20M in Canada, Looking to Have Chin Implant Put in Some Time Within the Next Year

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Hello/Bonjour, So let's get this started. I've...


So let's get this started. I've been looking at the reviews on realself for a few months after I first met with a plastic surgeon about getting a chin implant put in. I first noticed there was something off with my chin when I was 16/17 and in grade 12, but I chalked that up to my being overweight. Within the past year, I dropped 75lbs and am now weighing in at 180, which is decent for my height (6'2"). While losing the weight, I noticed that my chin kept getting smaller and smaller in comparison to the rest of my face. It was then that I realized that I have a naturally round jawline and weak chin.

So I decided that I should solve this because, in all honesty, it doesn't look attractive on a guy to have those features. I debated between having a sliding genioplasty and an implant, but ultimately decided on the implant because the recovery time would be quicker and there would be a lowered risk of nerve damage if it is placed from underneath the chin.

I went to see a plastic surgeon back in June for a consultation. He informed me of the price and later sent me a few photo manipulations. I liked the improvement in the profile, but the front looked the same. He informed me that it would look different post-surgery from the edit. I decided to do a second consult with him so see if jaw implants would make a difference (because why not go for a square jaw) and we both agreed that they (in addition to the chin implant) would make my face look fat and bulky.

In the second meeting, my parents were there because they want to foot the bill (my grandparents paid for my mother's rhinoplasty and my parents feel like they should pay for this for me... don't ask me why, I was planning on taking out a loan). Additionally, the plastic surgeon had a nurse in the office and a resident that he was training. I had originally gone only expecting my parents to be the additional people in the room and was uncomfortable having the nurse and resident there, too. During this time, he kept referring to how it is my perception of myself that is motivating me to have surgery. I got upset and explained that it is not just how I perceive myself that is influencing my decision. How others perceive me matters, too. I have been told in the past that I am unattractive/ugly and want to improve my face so it is attractive and told everyone in the room this. No amount of exercise will give me a good looking face. The surgeon decided that we should put the procedure on hold until I have spoken to a psychiatrist of his choosing. That meeting should be sometime within the next month. The plastic surgeon feels that I have unrealistic expectations about the procedure.

Additional information: I have also thought about rhinoplasty, but am put off because of some of the results I have seen. I also felt it necessary to explain what happened in the second meeting because it's the truth. I realize now I should have kept my mouth shut and just let him talk so I could have had the procedure done as soon as possible. I know that whatever result I would get from an implant would not be perfect, but I want to at least try.
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