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Hello realself peeps, like a lot of you I have...

Hello realself peeps, like a lot of you I have been on this site non stop reading all the reviews and am now finally sharing my own experience!

So, a little about me... I am 29 years old, I have 3 amazing kids. Their ages are 12, 5 and 3, yes I was a young mom so I have not worn a bikini since I was 16. I am 5'3" and 125 lbs. I am getting a full tummy tuck and breast augmentation 325cc silicone unders. I had my oldest when I was 16 and my body wasn't so bad after that, I still gained 40 lbs and was covered in stretch marks, but when I had my second my tummy was so huge with this pregnancy. Afterwards I had so much loose skin and even more stretch marks, same with after my third, and I also gained 40-50 lbs with each pregnancy. I breastfed all of my kids too and since I wasn't very big to begin with I ended up with a very flat, deflated chest. Anyway, I can't wait for my new body!

I go for surgery in less than two weeks and i am nervous, holy crap! Lol. Anyone else start to second guess their decision or think it sounded like a better idea a few months ago when it wasn't coming up so soon?? I know I will still go through with it but I am extremely scared for the anesthesia. I am scared of some kind of crazy complication happening and not waking up! I am more nervous for this than the pain, I have never had any kind of surgery before. When I start to really worry I just have to remind myself why I am doing this and that the likelihood of anything bad happening is very very rare. Anyone else feel this way??

I am also wondering what are the must haves for after surgery? Like some things that you would have suffered without? I haven't gotten much for supplies yet but I'm hoping to go shopping next week for everything. I will be home from work for 2 weeks and my kids will be in school and daycare during the day and my hubby will be home to take care of them the rest of the time. Thanks to everyone who responds!

Forgot to mention also having a hernia and diastasis repair! 12 more days!

Oh I totally forgot to mention I am also having a hernia repair and having my muscle separation repaired. That is one of the main reasons I decided to have the surgery... the flat stomach and full boobs are just added bonuses LOL! It is very painful if I eat a large meal because my hernia sticks out and I have to push it back in (Nasty!) and I feel like I am not as strong or am limited with working out because my ab muscles are weaker than they should be. But not long and they will be fixed yay! How long until I can resume working out after surgery? Right now I do crossfit a couple of times a week and am in fairly good shape. I will probably ease very slowly back into it and go jogging to begin with. Anyone else do crossfit after a tummy tuck?

Made it to the flat side (sorta)!

Well I went in yesterday morning I had to be there at 7:30 and my surgery was at 10:30. I was totally calm, I surprised myself haha. Anyway, I got my compression stockings on and my IV in and they put these awesome leg massagers on my legs. Next I seen my surgeon and he marked me up. I got wheeled into the operating room and the next thing I knew I was in recovery. My pain wasn't too bad, I had been given morphine before I woke up and I was just laying there in a huge room full of beds, totally weird, I think I was trying to talk but not making much sense. My surgery was less than 2 hours I think and then I was up in my hospital room by 1:30. I could not keep my eyes open and I was a little nauseous. I threw up a few times then the nurses would give me anti-nausea medicine but I would just throw up more when it wore off so I finally stopped taking it and just let me body get it out of my system and i felt much better! I tried to eat but that wasn't working out too well for me. I managed to go the whole day without pain meds, my pain level was about a 2. That only lasted until the night time, I was so uncomfortable all night long I think my binder was on wrong or something, it was awful. I took pain meds and they didn't help I could only sleep in 10 minute increments. This morning I was still so uncomfortable, but I was getting discharged and just waiting for my surgeon to come see me. Anyway, we had a look at everything and my boobs seem kinda small but I know I will like them. Then we had a look at my tummy, and yeah, I am so very extremely disappointed. My surgeon only did a mini tummy tuck after I paid for a full and that is what we discussed and that is what he marked me up for! I am so upset. He said after he put the implants in there wasn't enough extra skin to pull down. I understand that he had to make a call since he couldn't ask me what I wanted to do but I would have much rather him create a small vertical incision, or make a higher incision. I am not too concerned about my scar being low but I absolutely hate my belly button and now I am still stuck with it, plus all my stretch marks, I definitely won't be wearing a bikini after all. He said he will refund some of my money but I'm going to see what other options I have. I just made it home like 30 minutes ago, the hospital where I had my surgery is 2 hours away. I am not feeling too bad still. I am glad I got my muscle separation and hernia repaired though. I wonder what the finished product will look like. I still need to post my before pics and then my after pics!!
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