pics it is obvious I've had a couple parts added! LOL! Everyone has been very complimentary and supportive.

So besides being blue about tender scars and a high left boob I'm doing ok. Hope all you girls are going well!!!

11 weeks. The boob that won't drop. Advice from RS members who had this problem?!

Hi ladies,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and new year. I figured I would do a quick update before my 12 week post op appointment next week.

My left breast is still sitting higher, and nipple lower than my right. The right seems to have settled exactly where the incision is and has a wee bit more lower pole fullness and a higher nipple which I love and thinks look pretty natural. My left is still higher, the nipple lower, with more upper pole fullness. When I raise my arm you can see the incision is a couple cm lower than the breast. I had my folds lowered quite a bit to accommodate the inplant that fit my bw (13cm). Prior to augmentation I had pretty much zero breast tissue and definitely no lower pole at all so this was necessary.

I'm just hoping to hear stories of boobs dropping past the 12 week mark!!! To be honest they look great in a bra and not too mismatched but the cm or two nipple height difference bothers me.

I noticed that my boobs are a lot squishier now, I had truform 2 which is the firmer silicone in the inspira Line so less likely to ripple and so far I have seen NO signs of rippling! I think my breasts are a bit firmer than those who get truform 1 but I'll pay that price.

On the exercise front everything is back to normal except any exercises that activate chest. Haven't attempted a pull up, lat pull downs are still weak sauce and I did have a push up on my knees last week haha! I'm not too upset over it though.

Anyway sorry for the complaints, I'm just a bit annoyed but really do love them and will accept my lefty is this is how it was meant to be but hopefully it has some more changing to do. Will update next week after my 12 week post!

Bikinis because it is freezing where I live!

I ordered a few clearance bikinis from VS in the semi annual sale. I'm definitely not in beach shape (post xmas fluff!) but I'm obviously very excited for a couple trips we have scheduled and this coming summer! No more padded swim shapers needed to stuff my bikini with!

3 months plus a little

Soooo I met with my ps for my 12 week last week. He did notice the difference in the two breasts, the nipples are not even and the right has dropped perfectly into pocket where the left is lacking the lower pole fullness and the incision line is a cm away from crease. I can push the left implant down to meet incision but it goes right back up. So I know the pocket is the right size it is just my body being stubborn!

His advice: give it another three months. He thinks it will drop a little more over time. I don't need "identical" but I want to feel happy with them and he understood. He said we would discuss it at my 6 month post op but if no changes then "he would take care of it." This definitely had me reassured. I think it would be a simple in and out revision to release the left muscle a little? He said the fix was easy but to give it more time and I'm willing to wait.

Now with all my complaining about the left boob, I will say I love my breasts! In a bra you can't tell the difference (right is pushed up so they look even and can't see the nipples obviously). I have zero pain, zero twinges, almost all strength back at the gym and i can do a push up on my knees now lol!! I used to be able to crank out unassisted pull ups and tons of push-ups and I'm not there yet and don't really have a desire to be honest! I'm back to squatting my 160-ish lb range and deadlifting heavy with no issues.

I even want to say I like my own boobs BETTER than my wish picture! They aren't too big and they are easy to dress up or down. I do regret not going a little bigger, maybe even in the low 400 range but not enough to have a revision that would replace the implants right now, maybe down the road haha! The size fits my lifestyle perfectly.

I'll post an update in April. Hope you are all doing great!

Fun comparison

I found another pic of my last summer, pre surgery. As you can see I had nothing lol! I should also title these summer vs winter bodies haha...as you can see my skin has stretched a lot over the past 12 weeks!

5 months-ish

Hi All! I missed my 4 month update because I've been crazy busy. I'll start with the bad and close on a good note shall I?!

The bad: My pesky left breast still hasn't dropped all the way to meet the incision and this is causing the left nipple to be lower and a bit more fullness on the top of the left breast. It has dropped a wee bit since my last update. I'm pretty sure I need a muscle release, which my surgeon assured me was a simple procedure last appt. I see him again in April for my 6 month and will update you. However I will say I'm hesitant to go under for another surgery..if the recovery time is anything like the last I'll learn to live with uneven nipples lol...well maybe not. My massage therapist is going to start working on the top of the left side doing some release techniques and lymphatic drainage but I'm not convinced this will help any.

