Made the Big Decision. And Very Nervous/overwhelmed - Camrose, AB

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I am 27 years old and have had an extremely and...

I am 27 years old and have had an extremely and abnormally large chest ( grew to a 32F). I use the term 'abnormal' as I've never felt my boobs were part of me, just there causing pain, embarrassment and getting in the way, often preventing me in doing things comfortably (physically and mentally).

I saw my GP in October of 2012 and asked for a referral. They sent my info to Dr.Wong at the Gemini Clinic in Camrose. I had my consult appointment on May 2nd. I was quite over whelmed despite researching breast reduction for the past 5 years. The whole process from the time I entered the exam room to the moment I exited the exam room was 30 mins. She gave me all the info I already knew, and in addition told me about which procedure she's use, what size she can get me down too (32D, possibly a C, but it will be difficult because of my breast shape) the approx. down time and so forth. She wasn't rude, just very quick, kind of cocky. I was slightly put off at first, but realized she does this all day almost everyday, so it must get tiring. Not an excuse, but whatever. I was then taken to the reception desk to fill out forms, sign paperwork to then go ahead to put in a request for surgery. That was the most over whelming part as I asked if I could take them home to go over with my husband and send them back, I was promptly told no because she (receptionist) needs them today to book as it can take 9 months to get the call to book an appointment. Another 30 mins was spent on the forms and they did photocopy them for me to bring home.

I was apprehensive at first, more so about the appointment rather than the surgery and I managed to talk to another girl who used the same surgeon and it was the same for her but she is extremely happy with the results.

Now I am more looking forward to cute tops, more selections and most of all, COMFORT.

BOOKED IN. May 2nd

Finally got the call today. I'm booked for surgery May 2nd. My instructions were to call the office day before for my surgery call time and make sure I have my breast binder with me. Just need to dig up my papers from the consult to review. Kinda scared/excited/nervous :/

Before Photos, 3 month Pre-Op

I told my self I would post before photos when I got a surgery date. One breast is a full 1-2 cup sizes larger than the other.

4 days to go!

Whelp! Got 4 days to go! I am just getting stuff done around the house, packing, cleaning etc. I did some post op shopping at the drugstore so my hubby didn't have to wander to far to find things he has no clue what they are ;) just a few items to pick up (prune juice, stool softener, healthy snacks so he isn't running out to get stuff during our hotel stay). I ordered some lounge/yoga pants for the occasion, since I only own jeans, but they all came in way too big! So we have another stop in the city to grab a couple pairs.

1 day post op

Feeling good after a nice, comfy nap! My night was a little rough. We got to the hospital at 7 am, in my room and changed by 7:15, they started fluids and antibiotics and I had a minor reaction to the antibiotics, but they upped the fluids and it helped. Had a heated gown (what a dream that was!) by 8:30 I was wheeled upstairs to the operation groom. Slept on and off in the room, stayed until the PS checked me out. All in all she removed about 1 lb per breast. We got back to the hotel and thats when the nausea set in. I managed to puke up any snack I initially had. I waited another couples hours and ate some toast and it stayed down. I was just so tired that I just slept and not in the most comfy position/elevation, so please make sure your spouse/after care person checks all that! I had a good sleep this am, in a comfy position and it helped considerably.

Day 4 Post Op

Had one good nap, felt good on day 1 and then really bad nausea up until today. Finally over it I hope (knock on wood!) was off my prescribed pain killers on Sunday and I'm only taking Tylenol for pain and my Antibiotics. It's really easy to get sore attempting stuff, so all I'm really doing is walking, not packing a thing (not even my purse). I definitely need a pillow for riding in the vehicle, went about 5 minutes and realized it was starting to hurt :/ incisions are great, no bleeding! One tiny spot that has normal discharge, no nipple sensation so far but have 'the zingers'. Sleep isn't overly restful because I sleep about 4 hours, then off and on for 15-30 min intervals. Hopefully with the nausea being gone, the restful sleep will come!

Feeling good!

Made the long trek home and I'm feeling good, I'm definitely more tired than before and more sore than last week, but it was a bumpy ride home even with a pillow, and I haven't been resting as much as I should be :/

Doing good!

Feeling pretty good! Just sore and very tired! Went back to work on the 20th, which was too soon. I had a hard time staying awake and functioning :/ So far no signs of infection or such. My Post Op visit was on the 8th and Dr.Wong was very happy with my results! I was instructed that as long as everything looked good, I could get fitted for a bra! I've only encountered a slight issue with my left breast, she leaves the center on the anchor cut open so it drains naturally and they scabed over but the left one ended up coming off so it open :( no blood or anything, just the yellow/green stuff every couple days on my gauze. Doesn't hurt either but I do out polysporin on it. I had a minor sad moment when I was airing the ladies out and noticed my right breast was significantly larger than the left, more noticeable than before surgery. But I reminded myself that it's probably more swollen than the left and to calm down! Thanks for thinking of me brand new girl!

1 Month!

Well a month has passed and I'm feeling pretty good! Still pretty tired though. My steri strips are gone (skin was getting irritated and it was getting mucky) and I am just trimming the dissolvable ends that poke out. I am still in a binder and using gauze and breast feeding pads to cover the areola incisions. I have the one 'gorish' are on my left breast that I will be taking a photo of and sending to my PS. It doesn't hurt, but I just want to make sure :) in another week, as long as everything looks and feels good, I can get measured/fitted for a bra. I'll just wear a sports bra until I can make it to my preferred bra place for a fitting. Not taking any pain killers or Tylenol. Just looking forward to wearing a bra. These layers are getting hot!!

Getting there!

Switched from the breast binder to a platter wirefree sports bra on Saturday and boy does it make me feel better (on the inside!). I feel more...feminine? Not so, flat and saggy? Plus my shirts look much nicer now with out the Velcro strip right down the middle in the front. The one spot I had user my left breast is healing nicely. Just a little slower than the rest of the incisions (everything is closed and cleared up) I do find that my skin is flaky/dry or it's left over dried up stuff from the steri strips. I'm
Just ready for cute bras! Not so much swimsuits though :-/

After Photos

A few after photos. Looking at them, they're not quite symmetrical (is that the word?) trying to not let it get to me as A) it could be the swelling. B) not as bad as before. C) could be from me holding the camera?

Almost a year post-op!

Scarring is lightening up, and my areolas/nipples and areola incisions I find still hurt. I feel like I am having some more pain all over due to feeling coming back. A co-worker has had the same surgery and she said that it was the same for her. I find wearing a light sports bra at night helps.
Diana Wong

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