19 Years Old and Getting a Much Wanted BR! - Camrose, AB

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Hey everyone! I am 19 years old and I have wanted...

Hey everyone!
I am 19 years old and I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 15, being the biggest busted girl almost everywhere I go since I had them has always made me feel very self conscious.. I am 5 feet tall and 120 pounds and I wear a 36 DD. There was no way I could afford to pay for the surgery so I got refereed from my doctor. I had my consultation in April at the Gemini health clinic and my surgeon Dr. Diana Wong and her staff were very nice, I found them extremely professional and I was happy that it was a woman surgeon, but I was NERVOUS and my heart was racing. When Dr. Wong got into the examination room with me, I was sweating through the paper cover I was given but she reassured me that everything was okay and she was used to it, so it got my blood pressure down a little. As soon as she saw the girls she said I was a perfect candidate to qualify for insurance coverage and that I was an F cup!! I never thought I was that big, maybe an E.. I was so nervous that I hardly asked any questions but I have seen all of her reviews and i'm prepared to put my trust in her hands. Although I was excited to get rolling with my surgery, it didn't make me feel very good about myself. I still only wear a DD because I can't bring myself to look for any bigger. I only spent about 15 minutes in the examination room and then I went to fill out the novel of paperwork.
In June I had my Pre-op my blood pressure was too high when I first got there but she talked to me for a while and took it again and it was back to normal. They gave me everything I need for the morning of my operation and information on what to do before and after. The hospital is an hour away from my home but i'm hoping that after my operation i'll be so loopy from the anesthetic that the drive won't feel that long. Is there anything I should bring with me to make it any easier? I also informed them that I smoke weed almost everyday and promised them that I would quit and they'd call me in 3 months to ensure of that.. I have to say that was a lot easier said then done, but eventually I did and now my surgery is scheduled in one month, sometime in September!! I wish they would have given me an exact date so I could prepare for it, but i'm hoping they will call me and give me enough notice. So now I am waiting for my surgery and I have one concern, I have been getting headaches constantly for awhile now, almost everyday and I don't exactly remember what they told me i'm not allowed to take for pain relief, am I allowed to take aleve? and are my headaches possibly from having such big breasts? I know i'm young and people have their own opinions like, I should wait until i'm older and after I have kids but I am sure this is what I want. I would really like to hear other stories that can relate to mine, I'll update closer to my surgery date (:
Dr. Diana Wong

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