2 kids, deflated A cup, 300 Cc High Profile Implants under the muscle, possible snoopy deformity

Hi there. I had my BA on November 9th, just under...

Hi there. I had my BA on November 9th, just under 3 weeks ago. I was a full b cup before my kids, but after nursing them I had nothing at all left! I was really upset with my body and hated the was I looked naked AND with clothes on.

I started reading reviews on this site and decided to do something about it! Went to my consult, and since I have such a small frame we decided on 300cc high profile, under the muscle.

Possible snoopy deformity?

I've been really upset and would love it if anyone could offer any insight... my boobs are looking pretty square (expected), but what I did NOT expect was all the loose skin that is just hanging off my implant. It's almost like what little breast tissue I had is just hanging there, looking very square and saggy from the side. I'm devastated right now. I know that people will say to give it time, but I can't see how this could possibly fix itself or change as much as it would need to to look "normal." My tissue just hangs and lays on my body and is mushy to the touch, with the left side being worse than the left.

I would love to hear from anyone who had/has similar results as me, good or bad!
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