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I got my first tattoo done in Montreal, QC I think...

I got my first tattoo done in Montreal, QC I think I was in my very early thirties. I got a tribal symbol it was the thing back then I got one that went along my back. A couple years later I go back to my home town and go see the only tattoo artist there, it takes a year to get an appointment ! I didn't know what to get so I let him just put anything basically and I think he didn't give a crap so he put on this very butt ugly thing that looks like a heart with dragon like figures at the end ! I didn't mind for a couple years then summer would come along and there is that ugly thing below my back that people have to look at . I want it gone and I am hoping to do it at the end of the year. I am scared that doing it during the summer with the heat and all it might be a problem. Last year I went to see the same artist because he's the only one around and got my shoulder done, he did a good job but when I added stuff two weeks ago I suddenly got an annoying rash with big bumps and pimples all over. I also got a butterfly on my bicep and frankly don't care for it. But the most important thing is the tramp stamp ...needs to go...

I sure could use some advice.


10 months already

It's been ten months already I can't believe it. My breast look really nice and natural looking they feel soft when touched but I still get some pain. The pain is like electric chocs here and there and my nipples hurt sometimes. I have seen the doctor and he cannot explain it he tells me i'm the only one of his patients that this as happened to, he prescribed me some Lyrica for three months.
I still have problems finding a bra sizes 34DD are not in the stores that I go to they don't have them at Sears it is annoying but I wear sports bra they are more comfortable.

Anyways, my new boyfriend of six months loves them .
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