Fitness wise I am back 100% at the gym with the exception of chest exercises (push ups, pull ups etc). I don't think these will be happening any time soon. I just came back from vacation (hence the atrocious tan lines in my pics-ladies those halter bikini tops are adorable but just NO for tan lines haha...lesson learned). It was my first time swimming since the surgery and boy oh boy did breast stroke feel weird. I guess I'm a front crawl girl for now because breast stroke just felt incredibly strange!

I've been hanging on to about 5-7 extra pounds since surgery and been really bummed out about it. My diet is really good and I'm used to sitting at around 12% BF. Anyway my theory is that my body went through stress with the surgery and then the healing process and stress is not condusive to fat loss as we all know. So I'm taking it in my stride, loving my body and remaining fit because I love the feeling, not because I want my body to look a certain way. It's been a learning process but I'm finally in a good place with it all, especially afters relaxing vacation.

Okay onto the good. The boobs look great in clothes and bikinis and by great I mean amazing lol. I'll have to post some pics but I'm beyond happy that I can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. They have definitely dropped and settled more and are farrrrrr more squishy. I think they still look fake-ish despite the fact I got under the muscle, but I had skin over a rib cage before so no complaints from me.

I feel more confident, womanly and curvy but in no way think my breasts take over my body. I wanted the sporty look and that's what I got!!

I hope all you beauties are doing well, I'll post an update after my appt with the ps!

Revision surgery on Monday! 9 months post

Sorry I've been so lame in updating ladies. I've just been busy with life. Went to my 6 month appt and my PS said he could clearly see unevenness and offered a revision at NO charge. I've been on cancellation list and a spot has opened on Monday.

What happened: so apparently the capsule formed around the implant before it had fully dropped into place (I had both my creases lowered because I had no lower pole length and zero breast tissue but my bw was 13). I believe a spawned muscle was holding it up. This caused the left implant to sit higher on my chest wall. To me the right is perfect, it has dropped exactly where it is supposed to be. My left the nipple sits lower and implant higher so I have more upper pole and my breasts look uneven.

I don't think any of this is my surgeons fault, my body just healed weird, and the fact he is going to fix it free of charge, so I am happy with my results, is amazing. He said it would be about an hour and I should be back to normal activity m in two weeks.

Other than that the feel of my breasts is fantastic. No visible rippling, although when I bend in weird positions you can see it a little. The difference isn't noticeable if I wear a push up or underwire bra or bikini that is push up or bandeau. It is super noticeable if I wear I triangle bikini.

I'll post pics and an update after the revision. Hope you are all well!

Revision complete! Muscle release and back to work today!

Hey ladies! Thanks for all your messages on my previous post. I had my revision surgery on my left breast yesterday and it was a breeze. In and out in under an hour. My PS told me he actually released the muscle (he wasn't sure if it was a capsule or muscle issue). The whole left implant was removed then put back in! He said I won't see the final results for several weeks/a month because of swelling etc. And the implant need time again to drop into place. However at first glance I already see a difference so I'm very hopeful! I just have to speak about the night and day difference from the first surgery. I'm at work today (from home on Tylenol) and have been doing other house chores without being completely laid up in bed! Yes, took percs after surgery and through the night but the pain is so much less. Since the muscles and skin are already stretched I think this recovery is going to be a cinch. I was told two weeks of no gym so I'll just be doing my booty band exercises at home and gently walking. I'm still retaining water from the surgery and meds so trying to get in a lot of H2o over the next week to aid recovery. I'll keep you posted on my progress...and thanks again for all the sweet messages! Xxx

Happiness is an understatement! 6 days post op and I have great boobs now!

I think the results speak for themselves. Still retaining some water from surgery and they haven't fully evened out yet but I'm just so thrilled! Even managed a good little leg workout today. I've been feeling great all week, just a bit of soreness.
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